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A Shameless Plug About Neopets Premium

by tiedlights


I'd like to start this article with a disclaimer. This is a shameless plug written by a satisfied Neopian. I am not a member of TNT who is trying to ruthlessly encourage you to join premium. Rather, I am one of many satisfied Neopians who has recently joined the premium bandwagon. I was first lured into the world of premium way back in Year 9, when a benevolent Neopian on the avatar boards was kind enough to send me an invite to join for a two-week free trial. Every time when I log in and I am greeted with the smile of the ever-so-beautiful Space Faerie, I am reminded that playing Neopets -- premium style -- is the way to go.

Here's a list of ten benefits of premium that I've found I can't live without:

1. 5th Neopet

This is probably the most well known and coveted benefit of premium. Thanks to this feature, I am now able to tend to all my dream Neopets. Need to borrow an avatar pet, but don't have any space? No problem! I personally just recently welcomed a golden Draik to my family and I'll never look back.

2. Super Shop Wizard (SSW)

If you think the shop wizard is fast and convenient, you'll be amazed at the power of the SUPER SHOP WIZARD! Instead of just searching one section of the market (and subsequently finding the lowest price of that block), the super shop wizard will search the entire Neopian marketplace to find you the lowest price of all shops -- guaranteed! The SSW is useful for snipers, resellers, or even the average Neopian who wants to save money when buying food for their pet. Unfortunately, the SSW tires out after a certain number of searches, but it refreshes itself at the start of every hour.

3. Convenient Toolbar

Grabbing that free omelette everyday can be a tedious task. First, you have to click "Explore" to be sent to the glorious map of Neopia. Then, you have to scope out Tyrannia amongst the sea of Neopian cities. Then, you have to groggily hunt around under the smoking Tyrannian sun for the giant omelette. Is all that work for a small piece of bacon omelette really worth it? The premium toolbar provides a list of dailies designed to combat this problem (you can also customize it). Suddenly, the giant omelette is available to you at the click of a button. Other daily links are provided on this list, including the giant jelly (wait, nevermind. I take that back. Jelly World doesn't exist.) Besides a handy list of dailies, the premium toolbar also offers easy access to the SSW, the premium featured game, space faerie scratchcards, the boards, your Neodeck, and premium FAQ. Alas, the survival kit for Neopets has been created with this innovative toolbar.

4. Premium Boards

Sometimes, I just need to escape to the premium boards, where the people are friendly, the posts are actually useful, and spammers do not exist. The boards available are "Charter Members", "Help", "Main Hall", "NC Mall", "Spotlight and Games", and "Trading / Auctions." I've met some of the nicest people and pets on the premium boards! These members are always eager to help you with any problems you may encounter. Generous Neopians will often lend out avatar items or offer discounts on their trading post items.

5. Weekly Scratchcard

If you're as unlucky as I am, you'll certainly appreciate the space faerie scratchcard. I can honestly say I have never won it big at any of the scratchcard kiosks. However, this card is guaranteed to give you a prize when you scratch it (well, almost. There is a small chance you'll win nothing.) Best of all, you'll receive a premium scratchcard every Friday for as long as you're a premium member - and did I mention that they're completely free?!

6. SHH! (Something Has Happened)

Thanks to the lucky space faerie charm, premium members are now prone to more random events than usual. When you first join premium, the lucky space faerie charm will be displayed on your lookup, as a trophy, for all users to see. The amiable space faerie will often randomly drop by to bless you with some extra Neopoints or a useful item. Oh look! The space faerie just flew in to give me some "Crispies". *munch* How kind.

7. Lucky Space Faerie Charm

You may think there's nothing better than scoring twelve goals in a single game of Yooyuball. There is. The Lucky Space Charm will randomly DOUBLE the amount of Neopoints received from a game -- instead of 1,000 Neopoints, you'll receive 2,000! Suddenly, playing Meerca Chase repetitively seems a bit more fun...

8. Premium Avatar and Other Gifts

Unfortunately, this shiny avatar doesn't count towards your collection. However, who doesn't like the color purple? And having an avatar with the word "Premium" on it certainly is a status symbol when you're parading around the Neoboards.

Every premium member is also gifted both an NC collectible and a Neodeck collectible each month that they're signed up. My royal kacheek absolutely adores her luxurious hammock, a premium treat from Year 19.

9. NO ADS!

This is self-explanatory. If you're not thoroughly convinced that premium is the right choice by now, this perk ought to do. It certainly is a relief to be able to play Whack-a-Kass wildly without having to worry about clicking on an advert.

10. Premium Featured Game

Low on Neopoints? Well, with a little hard work, you can get double the Neopoints awarded for playing the premium featured game. It's like having the space faerie charm, but you're guaranteed some extra Neopoints in exchange for your skills. The premium game changes everyday.

I hope this quick guide has given you some insight on premium and all of its wonderful features. If there are any important features I forgot to mention or you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a Neomail. See you on the Charter Boards!

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