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The Magical Transporter: Part Three

by hallie035


     Calleigh and Amy couldn’t go any further through the forest. The path became so small that there was no way through. Amy tried to walk between the trees but it didn’t work.

      ‘Looks like we are stuck,’ Amy said. ‘I hoped we could walk through the forest, but we can’t. We have to go back and cross the grass field again’.

      ‘We should also get some food,’ Calleigh said. ‘We’ve been walking for hours and we haven’t eaten or drunk anything. If we go on like this, we will be even hungrier. I don’t think I can keep exploring if it gets worse. We have to get fresh energy’.

      ‘I know,’ Amy said. ‘Have you seen any fruit on the way here? I didn’t. It’s all just plain plastic. Nothing is growing here. We have to get out of here and buy something in a user store. I need fresh energy too, but if there is nothing here we don’t have a choice’.

      ‘Your right, there is no choice,’ a voice whispered.

      Amy and Calleigh turned around. Who was talking to them? How could there be someone without them noticing? They have talked and walked, why did nobody hear them and asked them what they were doing? Or was that the whole purpose? Were they followed so they couldn’t escape?

      In front of them stood a Pteri, at least it looked liked a Pteri. It was a huge blue creature with red around the eyes. The Pteri had his wings wide and that made him even huger. He looked down on Amy and Calleigh.

      ‘Who are you?’ Amy asked. ‘And why didn’t you talk to us before? We are lost and we want to get out of here. We thought nobody was here. We called for help, why didn’t you come?’

      ‘Because I wanted to see if you two were threatening,’ the Pteri said. ‘I am Rosie, a mutant Pteri. I know I look bad. I can see it from the looks on your faces. I might not be the nicest creature in Neopia, but I am not any different then you. How did you came here and what do you want?’

      ‘We didn’t come here for a reason,’ Calleigh said. ‘We came here because some sort of transporter got us here. We were just exploring the area to find a way out. We have no idea where we are’.

      ‘You are in a laboratory,’ Rosie said. ‘My owner and I are trying to find a new sort of plastic. Plastic that can turn into everything we want. Into trees, plants, shops and even more. It will make life much easier. You don’t have to water plants anymore or use trees to build houses from. You just use plastic’.

      ‘Then what about food?’ Amy asked. ‘Food needs to grow on trees and plants. Or underground. How can there be food when everything is made out of plastic?’

      ‘We still keep the trees and the plants,’ Rosie said. ‘We just let them grow. The thing that changes is the places where plants can’t grow because it is too cold or too hot. On those places we can put plastic trees. The trees won’t look any different so people can enjoy nature. And these plants need no care’.

      ‘It’s not right,’ Amy said. ‘In cold places and hot places other plants can grow, and we can transport food from one place to another. And people can tell the difference. Haven’t you noticed? The grass can change colour’.

      ‘That is true,’ Rosie answered the question. ‘We are still working on it. We are trying to find a way to prevent that. It’s not official yet, we are still doing some testing. Well, if you don’t have more questions I will escort you out. Can I have your word that you won’t tell anyone about this?’

      ‘We can’t do that,’ Calleigh said. ‘We need to tell someone. Like the Defenders of Neopia. They have to investigate this. I don’t think it’s wrong what you are doing, but I think you have to do it safe. Those transporter things shouldn’t bring people here. It could destroy all the tests you do. You need someone wise to help you here’.

      ‘No, we don’t,’ Rosie said. ‘My owner can handle this perfectly. If you are going to talk, I am afraid I can’t let you two out of here. Why don’t you follow me? I make sure you never find the way out’.

      Rosie cackles insanely. Amy and Calleigh took a few steps back. But they couldn’t go anywhere. They couldn’t hide between the trees. And if they ran away using the path they’d came from they needed to go past Rosie. Rosie wasn’t going to let them go. Her wings were so wide that they closed off the whole path.

      ‘Please let us go,’ Amy said. ‘We had no intention in harming the environment. I really think it’s better to get someone here. We are just trying to help. Please’.

      ‘Now it is too late,’ Rosie said. She shrieked and more mutant Pteris came flying down. They grabbed Amy and Calleigh and flew up with them. Amy hit them with their wings claiming she could fly herself. The Pteris left her alone. They did keep a close eye on her, so she wouldn’t go anywhere. Amy decided to protect Calleigh so she wouldn’t fall down.

      They flew for a while and then landed on a platform.

      ‘You two go in there,’ Rosie pointed. ‘There is a tunnel and it will lead to a few chambers. I will lock the door behind you. I will make sure you get food and water. You can do anything to enjoy yourselves. I await my owner and then send him to you. I am sure you can find a good solution’.

      ‘You can’t do this,’ Amy said. ‘The Defenders of Neopia will find this place. Believe me; they are going to make sure justice is served. Let us go so things like that don’t have too happen’.

      ‘Forget it,’ Rosie said. ‘Now go in, I come right after you’.

      Calleigh and Amy opened the door to the tunnel. The tunnel was so small they had to walk behind each other. The tunnel didn’t smell very well and it was wet. Calleighs socks were wet in no time. Amy couldn’t move her wings anymore. They were so cold. It was freezing in here. This looked familiar. It was the same as with Dailey dare a few years ago. Abigail and AAA were locked in a basement during the whole event. Who took them? And why were the chambers still here? Amy thought the basement Abigail and AAA stayed in was destroyed and that the person who took them was arrested and couldn’t do anything wrong anymore. Then why was this still here?

      Amy and Calleigh were alone. Rosie had left them. They sat down on the ground, wondering what to do now. They couldn’t go out the way they came in since Rosie locked up the door. There were no windows, which made the place really dark. There was a small candle burning in the middle of the room. Rosie said they could get a new one once this one was burned empty. But they would get a new one when it got dark. So if the candle burned down before the next day started they had to wait a whole day plus a part of the night before they could have light again. During that time they wouldn’t be able to escape. Unless they found more sources of light.

      The only thing the candle did right now was that it kept them warm. Amy could move her wings again. Now she could do some exercises here to spend her time. This would keep her warm and would make the time go faster. On the other hand, Calleigh wouldn’t have anything to do when she started flying around. Amy decided to stay with Calleigh instead.

      ‘I am scared,’ Amy announced. ‘I want to go away from here and go home. I want to see my sister again. You know, I’d even be happy to see Skylark and Henchen. Everything is better than to be here. We also need to find a way to stop this plan’.

      ‘I know,’ Calleigh said. ‘But most important right now is to find a way out. Then we can start thinking about a solution for the plastic world. Maybe we should leave this to someone who had experience with dealing with this kind of problems. The Defenders of Neopia perhaps?’

      ‘Do you think Katniss may have asked them for help already?’ Amy asked. ‘She should have noticed us missing by now. I wonder how she is doing. Where does she sleep tonight? Will she be all right by herself? I hope she doesn’t go to the pound where she could be adopted by other people’.

      ‘I am sure she would explain the situation,’ Calleigh said. ‘I don’t think the people in the pound would let her be adopted out. They probably give her a safe place to stay until they know where we are. But if we don’t get out of here soon, they might decide to have her up for adoption eventually’.

      ‘I hope it won’t come that far,’ Amy said. ‘I don’t want to lose my sister. Come on, let us try to escape from this place.’


      To be continued…

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