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Defenders of Neopia – Where They’ve Been:Part Three

by grimmbones7


     In the command room, red lights were blinking all over the console. One of the guards spun around in their chair and glanced at the monitors. He chose one and zoomed in. As he looked around he noticed that the little bugs looked odd.. He tapped the shoulder of another guard.

     "Does this look off to you?"

     "Uh.. shouldn’t the bugs be purple? Have they not been re-dosed?" The female guard replied.

     "Someone must have forgotten to redose the Petpetpets! We need to collect them immediately and get them to the lab before the prisoners wake up! You go get the dust! Oh and alert Tekkitu! He was in charge of the dust!" the gruff guard snapped.

     The female guard ran off to fetch Tekkitu as the husky guard spun back to the control panel. He flipped a few switches and a machine started up. The Petpetpets were sucked up hidden vents into a small container on the other side of the office. When they were all accounted for, he turned the vacuum off. He gracefully picked up the container and ran to the laboratory.

     While that was happening, the female guard found Tekkitu..

     "Sir.. there is a problem with the Petpetpets.. Someone forgot to re-dose them! We need more dust immediately."

     Tekkitu dropped his lunch and led the guard to the flower chamber.

     "Who has been in here!? The flower is dead and there isn’t enough dust left in the collection vial to re-dose the Petpetpets… We’ll all be in deep trouble if we can’t get more dust.." Tekkitu demanded.

     Meanwhile in the darkest part of the caves, a Moehog stirred. Orig had been probing the cells around him waiting for the faintest glimmer of consciousness from his comrades and he finally found it.

     He sent an image of himself to Judge Hog.

     "Orig? Is that you?"

     He sent the image again, but more focused this time.

     "Oh thank Fyora! What in Neopia is going on here? Where are we?"

     Orig sent a picture of the Defenders, then the cave, then some of the villains.

     "But how did they do it!? I don’t see how they could have all escaped and managed to capture our team?" Judge Hog exclaimed.

     Orig flashed a picture of the flower, the dust, and the Petpetpets.

     "They put together a spell to keep us asleep… interesting. Someone must be overseeing them all... to get them to work together like that would have been very challenging. The ringleader would have to be very manipulative and have access to magical resources and a spellbook.. But who could have put together such an elaborate plan?" He wondered aloud.

     The Lupe sent an image of the guards and the alarms going off.

     "Yes, of course! Time to go!"

     Judge Hog stood up and climbed the walls of his cell. He threw boulders at the trapdoor on the ceiling until a beam of light hit the cell floor. He lept off the side of the cave and pushed the door open. As his eyes readjusted to the dimly lit hallway, he noticed all the other trapdoors. He ran to the closest one and swung the door open. Judge Hog peered down into the darkness and his eyes stopped on a small white ball in the corner.

     "Aisheena! I’m so glad you’re okay! I’ll explain everything later, but we need to get out of here… now! Help me open the other cells!"

     Orig and Dr. Flexo came around the corner of the hallway with Blackwing, Sergeant Brexis, Torchio, Captain K and the Masked Intruder.

     "Man am I glad to see you guys! What in Neopia is going on here? Where are we and how long have we been here?" Captain K said.

     "I’ll explain later, we need to free the rest of the Defenders and formulate a plan to get the villains in these cells!" Judge Hog blurted out as he ran to the next trapdoor.

     Lightning Lenny leapt straight up out of his cell and glanced around.

     "Hey Judge! Man am I… what is everyone doing here?" he asked.

     "No time to explain. Must stop villains, let’s go!" Judge Hog repeated.

     "They already know we’ve escaped" Dr. Flexo announced.

     "How do you know that?" Mammoth asked.

     "The alarms have been going off for about 20 minutes… by my calculations they will have seen the alarms in the control room, and watched us moving around using their hidden cameras." Dr. Flexo said matter-of-factly.

     "Well they must have a plan then!" Blackwing said.

     "They may have a problem getting us back to sleep" Orig chuckled to himself and high-fived Dr. Flexo.

     "What did you do? How long have you two been awake?" Sergeant Brexis asked.

     "I’m not really sure.. But I was the first awake.. I overheard some things I shouldn’t have and Orig managed to destroy an ingredient for their spell.. Long story." Dr. Flexo replied.

     Orig stretched and sent all the Defenders a layout of the underground caves and a quick run through of the last few days.

     "Oooh wow. That makes a lot more sense. Thank you!" Aisheena said happily.

     "Now what?" the Kau Defender questioned.

     "Now we take them out." Judge Hog said with vigor as he turned to charge down the hallway.

     Orig led them to the conference room and through to the hidden chambers beyond. Lightening Lenny ran ahead to check to see if anyone was coming but as they waited he didn’t return. From down the hall, they heard maniacal chuckling.

     "Oh no.. " Blackwing muttered and got into fighting stance.

     "Don’t worry, I can handle him" Torchio said confidently as he strode forward.

     "I wouldn’t be so cocky there, hotshot." Lady Frostbite said icily.

     "Ah. Lady F. I had a feeling you would be here" Judge Hog stepped in front of Torchio.

     "We’ve spent a long time putting this plan together, you won’t stop us so easily"

     "We will stop you. Just like we always have. Together."

     "Oh and it seems your speedster is a bit stuck at the moment.." she said as she turned to show them Lightning Lenny stuck in a puddle of molasses.

     "We’ll get you out Big L don’t worry" Torchio shouted.

     "It’s not like I’m going anywhere.." he replied sarcastically.

     All at once the lights went out. Torchio blew some fire in the direction of Lady F to try and shed some light on the situation. He felt something wet hit him across the face. He heard girlish laughter.

     "The Drenched sisters.. Always a pleasure" Torchio said with disdain as the smoke rose from him.

     When the lights came on, the situation looked bleak. The Pant Devil had dropped stun dust and the Defenders were immobilized. Lady Frostbite looked over at Commander Garoo and they laughed. The Evil Sloth Clone handed out cuffs to the villains standing around and they began to cuff the Defenders and lead them back to the cells.

     Just when it seemed like the Defenders would be defeated, a small stone came loose from the ceiling. Then a few more. Then a chunk of the ceiling caved in. As the villains clambered to get out of the way, Meuka pointed at the gaping hole.

     "Who or what is that?"

     "Who am I? Who AM I? Why I’m the Korbat Defender of course. Newest recruit to the Defenders of Neopia. Proud member in training for.."

     "And you think you can stop all of us… because?" Commander Garoo interrupted.

     Suddenly the Mootix Warrior noticed a whirring sound.

     "Where is that coming from and why is it getting louder?" he exclaimed as he backed away from the opening.

     A huge group shadow spread over the hole and the buzzing got louder and louder. It spread throughout the chamber and a swarm of aliens appeared. Half broke the Defenders free and the other half immobilized the villains.

     "Because I brought some friends" the Korbat Defender replied backhandedly while looking down at a frozen Lady Frostbite.

     The aliens carried the frozen villain statues out of the ceiling and back to the Defender Headquarters in Neopia Central. Several aliens had to work together to lift Kasuki Lu.. but they used their blasters to make the hole bigger. The leader turned to the Korbat Defender.

     "You were smart to call us young padawan. You’ve saved your whole planet! I hope the Defenders of Neopia make you a full member now!" the head alien praised.

     "Thank you so much for coming Defenders! Neopia is in your debt." the Korbat bowed.

     The head alien returned the bow and floated away.

     "We owe you our lives KD. We are forever grateful. Neopia is saved! One question though.. why did you call them Defenders and where did they come from? Why didn’t we know about them?" Orig interjected.

     "Oh I was reading one of the ancient texts in the library and it spoke of Defenders from other worlds. So, I was playing with the artifact and it started to glow. I put my hands on it and next thing I knew everyone was gone and I was alone in the library. I went back to the main part of headquarters and they were waiting for me. They found us." KD replied shyly.

     "Defenders…. from other planets?" Judge Hog said slowly.

     "Apparently the Defenders are an intergalactic agency!" KD answered excitedly.

     "Once we get back to Headquarters we can talk about this more." Sargeant Brexis responded.

     "Hold it.. One more question, how long have we been gone?" Dr. Flexo added.

     "Four and a half years…." KD shot back.

     The End.

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