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A trip to the Seven Wonders of the (Neopian) World!

by sallynicol


     The branches of the Money Tree were so long and seemed to stretch for yards! Seamus's plan was this. He would climb up the Money Tree and climb across one of the branches so he could get a good view of the Rainbow Pool over the top of the crowds of Neopians. Although he knew he wouldn't get the full experience as he wouldn't be able to actually walk up to the pool and feel the water, he was more than satisfied with just seeing it. It's not like he had another option anyway.

     He began his descent up the tree. Growing up in Altador as a child he was more than used to climbing trees. Sure the Money Tree was definitely the biggest tree he had ever climbed, but as long as he didn't let his nerves get the better of him he would be fine. As he slowly made his way up the trunk, cautiously checking his every move, he spotted a branch which seemed to extend right over the Rainbow Pool.

     "That's the branch I need to be heading to," he thought to himself.

     He continued his climb until he reached the branch. The branch was almost as thick as the trunk. This seemed to put Seamus at ease a little more, as he made his way across the branch. He couldn't believe his plan was working! He looked down and could see the crowds of people below him, they were all stood still queueing and he was steadily getting closer and closer!

     Yet, the closer he got the thinner the branch seemed to be getting. The once sturdy, thick branch he sat on had now become flimsy and much smaller in size.

     "its fine," he thought. "I'm just a few yards away, I just want to catch a glimpse of the pool and then I'll turn back, it'll be fine."

     He slowly edged closer to the edge of the thinning branch and that's when he saw it! The Rainbow Pool on all of its glory, it was absolutely beautiful. The text-books hadn't done it justice. There was a beautiful rainbow which flowed into the water like a fountain, there were more colours in the Rainbow than Seamus even knew existed! He could not believe the beauty of the place and he felt so overjoyed to finally be viewing the pool. Yet, he knew of the danger he was putting himself in by remaining on the ever-thinning branch. So true to his word he turned around and started making his way back to the thicker part of the branch. That was until something caught his eye.

     Just as he was turning around, he noticed from the corner of his eye a Neopian making there was to the pool with a Baby Paintbrush. This lady was an Elderly Girl Ogrin, surely the Baby Paintbrush wouldn't work?! Surely the Rainbow Pool doesn't possess enough magic to turn an old lady, young again? Out of pure curiosity Seamus headed back towards the end of the branch. He just wanted to witness this, then he would definitely turn around. The Elderly lady headed around the other side of the pool, so Seamus had to literally climb right to the edge of the branch in order to get a good view. The branch felt very flimsy underneath his weight, but he knew he wouldn't be there for long so he stayed put.

     He watched as the Elderly lady slowly made her way to the edge of the Rainbow Pool, took the Baby Paintbrush she was holding and threw it into the centre of the pool. Seamus's eyes widened as he saw the Elderly lady placing her walking cane on the floor and beginning to climb the steps to enter to pool. He couldn't believe he was actually going to be able to witness the magic of the Rainbow Pool first-hand. He continued to stare, seemingly unaware that the branch he was leaning on was becoming more and more unstable, until...


     Before he even knew what was happening he was hitting the water in the Rainbow Pool. The branch wasn't able to hold his weight anymore and had snapped right underneath him leaving him helplessly falling straight for the water. The water was much deeper than he thought and he was trying his best to swim to the surface. Luckily he had grown up in Altador, so was a strong swimmer. He emerged from the water, taking a deep breath in order to catch his breath. He looked around and notices the Elderly lady Ogrin staring at him with a shocked look on her face.

     "I'm ever so sorry!" He shouted. "I didn't mean to!"

     As he shouted to the lady he realised his voice sounded a lot softer than it usually did. He thought this was strange, but just put it down to the shock he was feeling from his sudden fall. The Elderly lady took one last look at him before making a 'hmmmphhh' sound and marching away.

     "I wonder what her problem is," he thought as he neared the water's edge.

     He climbed out of the Rainbow Pool, thinking how great this story would be to tell the rest his friends. As he did so he caught a glimpse of himself in the water.

     "NOOOOO! What has happened!?" He exclaimed as he caught a glimpse of a familiar looking face in the water. The face he saw however was not his, well it was, but he certainly hadn't looked like this for a long time! He was at least ten years younger. What could have happened?!

     The Baby Paintbrush!

     It seems Seamus must have hit the water before the Elderly Lady had chance and the magic worked on him instead! Seamus was panicking now, he couldn't continue his journey looking like this. No-one would take him seriously. He desperately looked around for anyone who he could explain his situation to, he saw a Yellow Mynci making his way through the gates and ran to him to try to ask for help.

     "Excuse me!" Seamus shouted in the direction of the Mynci. "I really need some help, I fell in the water and now I look like a baby. But I'm not a baby, I used to just be a normal Blue Peophin. What can I do?"

     "Calm down," the Mynci replied whilst giving Seamus a funny look. "You'll just need to buy a Blue Paintbrush and come back again, then voila! You'll be blue again"

     "Thank you so much! Where could I buy a Blue Paintbrush from?"

     "That's simple, just go to the market place, I'm sure there will be loads for sale there."

     Seamus's heart dropped. "To the market place?" He questioned, hoping he had misheard.

     "Yes, the market place. You'll be able to pick one up for a decent price too."

     Seamus knew this wasn't a possibility. To go to the market place he would have to find his way through all the crowds, buy the paintbrush and then make his way back through the queue to the Rainbow Pool. He knew he simply didn't have time.

     "Thanks," Seamus half-heartedly told the Mynci before headed towards the exit. Seamus has no idea what to do, his hot air balloon flight to take him to his next destination was set to leave in the next half an hour. He realised he had no choice but to continue his journey looking like a child.


          Seamus arrived at the hot air balloon port, his clothes still slightly damp from his Rainbow Pool experience. He reached into his back pocket to get his ticket out of his wallet, miraculously the items inside his wallet were not actually that wet. He headed to board the hot air balloon, ticket in his hand, when he was stopped by a Quiggle, who seemed to be the pilot of the balloon.

     "Sorry kid, children aren't allowed to fly without an adult."

     "But, but... I am an adult!" Seamus responded, trying to hold back the tears that were now forming in his eyes. "Please sir. I just had an accident at the Rainbow Pool and now look like this, but I promise I am no child!" Seamus then had an idea. "Look, I even have my identification to prove it!"

     Seamus pulled his identification card from his wallet and handed it to the Quiggle.

     "Hmmm..." The Quiggle pondered as he looked at the card then back at Seamus. "I guess this looks like you... Climb on-board, we're leaving soon. I'm just going to hold onto this card though incase my boss checks. I don't want to be in trouble for letting a minor on board."

     "Sure!" Seamus excitedly replied whilst climbing onto the balloon.

     The Quiggle followed behind him and prepared the balloon ready for take-off. The balloon started slowly rising into the sky. As Neopian Central became smaller and smaller the more they rose, Seamus couldn't wait to put the past behind him and continue on his journey to see the next six wonders...

     To be continued...

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