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80 Writing Prompts to Help Get You into Issue 850

by raspberrywatching33


     Were you hoping for that adorable NT Writer avatar but didn’t make it into this 800th Issue? That’s really a bummer but there is a bright side! There’s Issue 850 that will be here before you know it! In order to help you prepare yourself and write the best possible piece for Issue 850, I’ve compiled a list of 80 writing prompts to get you started.

     1. King Skarl takes an improv class.

     2. Slorgs have suddenly started appearing in Darigan Citadel, what happens next?

     3. Write a game guide. If you really shine at a game and there isn’t a guide already published in the Times, tell us how to play better and get a trophy!

     4. Write a game guide about an avatar-giving game. Give some helpful strategies.

     5. What if the Snowager was actually a very complicated animatronic robot? Who built it? Who’s controlling it??

     6. Adee the Chia opens her own ice cream parlour, Ice Cream Dream.

     7. Think of something on Neopets that makes you really angry (maybe it’s how smug the Coconut Shy guy is, maybe it’s how demanding Edna is, whatever it may be) and rant about it.

     8. A Maraquan pet falls deeply in love with a Lost Desert pet. How can their love survive?

     9. Your character decides to go fishing but catches something entirely unexpected.

     10. The Haunted Fairground was in deep financial trouble and was sold to a wealthy developer from Brightvale. What does he do with the place?

     11. Hannah discovered some diving gear and takes her adventuring to Maraqua in search of sunken treasure.

     12. A poor young Gelert is left in the pound but finds a strange book written by a pirate.

     13. Two siblings are mountain climbing in Shenkuu but are separated. How do they find either other?

     14. A very inexperienced babysitter has to look after 10 rowdy Petpets.

     15. The gravity malfunctions in the Space Station. Everything is floating.

     16. Stamps from your album start coming to life.

     17. The Grundo Theif from Freaky Factory decides he really needs to get rid of some of his plushie collection.

     18. All the shopkeepers from around Neopia go to a shop keeping convention.

     19. Pick a favorite item of yours and write about its origins. How was it discovered or invented?

     20. Alternatively to 19, pick a specific item and write about its life. Where has it been? Who owned it? What has it seen?

     21. Someone is on an epic search to get the last item they need to complete their gallery. Writer’s choice on what the gallery's theme is.

     22. The Healing Springs has dried up and Marina is nowhere to be found. What happened?

     23. The scientists at the Space Station have figured out what the Lever of Doom is there for!

     24. A counseling session where Jhudora and Illusen try to work on their issues with each other.

     25. The stories of the biggest band in Neopia going on a world tour.

     26. What do the Food Club pirates do in their down time?

     27. A day in the life of a Kelp waiter.

     28. Write an investment guide for anyone unfamiliar with the best ways to grow their Neopoints.

     29. A Xweetok is just minding her own business in her home when the ghost if the house’s previous owner starts making trouble.

     30. Dr. Sloth attends his nephew’s birthday party.

     31. The Black Pawkeet caught Dorak. How does he escape? Or does he?

     32. The regular competitors in Cellblock, Cheat! And Go! Go Go! all go on strike. They just want lunch breaks.

     33. A heartbroken Mynci desperately tries to find a hobby to drown his sorrows in.

     34. A giant flood hits a tiny seaside town outside Altador!

     35. Choose two lands in Neopia and write pen pal letters between two best friends who had to move away from each other.

     36. Follow a food critic as they try to find the most delicious omelet in all the lands.

     37. A scrappy Zafara starts having dreams of an oracle who gives strange, seemingly nonsensical advice.

     38. Someone wakes up in a circular room lined with countless doors. Where do they lead? How did this person get there?

     39. A poor Lutari with a lot of homework tries to give up coffee. It’s not easy.

     40. A glimpse into the meeting to decide what to name all the months of the Neopian calendar.

     41. Florg goes vegetarian.

     42. Follow one little Petpet whose dream it is to be in the Petpet Spotlight.

     43. Are you really knowledgeable about one area of Neopets? Make it into a puzzle, a crossword, riddle, etc.

     44. A rather excitable Bloop had some friends over while their owner was out of town and now they need to frantically clean up the house!

     45. A Dribblet explains exactly what it is. (A tongue that has a tongue??)

     46. A math challenged Acara tries to make enough cookies to feed 100 people.

     47. There is a HUGE and VERY IMPORTANT quiz tomorrow. How does each student in the class prepare?

     48. Edna lives out her dream of putting in a one woman show.

     49. A group of young naturalists go on a hike with a very enthusiastic ranger.

     50. Bug Eye McGee takes stealth and subtlety lessons from Heermeedjet and Meerouladen.

     51. Count von Roo makes a friend.

     52. Fairfax the Deckhand finally hits Grundo's Gym and gets into shape.

     53. Something goes horribly wrong and all the morphing potions are contaminated. Neopets start turning all the wrong colours and species. Someone has to do something!

     54. A worker gets trapped in a Plushie Tycoon warehouse overnight.

     55. A shy Grundo is stuck between their two fighting friends.

     56. Pick an interesting character in Neopia and interview them.

     57. The Money Tree starts to feel ill. Someone has to find out what’s wrong!

     58. What a neat looking worm. You DO have somewhere to put it and the two of you go on a grand adventure.

     59. Several friends try to keep their New Years resolutions.

     60. The angry Janitor is convinced that the statues in the Hall of Heroes are talking to him.

     61. Twins separated at birth find clues leading them to each other. Who left the clues? How does the pair meet?

     62. A Lenny finds a magical blanket made by their mysterious, estranged grandmother.

     63. Follow a Kacheek who is just trying to get tickets to the final match of the Altador Cup.

     64. Write about what Kari does will all the plain Neggs people trade in.

     65. A witch claims she can brew better than Edna and the two face off.

     66. A thief is running around stealing priceless art. Why? And who can stop him?

     67. You are a thief running around stealing priceless art. How do you evade the law?

     68. Make up a conspiracy theory and write about it.

     69. Dieter the Polarchuck is finally full (for a little while anyway). Now that he’s not eating, what does he do with all the time he has?

     70. Ghosts start appearing in odd places around Neopia and they seem to be searching for something. What’s going on?

     71. The Hidden Tower has become so hidden that no one can find it anymore! Where has it gone?

     72. Your Lab Ray starts going more berserk than normal and won’t calm down.

     73. A group of brave Neo Scouts go camping but things don’t exactly go to plan.

     74. What does The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity think about all day?

     75. A frantic Blumaroo tries to throw the perfect party for their best friend’s birthday.

     76. Write a story about greed and the consequences.

     77. Two rival shops are competing to offer the best muffin in Neopia.

     78. Write a fashion review of a Neopia gala.

     79. Create a museum exhibit and write the history of some of its most impressive pieces.

     80. Make a list of 85 things. It worked for me.

     There you are! Hopefully one or two of these have struck your fancy or prodded your imagination. I would heartily encourage you to run with any inspiration. No need to stick to exactly what I’ve suggested; adjust the prompts to your liking.

     Best of luck to all you aspiring writers. That avatar will be yours one day!

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