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Eight Great Grarrl Garbs for Gaming

by rock_star_megs


     With Grarrl Day this week, what better way to celebrate than to spiff up your grinning Grarrl for the occasion and game the day away? To coincide with your Grarrl's day of chasing Pteris in Pterattack, battling Sir Valrigard as he tries to escape Meridell Castle, or helping catch those bad spellers taking the Imperial Exam, here are eight great Grarrl garbs guaranteed to make your Grarrl the grooviest gamer!

1. Petpet Rescue

     Gargrall the Grarrl totally gets a bad rep."Evil and nasty"? As if! While Samuel and others may think that these petpets are "imprisoned," the truth is far from it. Gargrall LOVES Petpets. He thinks Petpets are the BEST. THINGS. EVER. Who do you think was the (anonymous) founder of the Petpet Protection League? None other than Gargrall himself! He is the one rescuing Petpets and bringing them to his home. And his home just happens to be a volcano. (It's nice and toasty warm all year round. Who wouldn't want to live in a volcano?) And his volcano lair just happens to have an underground mine. I mean, whose volcano DOESN'T have an underground mine? That'd be so weird. And, you know, with so many Petpets that Gargrall rescues, it can be hard for one Grarrl to keep track of them all. (The Petpetsitter always seems to be busy with other Petpets.) Those Petpets can be quite mischievous, getting into things and places that they shouldn't. And one of those things just happens to be the underground mine. That could happen to anyone! So while Gargrall appreciates Samuel for dropping by and "rescuing" the Petpets from so-called "imprisonment" (they're having fun!) in the mine... he'd really like them back now.

     To help Gargrall rescue his Petpets from Samuel (you could even offer to Petpetsit for him!), why not show your own appreciation for all things Petpet-related? To start with, choose the Tyrannian Volcano Lair Background (NP). You definitely want your Grarrl wearing the Petpet Pyjamas (NC) – Gargrall will probably ask for a pair for himself! With a wide variety of Petpet garlands, you can choose from A Rainbow of Petpets Tree (NC), Colourful Spring Petpet Garland (NP), MME13-S2a: Petpet Voodoo Doll Garland (NC; note: no Petpets were harmed in the making of the garland), or my personal favourite the Petpet Plushie Garland (NC). You can even help Gargrall round up some of his Petpets with the Mini Petpet Plushies (NC) and Handful Net of Pirate Petpets (NC). For some extra fun, consider the Petpet Carolling Chorus (NC) or the Wind-up Mutant Petpets (NC)! You'll be BFFs with Gargrall in no time!

2. Pterattack

     AHHH! The Pterodactyls and Pteris are attacking the village! Run for your liiiiiiives! Err, I mean, Grarrls – ATTACK! There was clearly some miscommunication about what this so-called "game" should be called. Grarrls destroying their own Tyrannian village? I don't think so! Those silly Pteris obviously got lost on their way home and thought it'd be a good idea to make nests in Grarrls' lairs. Probably not their best decision. Sure, it's relatively inexpensive to replace Tyrannian furniture, but it's such a hassle. So what other choice do the Grarrls have but to chase them away?

     Join your fellow Grarrls and chase those Pteris and Pterodactyls away! (Unless your Grarrl is okay with having them as neighbours, in which case – make friends!) To help scare those invaders away, start with the menacing Tyrannian Destruction Background (NC). The Tyrannian Fossil (NC) might also help in scaring them away. Put on the Tyrannian Fake Fur Toga (NC) and the Red Pteri Handheld Plushie (NC) to show them you're serious. And don't forget the Panicked Tyrannian Citizen (NC), who may or may not assist you (feel free to reassure him that everything will be fine!). Of course, once you've chased off those avian intruders, think about switching to the 15th Birthday Tyrannian Background (NC) to enjoy some peace and quiet.

3. Imperial Exam

     What better way to spend the day then helping catch some bad spellers? (Really, I don't know of anything better!) Think "also" and "forehead" will make you into a top scholar? Ha! Keep studying! While the exam Kacheek may let one or two misspellers into the exam, the trusty and super genius exam guard is there to catch them before they enter the sacred scholar halls. I mean, of COURSE the guard is a Grarrl. Is any other species as smart and clever? Not only do Grarrls READ the books, they also EAT them – that's practically absorbing the knowledge twice!

     For catching those terrible spellers, suit up like your fellow guard! To protect the top secret top scholar examination room, choose either the Shenkuu House with River View Background (NP) or Shenkuu Warrior Training Grounds (NC). Your Grarrl will definitely need the Honorary Guard Tunic (NP) and the Imperial Exam Guards Helmet (NP), or the Dented Imperial Exam Guards Helmet (NP) for those on a budget. While the Imperial Guard Staff is a non-wearable (makes a fun toy though!), good substitutes are the Stonehead Spear (NC) or the Double Edged Meridell Sword (NC). To keep up your Grarrl's smarts, think about wearing the Piles of Books foreground (NP). If your Grarrl wants to take a break from guard duty, pick up the Bundle of Books (NC)!

4. Food Club

     By this point, I'm sure your Grarrl is absolutely famished, so swing by the Food Club and visit everyone's favourites – Gooblah the Grarrl and Ol' Stripey. While you're there, you might as well try your luck and make a bet or 10 (I'm in no way guaranteeing a Gooblah or Ol' Stripey win. It'd be totally awesome if they both won on Grarrl Day!). Who knows, maybe Gooblah or Ol' Stripey will invite your Grarrl for a food tasting or a snack or lunch or whatever they feast on between eating competitions.

     To dress for the occasion, and possibly as a way to start your Grarrl's own Gooblah and/or Ol' Stripey fan club, why not have your Grarrl channel their inner Gooblah and Stripey? To start with, you absolutely need Inside the Food Club Background (NC). If you have an Elderly Grarrl, consider dressing up as Ol' Stripey (he's not as young as he used to be); if you have Red Grarrl, consider dressing up as Gooblah. I think this day requires fancy pirate wear, so if you've been lucky enough to paint your Gooblah pirate, choose the Pirate Grarrl Coat (PB) and Pirate Grarrl Hat (PB). To complete the ensemble, pair those with the Neovian Gentleman Grarrl Trousers (NP) and Neovian Gentleman Grarrl Boots (NP), along with either the Plate of Cookies (NP; for sharing, of course) or the Pirate Cutlass (NP; in case the food club kitchens need some assistance).

5. Advert Attack

     Who could forget the fun that is Advert Attack? Ah, the days with pop-up ads. Your Grarrl may feel a teeny tiny bit old if he or she can remember those days. While the game is mostly Ace Zafara versus Dr. Sloth, you can still stare fondly at the Grarrl versus Kacheek pop-up ad in the game. Instead of moving it aside and out of the way, move it front and centre to see a Grarrl as the star of the game! (Tip: be careful when clicking on the white ads. Make sure to hit "close the window" or else they will multiply! Also, remember you can simply move the ads out of the way instead of closing them.)

     While there's no exact way of recreating the Grarrl pop-up ad, you can still have fun with your Grarrl in space! To show your support for Ace Zafara, hop on into the Space Battle Background (NC). To show your support for Dr. Sloth, start with the Dystopian Space Station Background (NC), Sloth Attack Garland (NC), Overstuffed Dr. Sloth Handheld Plushie (NC), followed by your favourite Sloth memorabilia – Dr. Sloth Toy Soldier (NC), Holographic Dr. Sloth (NC), or Inflatable Dr. Sloth (NC). For proper space attire, my personal recommendation would be the MiniMME18 Galactic Travellers set (MiniMME18-S1: Galactic Traveller Jacket, -S2a: Galactic Traveller Wig, and -S2b:Galactic Traveller Belt) paired with the MiniMME20-S2b: Galactic Princess Tights and Boots; all NC), though either the MiniMME20 Galactic Princess or MiniMME21 Galactic Prince would look equally snazzy.

6. Escape from Meridell Castle

     Take a trip down memory lane to the time when Grarrls were guards in Meridell Castle. Yes, it's true! They tried to protect the Castle and its contents – stars and mystery boxes, part of King Skarl's prized possessions – from that traitorous knight Sir Valrigard. Can you believe he escaped the Castle AND tried to steal the treasure? Who does that??

     You'll probably want extra protection for your Grarrl as he or she faces off with Sir Valrigard once again. There's no telling what new tricks he might have this time around. Better get into position in the Meridell Entrance Background (NP). Maybe add some extra traps of your own with the Spiked Metal Fence (NP) – you never know, it could keep Sir Valrigard out! I'd gear up in King Skarl's personal guard-wear: Regulation Meridell Helmet (NC), Regulation Meridellian Chainmail (NC), Regulation Meridellian Lowers (NC), Regulation Meridellian Lance (NC), and Regulation Meridellian Shield (NC). Of course, you could switch out for the Meridell Dart Board Armour (NP), but I think that may be giving Sir Valrigard an easy target...

7. Grarrl Keno

     For some random fun, stroll on over to Grarrl Keno! Take some time to scope out the eggs and test your luck with selecting the ones that will hatch. From what I've heard, it's all completely random luck. If you don't succeed at first, by all means try again! But hopefully with your Grarrl on hand, he or she will have some Grarrl-mazing success and win big!

     You can have some extra fun by creating your Grarrl Keno hatchery. Begin with the Oversized Nest of Eggs (NC), the Scenic Tyrannian Background (NP), and the Tyrannian Flora Foreground (NP). For some needed luck, bring all the neggs/eggs that you can! Grarrls would pick the winning combination in the Glittery Negg Accessory Wig (NC), Pretty Negg Dress (NC), Wire Basket of Neggs (NC), and the Intricate Enamel Negg Bracelet (NP). Spend your winnings wisely!

8. Ugga Smash

     If you had fun stomping through Pterattck, then I think your Grarrl will greatly enjoy smashing and chasing vehicles in Ugga Smash. Nothing is more Grarrl-tastic than that, that's for sure! Sadly, all the good vehicles are taken, so your Grarrl will have to make do without one. It's still lots of fun though! If your Grarrl can hit all four vehicles, then you win!

     After some inquiries (and many letters to Ugga Smash-ers), Grarrls have some good news: they have finally come up with a specially-designed Grarrl-proof vehicle for Ugga Smash! Hurray! It may be only a prototype, but word on Tyrannian streets is that Grarrl-testing will be done soon. They've had to order extremely strong and resilient trees from the Haunted Woods, and Faerieland's finest crafts-Neopians have been hard at work assembling the Grarrl-sized contraption. See above for what your Grarrl would look like in the Faerie Cloud Racer Collectors Background (NC; totally NOT taken from Faerie Cloud Racers, no way). As it's still in the testing phase, best to equip your Grarrl in the Construction Safety Vest (NP) and Flight Helmet (NC) – you never know where these things may end up. Happy driving and smashing!

     There you have it – eight great Grarrl garbs for your grand Grarrl gaming adventures! No matter how you choose to celebrate your Grarrl this week, I hope it's one of his/her best celebrations ever. Happy Grarrl Day!!!

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