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Spooky Snacks: Halloween Recipes for You + Your Pet

by jjensen688


     It’s fall. You guys know what that means; It’s Halloween season!

      The glorious months of pumpkin-flavored everything are in full swing. And with spooky twists and turns around every corner, younger Neopets tend to get together around the holiday. Anybody knows that a party isn’t complete without food.

      You *could* just get the same-old candy- but what’s so special about that? Why just get some chocolates when you could whip up some recipes at home?

      That brings me to the point of this article; a lot of spooky foods found around Neopia seem almost inedible. But with these recipes, you’ll be whipping up tasty alternatives in no time at all.

      Without further ado, I bring you… 4 recipes for Halloween!

     1. Marshmallow and Slime Soufflé


     To make this, you’ll need…

     - One (1) Ghost Marshmallow [3200 NP]

     - One (1) Glowing Jelly [5 NP] OR One (1) Lime Jelly [5 NP]

     This is a fairly simple recipe, and is perfect for the first spot on our list.

     First, you’ll have to gather your ingredients. Marshmallows can be found at various stores; I recommend Ghost Marshmallows for this recipe, but any sort of marshmallow will work.

     Next, the jelly. If you really want to get into the spirit of the holiday, Glowing Jelly is perfect for this dish. If you’re looking for something a little more normal, though, Lime Jelly works just as well. Both are incredibly cheap and can be found around user-owned shops.

     Onto the cooking part of it. Obviously, both ingredients are already prepared. All that’s left is to put the dish together!

     Take a ceramic bowl and put the jelly in it. You might want to break it up a little so that it fits well. After that. Simply press the marshmallow into the center of your dish, and voila! Your oh-so-tasty, completely safe Marshmallow and Slime Soufflé is done.

     (Looking for something to share with your Neopets? Get some vanilla yogurt or pudding and color it with green food dye. Push the marshmallow in the middle, and you’re done! Remember- never prepare a recipe involving knives or stoves without supervision. Your Neopets want you to be safe and sound, after all!)

     2. Goreito


     To make this, you’ll need…

     - Two (2) Avocado Baby Foods [15 NP each]

     - One (1) Lime [1000 NP]

     - One (1) Tomato [400 NP]

     - One (1) Red Scorchipepper [4650 NP]

     - Tortilla/wrap of your choice

     - Seasoning (To taste)

     This recipe is a bit more complicated, but well worth the work. A Goreito is a great choice for a party meant to serve a lot of pets. It’s a good party dish because it’s filling- you won’t have to worry about your guests eating all your other food!

     First, gather up your ingredients. It’s essential that the lime, tomato, and Scorchipepper are all fresh. If you can get your hands on an avocado, use that. If you can’t, though, some Avocado Baby Food will work as a nice substitute. As for what you’ll be using to wrap your Goreito- use whatever you’d like! I like a tortilla, but that’s just me.

     Next, onto preparing the dish. If you have a battle-ready pet, this is where they’ll come in handy. You’ll need to finely dice the tomato and Scorchipepper. Next, mash the avocado and slice the lime in half. Throw the avocado into a bowl. Squeeze the juice out of the lime, and add in the tomato and Scorchipepper to your liking. Season it with some salt and pepper, and mix it up. Your filling is done! All that’s left is to put some of that on a tortilla and wrap it up.

     (If you’re fixing for something similar, there are a lot of options! With a parent’s permission, make a mixture of mashed avocado, lime, tomatoes, peppers, and anything else you want! Take a tortilla and make your own wrap. Want to add other ingredients? Go crazy! If it tastes good, that’s what matters.)

     3. Bloopcream


     To make this, you’ll need…

     - One (1) Chocolate Ice Cream [45,000 NP] OR any Ice Cream alternative

     - One (1) Black Licorice [600 NP]

     - One (1) Charcoal Jelly Beans [8500 NP]

     - One (1) White Chocolate Pellets [2900 NP]

     This Recipe is a little more expensive, but is a good dessert for any pet. With its interesting color and fun design, it appeals to any pet.

     First, gather up your ingredients. Most of these things can be found in candy stores.

     We’re going to go straight onto the prep of this dish. You’ll need to bust out your blender and start mixing!

     First, melt down the Chocolate Ice Cream into a sort of ice cream soup. Pour that into the blender. Next, dice up your Black Licorice pieces and add them into the blender. Do the same with your Charcoal Jelly Beans. Set the White Chocolate Pellets aside; we’ll be using them later. Blend up all your ingredients until it’s nice and smooth. After it is, you’ll need to pour it into another container. Let it freeze overnight.

     When your ice cream is nice and cold, take it out and put some in a cone. Use a smaller spoon to make the small horns. Finally, put 2 White Chocolate Pellets in the center of your ice cream- these are the cones. When you’re content with your creation, dig in!

     (In the mood for something sweet? Try mixing some ice cream in a similar way to this recipe, but instead of black candies, use activated charcoal. Do this with supervision; blenders can be dangerous. White chocolate chips make good candy eyes.)

     4. Chokato Ghostkersandwich


     To make this, you’ll need…

     - One (1) Kacheek Bread [1800 NP]

     - One (1) Chokato Jam [5000 NP]

     - One (1) A Sprig Of Leaf [1900 NP]

     This is another fairly simple recipe. It doesn’t take much in terms of cooking- if you can make a peanut butter sandwich, you can make this, too.

     Gather up your ingredients. They can be found in the Bakery and Healthy Food shops. Once you arrive home from your ever-so-trying journey, hop into the kitchen and get started.

     Lay out two slices of bread, and spread the jam between them. Finally, to get that signature sprig of green at the top of the sandwich, place your sprig of leaf near the top before closing up your sandwich. Voila! Your meal is done. This is a good recipe to serve a lot of pets in a short amount of time.

     (Interested in a sandwich for yourself? Make a blueberry-jam-and-peanut-butter sandwich with a mint leaf!)

     And… that’s it! I hope these recipes are enough to satisfy you or your Neopets. Remember to keep yourself and your pets safe on Halloween. Most importantly, though- cooking (and Halloween as a whole) is about having fun. It doesn’t matter what the end product is. The real value is in the fun you have getting to there- but there’s no harm in enjoying what you make, too.


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