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An Interview with Delina, A Dark Faerie

by abinorm05


     An interview with Delina, a dark faerie

     *A reporter knocked the door of a beautiful shack in Faerie Land*

     Reporter: Um, hi. Is someone here?

     *The Neopian Times reporter showed his reporter ID*

     *Suddenly Delina, a dark faerie opened the door of the shack*

     Delina: Hi. Who are you little Neopet?

     Reporter: I’m a reporter of the Neopian Times and I have an appointment with Delina, the dark crafting faerie.

     Delina: Really? I don’t recall anything scheduled for today. I don’t remember… *The reporter without waiting any further decided to enter the shack and began taking pictures of the place*

     Reporter: Oh, what a nice decorated shack! Well, I’m not really surprised. After all, you are well known by your fashion and crafting expertise.

     Delina: Well, since you decided to enter, please take a seat. I will gladly take your interview, I was a little occupied… but *the reporter interrupts*

     Reporter: Okay, then let’s begin. There’s no time to waste. *He seats in a chair and turns on his camera to record everything*

     Delina: Very well then. What do you wish to know?

     Reporter: Well, I think my questions are about all those pesky secrets Neopians want to know about your life. We really want to know how you became so famous.

     Delina: Of course, go on...

     Reporter: Well, Neopia first heard about you after the events of the faeries ruin when all of you faeries decided to rebuild Faerieland along queen Fyora. My question to you is. Why haven’t Neopia heard of you before?

     Delina: Well, the truth is I’ve been always working as a crafting faerie making objects for Neopians. Before the ruin faeries plot I only designed clothes and objects directly to my faerie sisters and they delivered them to the Neopians. I suppose that my fame grew bigger when I decided to design directly for neopets. After all the chaos, Fyora told me she needed help rebuilding, so I started giving quests to neopets like some of my sister faeries.

          Reporter: Very interesting answer. Is it true that your intentions are good? Can we trust you? As you know, a lot of people doesn’t trust dark faeries and even less after everything that happened with the darkest faerie.

     Delina: I understand your concern and I know a lot of Neopians didn’t like me at first, but in time they saw that all I was doing was helping and I believe that actions speak louder than words. Just like all the other good faeries, I have good intentions.

     Reporter: True, I even received a quest from you many years ago. You crafted a very good dress for me back then. Although it’s true that I had to invest some NC to complete your quest.

     Delina: Really? I don’t remember, sorry. As you may know I interact with thousands of neopets daily due to my job so I can’t remember everyone, but I’m so glad that you truly enjoyed the dress I gave you. *Delina smiled*.

     Reporter: I understand. Now, next question. Time is precious. Do you know that you are also known as the NC faerie? How do you feel about it?

     Delina: *Bursts in laughs* I don’t mind it at all, after all my quests do require NC if you want to complete them. *Continues laughing*

     Reporter: Okay, weird… that question sure was funny for her...

     Delina: Yes, I’m laughing because I can imagine who started to gossip about it in the first place. You know, the fountain faerie, she has a reputation of enjoying making up stories about others… *continues laughing*

     Reporter: Are you well aware that we are live and that everyone is going to see this?

     Delina: Oh, really? *stops laughing* Hi Neopians, my last comment was just a joke, ha, ha.

     Reporter: Ha, ha of course is just a joke. My interview will be released in the Neopian Times newspaper.

     Delina: Oh, thank you. That was a close one, I don’t want to have problems with anyone, especially the other faeries.

     Reporter: Next question. How do the other faeries feel about you participating in quests? How do other less known dark faeries feel about it? After all, your quests are very unique in every aspect.

     Delina: The truth is, I haven’t have much time to figure out what the other faeries think about me, but I’m sure they feel relaxed that they don’t have to see me as a threat *points out a picture of Jhudora*. Besides, Fyora herself have congratulated me for my hard work and dedication.

     Reporter: That’s so great! I’m sure your sisters feel very proud.

     Delina: Good, any other question?

     Reporter: Yes, one more. What do you think about the other faeries? What do you think of their quests? Your quests are more important?

     Delina: Hey, look. I really don’t think that any faerie is more important than the others. Each one of us have an important role in maintaining Faerieland's balance. For example, my area of expertise is crafting and fashion design. Fyora is our leader, Illusen helps wounded neopets and so on. I think that, one way or another we work for things that the Neopian population needs and that’s the important thing. There are no rivalries between us, we are a team and each one of us are special.

     Reporter: Then, this is it. The last question. Have you ever been angry when some neopets reject your quests?

     Delina: Well, as you may know, faeries have feelings and emotions too. We don’t always show our darker emotions because we are concerned with everyone's else's wellbeing and we don’t want to bother anyone, we want to help. So, of course I can feel anger, but I won’t show it to anyone who rejects one of my quests. I get worried when fellow Neopians reject my quests because they are losing an opportunity to be helped. However, I do understand that in some cases, neopets have no NC to spend.

     Reporter: Yes and more after the fall of the Neopian economy many years ago. You are very humble, thank you for your time.

     Delina: Thank you! Take this NC cookies before you leave.

     Reporter: Thank you.


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