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Exploring Neopia in 800 hours

by guik44


     Neopia is a wonderful world with so many great places to see and so many incredible things to do! We are going to take a path through the perfect 800 hour vacation in Neopia! You sure don’t want to miss out on anything it has to offer!

     First things first! We recommend you head on over to Neopia Central and check into the Neopian Lodge (unless of course you have friends or family in the area you can stay with). There are so many different rooms to pick from! Our personal favorites are the Faerie Castle (5 stars) and the Astrovilla (5 stars). Of course you can always add lots of amenities offered like: a restaurant, burger bar, jacuzzi/spa, and a sauna just to name a few! Now that we have that settled, let’s move on to all the fun things Neopia has to offer you in your perfect stay of 800 hours.

     The closest place to Neopia Central is little Roo Island! A cute little island with so much stuffed inside to do! You can grab a cup of coffee from the coffee shop to get ready for your time here! Be sure to visit the Dice-A-Roo Tournament Hall, for only 5 Neopoints you can take a chance and try to win more (or even some food- you can even take some with you to feed the hungry, wailing Kadoaties you will encounter in the Kadoatery). Speaking of the Kadoatery, you will find it over in the special games room. We definitely recommend you check it out; you can either feed some of those Kadoaties like we mentioned before, or you can always just pet them (if they let you). On your way back from Roo Island you can make a pit stop at the souvenir shop and pick something up to take back home with you (unless you love Neopia so much to move in of course!).

     If you take the short trip from Roo Island over to Tyrannia, head over to the Tyrannian Plateau and grab a concert ticket from the ticket booth! With your ticket you can check out a rockin’ concert at the concert hall! With so many different bands playing daily you might even have to stop here more than once to catch them all! We know you burn off all that energy singing and dancing along at these concerts, so conveniently there is the giant omelette just a few feet away! The best part of all is that you can snatch yourself a slice of the omelette for free (and we know you are spending enough Neopoints on this trip as is).

     After you catch up on some rest make the hop on over to the infamous Faerieland! Be sure to stay clear of Jhudora's Bluff, we promise you don’t want to cross her path! After you carefully avoid the Bluff make the walk over to the Poogle Races (and if you happen to stop to spin the wheel of excitement we won’t blame you- it is exciting after all!). Once you’ve arrived at the Poogle Races take a look at the different contestants! You can either place a bet and try to win some extra Neopoints or you can sit back and watch others bet away their own Neopoints! Don’t fret, the races go every 15 minutes so you’ll never have to wait too long to catch one! On your way out of Faerieland it wouldn’t hurt to stop by the healing springs to heal that bruised ego of yours after losing all those Neopoints betting (come on- we know you couldn’t resist the temptation, who could?).

     Now, we aren’t saying we encourage you to go through the Haunted Woods (they are haunted, you know?). However if you do decide to venture into the woods you can always check out the deserted fairground. In the fairground there are a few hidden gems that can really grind those gears! You can play Coconut Shy (we are unsure if it’s rigged, but it says it’s not!). Simply try to knock down the coconuts for some Neopoints or exclusive rare coconuts! If you start to hear your stomach grumbling just stop at the Spooky Food shop to pick something up (if you’re into foods like fried worm stew that is). Please be careful (as we accept no responsibility for casualties) while you are walking the path near the Carnival of Terror, it does have terror in the name after all!

     Assuming you’ve safely made it back to the Neolodge and avoided all the scary things in the Haunted Woods we want to take you over to Brightvale- the kingdom of knowledge! In Brightvale you can spin the Wheel of Knowledge for a chance to take some wisdom back home with you. After you’ve taken your chance on the wheel skip on over to Meridell and you can kiss the Mortog (if you’re into that type of thing). If you aren’t a Mortog fan you can always travel into the castle to meet the Grumpy Old King! When we say grumpy, we mean grumpy! Tell him a joke to try to turn him around and make him happy, but if you fail to do so... Well, let’s not talk about that. Now that the King has probably thrown you out of his castle, grab some cheese (yes, we said cheese) and play some Cheeseroller! See how fast you can get it down the hill without wiping out! Of course after dodging all those trees you should probably head back to the Neolodge and take a break (hopefully you paid for the spa option, because you’ll probably need it).

     Oh no! Our 800 hours have been flying by so quickly, but don’t fret! You still have time; run on over to Mystery Island while you still can! Of course you can swing in Tropical Foods to fuel your fire while you are here. The Tiki Tours are a must, must, must! For only 50 Neopoints (sometimes on sale for 25) you can take the tour and really cheer yourself up with the sites. After you have finished with the sightseeing you can always relax at the beach for a bit, or if you are feeling spunky play some Beach Volleyball and see if you can beat the competitor!

     Unfortunately we only have a few hours left before it’s time for you to head back home! There are lots of things in Neopia we didn’t have time to check out, but at least we got in the good stuff! Thankfully, we know just the perfect way to finish out these last few hours and end this vacation with a bang! Things are crazy over at the Neopian Times right now as everyone is waiting for the special 800th edition to be released! We heard a little rumor that all the Weewoos are hosting a party while they wait for the release, we better head on over now and join in on the excitement!

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