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10 Tips to get into Private Guilds!

by cordeliaviolet


      So you’ve found your perfect guild, huh? The members are lovely, you have tons in common with them, and you feel like the guild rules have been written for your Neopets. You have chatted with the guild members on the Neoboards and have decided to join! Hooray! But wait... The guild is private, and you must complete an extensive application! Some guild applications require an invite, and others don’t – this is the difference between guilds than are private or public. Applications to guilds can be quite extensive, but they exist to ensure you are a committed Neopian who will bring something fresh and exciting to a guild! So, are you ready to apply? Are you sure?! Then you have come to the right place to find out how to ace that application and be accepted into your dream guild. Here are some tips and tricks on presenting yourself as a member guilds must have!

      1. Stylize and personalize your Neopets avatar and signature! Although this isn’t a requirement, it always helps to have a funky font that really catches eyes! Why not check out the Neoboards to find help designing your one of a kind signature? There are also many Neopians active on the boards who will make you a custom Neosignatures – just find someone who is willing and be clear about what you want your font/signature to look like! In many cases, chatting on the Neoboards will be your first impression on a guild – make it a good one!

      2. Be literate! It will be difficult to find any guild (private or public) that does not have some sort of rule about your posts being comprehensive. Spell words correctly, and keep the ‘text-speak’ to a minimum! The guild will want to understand what you are saying so that they can build lasting friendships with you! Please be advised that this aspect of your application is often considered a deal breaker. The strictness of this rule varies from guild to guild (using phrases like ‘OMG!’ are usually fine, but check the guild rules to make sure!). There are no rules against using spell check!

      3. Take time with your application. Make sure it reflects what kind of member you will be. Most importantly, answer all the questions fully and don't leave anything out!

      4. If you have any special talents or experience, let the guild know! Knowledge of graphics and CSS is highly respected in many guilds and can help boost your application. Be sure to include your guild history and any notable contributions you have made (graphics making, hosting activities, engaging in roleplay,

      5. If you know your way around CSS and graphics, why not put together a fabulous pet page and post your application there instead of Neomailing it? This will impress your potential new guild mates and make you seem irresistible! If you do not have these abilities, don’t sweat it! There are many guides around Netopia that you can learn from!

      6. If your application gets rejected, all hope is not lost! Try sending the owner a Neomail that respectfully asks if you can apply again, and ask what you could improve upon for next time. The reason could actually have nothing to do with you – maybe the guild has too many members! If this is the case, ask them to keep you in mind when they do accept members again.

      7. Do not attempt to bribe guild owners with Neopoints or rare items to accept you. Guild owners want active members who want to participate and contribute to their Neopets community and experience. This is against the Neopets rules, and will certainly be a huge red flag for guild owners. Just be you, and show them that their guild will benefit from having you as a member!

      8. If the guild has restrictions on who they accept, do not worry! Exceptions can always be made. For instance, if the guild is 21+, they may still accept you. Show your maturity in your application and all interactions with your potential guild to show them that age is just a number! It is also important to be aware of all the guild rules before you send your application, so read them thoroughly!

      9. While you are waiting for your application to be reviewed, help your future guild advertise! This will show the owners and members that you are active, committed, and passionate about the guild and what it represents. Remember, the best way to keep your guilds ad atop the message boards is to actually have conversations with members, not just spam smileys! Please also make sure to follow the Neoboard rules about frequency of posts and spamming.

      10. Last but not least, be funny! Making someone laugh in an application is a sure fire way to get that invitation! Have a joke that always lands? Tell it! This will be especially effective if your joke is matched to the theme or style of the guild.

      If you follow these tips, you will see that Guild Invitation floating in your inbox! Above all else, be respectful. Many guild owners who review applications put lots of work into their guild, and most have had experience with guild spammers or inactive members. Do not waste peoples time, and do not be upset if you cannot get into a guild you really want to. If you do not get accepted to the guild, try, try again! Your perseverance will entice the guild even more. If you cannot get accepted, keep your options open. There are lots of amazing and active guilds out there who are looking for members of all different types. Above all else, be honest with your application. You shouldn't want to be in a guild that doesn’t want you, so take all your fabulousness and take it somewhere that will appreciate your membership. If all else fails, you can post a ‘Guildless’ topic on the Neoboards and have guilds who want amazing Neopians like you as guild members! Happy Hunting!

      Author: Cordelia Violet, a Happy Neopian.


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