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Things That NeoQuest 2 Characters Would NEVER Say

by moonlight717


NEOQUEST II - Yes, NeoQuest 2, the greatest and newest official RPG in Neopian! I had always loved “The Things That Neopian Characters Would NEVER Say” series of plushieowner. So I asked for her permission to let me try to write that “Things that NeoQuest 2 Characters Would NEVER Say”.

(To plushieowner : Thank you so much for letting me try it, and please don’t be angry with me if I failed you :P)

Rohane's mother: Go Away! When you left home, you left! Don’t come back for free rest!

Marvis: Actually, I am the one who had stolen the armour of Rohone’s father

Rohane: There is no justice in this world...

Mipsy: I really love my shoes!

Talinia: Back in my day, monsters were ten times weaker!

The Miner Foreman: Welcome! We had not seen a living one for so long!

Zombom: Everything I do, I do it for Adelan…

Mipsy: (Looking at Rohane) Me?? You want me to join you? No way! I don't want to leave my home, and I hate a life of adventure!

Undead merchant (Lost City of Phorofor): Why should I care about the gold and healing potions? I am already died! Take as much healing potions as you want! They are absolutely free!

Ramtor: When we next meet, we can have a couples of tea! King Skarl? Forget that fat old King! He did nothing except eating, sleeping and listening to silly jokes!

Thaddeus (Chia Oscuro): Yusie fdghisds sdfjldfss qowrr clkxaa! Dkcixsna dlkaow siqndsk?Kjedndjo sjow, siojvnqejks! (The party had absolutely no idea for what he is saying!)

Leximp: I don't want the wordstone! Please feel free to take it if you want to. Also, please teach those poor chias to read if you have time. Thank you.

Talinia: (Looking at Rohane) No, I don’t know who you are. Captain Rohane? What Captain? You think we are on a spaceship? You must be mad!

Niacha: I’ll never play hide-and-seek with Koli again!

Kolvars: For crying out loud! I am not a crab, I am a Spyder!

Snowager: I am not blocked in by an avalanche! I caged myself so that no one can steal from me again while I am sleeping! It’s just so good that I finally can get some sleep…zzzzzz……

Scuzzy: I love the Snowager! I am not going to let you to take it away from me!

Phebiya (Sakhmet Palace): The royal library is too big! I just couldn't find the books and scrolls that I wanted!

Chimukh: I don’t sell sand any more. Now I sell dung!

Gebarn II: You must reunite the Medallion! This is my last wish…

Velm: I don’t want to be a cleric any more! I love spell casting! Please don't make me go back to that old and odd spaceship!

Lifra: *crying* I am so scared! I really can't take care of myself! Thank you for rescuing me! The Revenant is so horrible!

Lifra: I don't want to be the “Library Fast Retrieval Archive” any more! I love my new life here with my lovely family! *hug her little sister Amote*

Coltzan's ghost: Good! Now that I am with life again, I want revenge! Princess Sankara must pay for poisoning me!

Princess Vyassa (after the party defended Coltzan): Murderers!!! How can you kill my dearest father again? *crying* Guards! Throw them into the jail!

Count von Roo: Yes! I cast a spell to make the sun stay up! I just love sunny days! And I'll tell you a secret that Spider Grundo, Balthazar, and Hubrid Nox are actually very good friends!

The Faeries: It's so odd for that Balthazar to be so nice to us! We would rather have the old Balthazar that catches us into the bottle.

The Brain Tree: *sobbing* No, I don't know what happened…I am no longer the smartest of all trees!

Augur Faunt: Please save me! Brain Tree keep me prisoner in this place! If you defeat the Brain Tree, I’ll give you my whole stock!

Balthazar: I wanted to be a good Lupe! Why didn't you give me a chance? Why turn me back into a villain again?

Hubrid Nox: Mwa ha ha ha! MWA HA HA HA HA!! I built the 9 level tower just to torture everyone who enter my fortress!

The Esophagor: Iiiiiiiii wwiiillll lleeettttt yyyooouuuuu ppaaasssssss iiifffffffff yyyyoooouuuuuuu feeed mmeee!!!! Annnndddd Iiiii’llllll tteeellllll yyyooouuuu wwhhheeennnn Lllleeeeeennnnnnnyyy SSkkeeeiitthh ddiiieedd iiff yyoouu fiinndd meee myy fooodd!!!!

Vilaria: Not all dark faeries are evil! Don’t judge me just because I am a dark faerie!

Fallen Angel: Why am I a fallen angel? I don’t know there were angels in this world! Shouldn’t I be a fallen faerie?

Devilpuss: I turned evil because my owner abandoned me!!! You Neopets don’t care about us petpets at all!

The Faerie Thief: So I am just a good faerie that was being controlled by King Terask? Then why you heroes killed me instead of saving me?

Pant Devil: In all my life, I had stolen from people. Now, everyone wants to steal the half of a silver key from me…

Rohane: Jeran’s armour? Why is it here? Is this game NeoQuest 2 or Battle for Meridell? Beside, the size doesn’t fit me at all!

King Terask: I conquered Faerieland because Fyora said she will marry me when Faerieland fall...*look at Queen Fyora with love* my lovely little queen…

Queen Fyora: *burst into tears* You had killed Terask? My beloved Terask? *look at the part with hate* Prepare to die! (The final and most horrible enemy----- Queen Fyora!!!!)

The Mysterious One dressed in Green: Captain Rohane, I'm your REAL father!

Amote (Yes, the baby Cybunny!): Actually, I am the one behind all these! I did it because I want my dear big sister stay here forever! *hug Lifra*

Author’s Note:

If you are reading this, it means my first article really got published!@_@!

Please don’t feel shy to Neomail me any comments that you may have regarding this article. I really love to get feedback from readers. ?

Thanks plushieowner for giving me the permission and idea to write this article again.

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