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The Magical Transporter:Part Five

by hallie035


     Amy wanted to try and find a way to escape from the chambers where she and Calleigh were locked. She flew through the room looking for a hidden window or a hidden door that could get them out of here. She saw nothing but walls. Calleigh started to search the walls. She pressed the wall trying to find cracks or hidden doors that could lead out.

     The movements also made them feel warm. It was freezing in here and they had no blankets or more clothing to keep them warm. They hadn’t had any food or something to drink either. It was becoming late so Rosie had to come in soon. Amy didn’t believe she would leave them like this. Or maybe she would come tomorrow, so they’d know it was serious.

     Calleigh pushed her way to the edge of the chamber. Her hands were wet and cold from touching the wall all the time. She blew in her hands and moved them together. Then she put them against the wall again and tried to push through. It didn’t work but the wall here felt different than earlier. Calleigh knocked the wall to find out if there was a hollow. It definitely sounded like that. She put her hands against the wall and pushed with her whole weight against the wall. It didn’t brake but she felt it moving, but just a little.

     Amy saw Calleigh struggling. She flew down and pressed against the wall from higher up. She put her claws into the wall, wondering why that was even possible. While pushing she realised why this wall was different and why Calleigh tried to make it move. Flying down on Calleighs shoulder she explained her feelings.

     ‘I think this is a clay wall,’ Amy said. ‘I could put my claws in. Maybe we can dig our way out. I have no idea what is behind it. I doubt it’s much since I don’t think Rosie would lock us in a room with a clay wall that could be broken so easily’.

     ‘I think there is something behind the wall,’ Calleigh said. ‘Something that is not important enough to protect. But we might be able to make use of it. We need to improvise. We need wood to make light so we don’t sleep in the dark tonight or wake up in the darkness. We need to find a way out of the chamber and away from the tunnel. I wonder where the tunnel leads to. If this is the basement that was used for AAA and Abigail, then there should be another exit’.

     Calleigh and Amy continued digging. Their fingers and claws became dirty and cold but they didn’t bother to stop. They kept going until a tiny piece of the wall broke. Calleigh put her fingers in the crag and started to pull out bigger pieces of the wall. Amy started to use her beak to get the clay away faster. Amy took care not to swallow the clay so every now and then she spit down to get rid of the clay in her mouth.

     It took them a long time but finally they broke the wall. Behind it was another big chamber. The chamber wasn’t used in ages. Dust was flying around everywhere while Calleigh and Amy walked in.

     The chamber contained an old television that didn’t work anymore. There also was a game console broken into pieces. The chairs were ripped off like somebody here had been very angry. There was also a table fallen on its side, a few empty bottles sticking to the ground and food that you wouldn’t eat even when you were really hungry.

     ‘That food is gross,’ Amy complained. ‘I wouldn’t want to live here if it could safe my life. Even when we can’t escape here and we have to do the same things as AAA and Abigail back then, then I wouldn’t want to eat this either. Nobody can make me do that, not even you’.

     Calleigh couldn’t help laughing.

     ‘I understand Amy,’ she said. ‘I wouldn’t do it either. But I don’t think anyone is supposed to come here’.

     ‘Well, there is a door over there,’ Amy pointed. ‘If this place hasn’t been used in so long I doubt it is a strong door. So I think we might be able to open it and see what is behind’.

     Calleigh nodded. She walked to the door and pushed. It did open, just like Amy said. The door led to a tunnel. The tunnel was dark and small. Calleigh and Amy had to stay behind each other to go through.

     ‘Let me get the candle so we can find a way out,’ Amy said.

     Amy flew back to the first chamber, grabbed the candle in her claws and flew back. She handed the candle to Calleigh and followed the light in the tunnel. They didn’t walk very fast, because the floor wasn’t even and they couldn’t see far away. They carefully set foot after foot. This went well until a voice made them stop.

     ‘So you escaped,’ a voice said. ‘But I know these dungeons like the back of my hand. I will find you and make sure you’ll never get out of here again. And I know which way you two went. You went to the abandoned chamber behind the clay wall and I know where it leads too’.

     ‘It’s Rosie,’ Amy whispered.

     She turned around. She used her wings to make all the clay go in the abandoned chamber and then closed the door. Together with Calleigh they pushed the clay against the door and made sure it couldn’t be moved so easily. After that they blew out the candle and followed their way in the darkness. They knew it was going to be hard, but the candle would reveal where they were. That would make it easier to catch them.

     Calleigh and Amy moved slower than before. They had to try the ground before they stepped on it. They stayed close together. The only sound you could hear was the whispering of their voices. They were talking about a way out and what they would do when that happened. What if they happened to bump into someone working here? They would be locked again and they probably would have a harder way to escape. This probably wasn’t easy either. Rosie and the people she worked with could be anywhere. They knew the place much better than Amy and Calleigh did. They could be caught before they even got a chance to get out of here.

     While they walked further into the tunnel, Rosie was using force to open the door that led to the tunnels. She called for her Mutant Pteri friends and together they pushed to the door and the walls around it. They eventually managed to go through. They all had a burning candle. Calleigh and Amy were in the lead though, but without any candles.

     Calleigh heard the door behind them being forced open. She whispered to Amy to keep quiet. They shouldn’t give Rosie a direction. They had to keep their lead. Amy started to fly faster. She felt wind blowing through her feathers so she thought there was a way out near. When she felt a wall appearing in front of her, she slowed down. She carefully touched the walls and found out there were three tunnels, all leading in a different direction. One to the right, one to the left and one straight ahead.

     Calleigh stood in front of each of them. They all were a source of wind. She imagined Rosie would go straight ahead because that was the easiest way to go if you were in a hurry. So she and Amy had to go left or right. Left seemed to be the better option because the gusts coming from the right side tunnel were faster. Amy suggested right was better because that was closer to the way out. Calleigh thought the right path was a wrong path, maybe there were people waiting on the other side. Maybe the gusts were just a trap to lead them in that direction. With these two opinions in mind, they chose to go the left tunnel. They hoped it was the right decision, because who knew what they would find beyond the tunnel?

     The tunnels never seemed to end. They sometimes thought they saw light in the distance but they never got close. Sometimes they were sure they felt air around them but they never found the outside. This was a labyrinth of paths and directions. This was a place that you weren’t meant to leave. But someone had to know the way. It had to be built by someone and Calleigh doubted that person would still be down here. If she was right, there had to be food and water around here. There had to be a way out. Calleigh hoped that it wasn’t the way they came in or that the other exit had collapsed and was unable to use. That meant they had to go back through the chambers where they were locked in. And Rosie had probably put that place on full guard. There was no way they could escape that way.

     Because they needed time to discuss the directions to go, the distance between Calleigh and Amy and the Petri’s following them became less and less. Would they ever see the world outside the tunnels again?

      To be continued…

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