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Types Of Gift Box Capsules

by ellaisback


Who says you can only give and receive presents during December? Fools! That's who! The Month Of Celebrating is a wonderful time for gifting, but you can spread the joy year-round, and is there any better gift than a shiny new NC item? No way!

NC items area typically wearable, but sometimes they are fortune cookies infused with super cool powers, or incredibly tasty foods to feed your pet, or tickets to play exclusive games! These items all come from the NC Mall and are purchased using Neocash. They cannot just be traded willy-nilly between users, they require a special Gift Box! These items are valuable and fragile so they need to be wrapped up nicely and sent via express Neomail.

Now you may be wondering "How do I get one of these gift boxes?" Lucky for you, there are many ways! The most common way currently is through Trudy's Surprise, the slot machine daily that awards Neopoints will occasionally award you with a Basic Gift Box as well. You will also receive them as an award from redeem an NC Cash Card, which you can buy from your local shops (more details on where to find them can be found at this link). For every $5 the cash card is worth, you'll receive one Basic Gift Box. So a $10 card will reward you with two gift boxes, and a $25 card will reward you with five gift boxes.

But maybe that isn't enough, maybe you spend all your days rapidly trading NC items around and you find yourself quickly running out of gift boxes! Not even Trudy can keep up with your needs. Don't fret, there is a solution: Gift Box Mystery Capsules.

Many users are familiar with mystery capsules, they contain rare and sometimes exclusive NC items that fit the theme of whatever the mystery capsule is. Autumn mystery capsules contain autumn wearables, for example. But there is another type of rare mystery capsule that pops up from time to time, Gift Box Mystery Capsules. They all follow a theme and guarantee to bust open and deliver at least two themed Gift Boxes. Not only will they give gift boxes, but they'll also reward you with an NC item. They truly are the gift that keep on giving, which in turn enables you to keep on giving! But which are the best ones out there?

Shining Stars Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Inspired by the latest eclipse, this gift box has all the mysterious beauty of the universe wrapped inside. You'll be able to capture the magic of the night sky with this capsule. It is the latest Gift Box Mystery Capsule to hit the NC Mall and is only available until August 30, so it is best so snatch this up as quick as possible. They also will probably be the most frequently traded and is currently the most common one available out there. You should be able to get your hands on this one with no problems whatsoever.

Halloween Spyderweb Gift Box Mystery Capsule

This mega-rare capsule was only available in the two weeks leading up to Halloween back in 2013. It'll be incredibly hard for you to get your hands on this, but if you can it will be well worth the effort! It has the colors of a candy corn and is wrapped tightly by a beautiful Spyder web. Since Halloween is fast approaching, less than two months away, you might want to set aside some time to hunt around for this bad boy. Your best Neofriend will shriek in horror and excitement upon receiving a gift in this capsule's limited edition Spyderweb Gift Box.

Pretty Daisy Git Box Mystery Capsules

Flowers are always pretty and that makes this gift box capsule especially special. Adorned with a jumbo daisy, the limited edition gift box that can possibly be found inside will charm the heart of the recipient. Using the contents of this capsule to send any floral or silver items is best, it keeps you right on theme and really shows that you care about the small details.

Sparkling Rainbow Gift Box Mystery Capsule

This specific capsule is the epitome of happiness. It is a giant glittering rainbow box with a smiling cloud on the front, you really can't get more adorable than that. It's happiness is contagious and the recipient is sure to squeak with joy. While you have a high chance of getting Basic Gift Boxes instead of the limited edition rainbow version, it is worth the gamble! You can stuff the box with any type of NC item and it'll still be super cool, but passing along rainbow wearables with this is my favorite option. If you can't tell, I like to keep things on theme!

NC Mall 6th Birthday Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Everyone loves birthdays because everyone loves getting gifts, but sometimes the gift isn't EXACTLY what you wanted. That is why it is really helpful to send these gift box mystery capsules as a gift, the recipient can crack it open and get gift boxes for themselves so they can trade their unwanted presents for their dream items. There are a lot of different birthday themed gift box mystery capsules, but this purple and yellow one is my personal favorite. You could also go for a turqoise one with the NC Mall 5th Birthday Gift Box Mystery Capsule.

So which one is your favorite? Or are you just happy to stock up on gift boxes and it doesn't matter what they look like? Gift Box Mystery Capsules have almost become a type of currency on the NC Neoboards, as they are easy to trade and give the recipient more boxes to trade with, so it never hurts to hoard as many as you can. Saving your NC for the times when gift box mystery capsules go on sale is a great idea if you are an avid trader or looking for a long retired NC item. My favorite thing about gift box mystery capsules is that they remind you that giving gifts can be just as fun as receiving them. Picking the nicest packaging, stuffing away a cool item in it, and sending it off to a Neofriend is one of my favorite activities!

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