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Official Prize Guide to Battledome Challengers

by applebella


     Some people pursue the Battledome as a way to test their pet’s strength and emerge victorious, always looking for a new, more difficult challenger to defeat. Others, however, utilize the Battledome as a daily for the fabulous prizes that are awarded. For those who are more like the latter (like me!), below you will find a comprehensive list of challengers that may be right for you, organized by the prizes given.

     Codestones (price range: 3,000-35,000np)

     My personal favorite prize, codestones can be used to train your pet or can be sold for quite a few Neopoints, raking in a big profit for the day. The Battledome awards both brown and red codestones (with red codestones typically being much more expensive), and may award several per day for lucky Neopians! This prize is special, because ALL challengers will potentially give out codestones, regardless of their home arena. However, there are some challengers who tend to give out codestones more regularly, depending on the number of challenger-specific items in relation to general items that may be given in any arena (in this case, we’re talking codestones!)

     If you are in search of this particular prize, your best bets for challengers would be: Koi Warrior, Harry the Mutant Moehog, and Chia Clown

     Books (price range: 100-28,000np)

     Almost every arena offers books as prizes, but these particular books will change depending on which arena (and also, which challenger) you are playing in. For the biggest bang for your buck, fight in the Central Arena, where there are a whopping 11 books given out as a "general" prize, meaning they are arena-specific rather than challenger-specific. In addition to these 11, Boochi, the Down for Maintenance Pteri, Flaming Meerca, Kasuki Lu, Kauvara, Lab Ray Scientist, Shadow Usul, Tax Beast, Turmaculus and Jetsam Ace (premium only) also give away their own challenger-specific books, some even changing with the level of difficulty, whether it be easy, medium, or hard. Some of these books can be very profitable, with Shadow Usul Stories (from the Shadow Usul, only when playing on hard mode) currently worth around 28,000np. Many of these books carry little profit, but if you’re looking to boost your pet’s intelligence, you will find a wide range of books from this arena to start reading to your pet!

     Since your best bet to get these books is to fight in the Central Arena, these possible challengers include: Boochi, Chia Clown, Down for Maintenance Pteri, Eyrieki, Flaming Meerca, Kasuki Lu, Kauvara, Lab Ray Scientist, Mootix Warrior, Mr. Chuckles, Punchbag Bob, Shadow Usul, Tax Beast, and Turmaculus

     Nerkmids (price range: 60,000-100,000np)

     The most expensive items to be given out in the Battledome, these are saved for Premium members, the only Neopians with access to the Cosmic Dome. Lucky players can walk away with one or more nerkmids (and there are twenty different possible kinds!), as well as several other Premium-only prizes including Triple Tier Space Faerie Cake and Space Faerie Cereal, which can be sold for over 1,000np each. The nerkmids can be sold for some serious profit, or they can be used in the Alien Aisha Vending Machine for the chance to win some awesome prizes. Be aware though, the premium challengers swing between extremely generous with the giving away of nerkmids, to exceptionally mean and stingy (I’m looking at you, Acey). I’m just salty I have not earned a single nerkmid in FOUR DAYS.

     Only two Battledome challengers reside in this arena: Giant Space Fungus and Jetsam Ace

     Rarity 90+ Items (price range: typically around 1,200np)

     For those of you who think and plan ahead, even though Charity Corner recently ended, it’s never too soon to start hoarding for the next one. The Battledome is a great place to pick up these items, especially since the going rate for them is still over 1,000np each, which can add up quickly. From books, to gardening, to toys, to food, there is a wide variety of rarity 90+ items that can be earned from fighting these challengers. For example, six different items with a rarity of 90 or greater can be won from any challenger in Dome of the Deep, giving pretty good odds of getting at least one of them per day. Chia Clown offers two challenger-specific r90+ items, and the Frost Arena boasts four different r90+ Battledome items. Premium players can take advantage of the Cosmic Dome, where three different r90+ scrolls are given, as well as 2 r90+ food items! Depending on the categories of items you’re interested in collecting, there are many different options of Battledome opponents that will be good for you!

     For a wide variety of r90+ items, I suggest the Dome of the Deep challengers: Chiazilla, Giant Spectral Mutant Walein, Koi Warrior, Slug Monster, and The Drenched.

     For mostly Battledome r90+, try the Frost Arena: Donny (who also gives a r90 book on easy mode, by the way!), Lady Frostbite, Snow Beast, Snow Faerie, Snowager, and Valin

     For Premium players: Giant Space Fungus and Jetsam Ace

     Fantastically Expensive Items (price range: see below)

     Although rare, sometimes luck may be on your side and grant you the most expensive prizes available in the Battledome. Admittedly, I battle to my full items potential daily and have never seen these prizes, but your luck may be better than mine! While there are several items that can rake in a huge amount of Neopoints, I’ve highlighted the most prominent ones below so that you can fight the challenger that will get you your beloved prize!

     Armoured Negg (~99,999nps): not your typical Negg! By feeding this to your pet, its defense will increase by 1. Those who choose to sell this Negg will see a nice increase in their shop till. This Negg, although rare, can be given by any of the challengers in the Neocola Centre: Commander Garoo, Evil Sloth Clone, Neopets V2, Robo Grarrl, S750 Kreludan Defender Robot, and Space Faerie.

     Mystery Island Paint Brush (1.2 million nps): Probably the most rare prize of the Battledome and nearly unheard of, this paint brush can be sold for a crazy amount or used to transform one of your beloved pets into its island loving counterpart. The only known challenger to give out this prize is the Tiki Tack Man, located in Pango Palladium. With so many other possible prizes to be given out by this challenger, and in this arena in general, it is likely you will never see it given out, but it is absolutely worth a shot! Not only will you find your bank interest increasing significantly, but you earn bragging rights for the rest of time.

      I hope my guide helps you to make decisions on which Battledome challenger to take on each day. With so many challengers, it can be overwhelming and often not very obvious which prizes can come from each competitor. Armed with this knowledge, go out and earn all the items you want and need! See you in the Battledome!

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