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The In-Depth Negg Guide

by butterflybandage


Chances are you’ve seen these fancy items around Neopia; in shops, the trading post, and even after winning a tough battle against an even tougher opponent in the Battledome. But what are Neggs? Why are they so popular and what exactly do they do?

Believe it or not, Neggs are actually fruit! It’s strange to believe, and not much is known about these fruits, but you can find them on trees. Thankfully you don’t have to go foraging to get your hands on a few, as they restock in a variety of shops including Tyrannian Food, Neopian Gift Shop, and Chocolate Factory! Some Neggs are inexpensive, while others are sure to set you back a pretty Neopoint (or twenty-five million!). Some will make your Neopet sick, raise their stats, increase their intelligence … some aren’t even edible! You’ll see there’s a crazy amount of Neggs around, and even more types are being discovered. Let’s break down a few of the ways you can obtain Neggs and what types you should look out for!

The Neggery

The Neggery is located on Terror Mountain, deep in the Ice Caves. Don’t worry, you’re far from the Snowager so you won’t accidentally get blasted (unless you try to steal his Neggs … don’t try to steal his Neggs). Visiting The Neggery, you’ll be greeted by Kari, or as she’s more commonly known, The Negg Faerie! If you have a Negg in your inventory, you’ll be able to select the Negg you want to receive tokens.

What are tokens, you might be wondering? Some Neggs have a token value, ranging from 1 to 50! You never lose your Negg tokens, unless you trade them for different Neggs, so don’t worry about buying Neggs in a certain time frame. Not sure how many tokens your Negg is worth? Hovering over the Negg in your inventory, or selecting the Negg in your inventory, will tell you how many tokens you can expect to receive at The Neggery. Of course, Kari is also extremely kind in letting you know how many tokens each Negg is worth:

When you’re ready to trade, just select the Negg (you’ll be asked if you’re sure you want to trade!). Voila! That’s it. Kari will thank you and you can see all the Neggs she has up for trade. The cheapest Neggs cost for 4 tokens, while the most expensive costs—brace yourself—a whopping 247 tokens. That’s trading in 247 regular Neggs! You better get busy! Unfortunately, the Neggs you receive from The Neggery CANNOT be traded back for tokens. Make sure you’re certain about the Neggs you trade for, since there are no refunds and you can’t retrade. Kari won’t keep you guessing and will tell you the token cost of each Negg you’re interested in!

Here’s a list of all the Neggs you can purchase from the Neggery, as well as their token cost, separated into these categories: Stats, Items, Battledome, and Nothing. Sorry … there are a handful Neggs that just, you know … don’t do anything! Some Neggs will be in two categories, but to make it less confusing I’ll only put them in the one category that’s more highly affected!


Happy Negg, 4: Increase pet’s happiness.

Glamour Negg, 6: Increases pet’s happiness and decreases pet’s intelligence; gives out Gold Brush, Gold Mirror, or Shampoo.

Smiley Negg, 9: Increases pet’s happiness.

Negg of Purity +1, 10: Increases pet’s defense 0-1 point.

Pumpkin Negg, 12: Increases pet’s weight by 1-2lbs and decreases pet’s height by 1-2 cm.

Blue Furry Negg, 15: Heals pet’s health by 5 points OUTSIDE of Battledome.

Armoured Negg, 16: Increases pet’s defense by 1 point; gives out Nurias Battle Shield, Omelette Shield, Scamander Shield, or Shoulder Armour.

Crystal Negg, 22: Heals pet’s health by 8 points OUTSIDE of Battledome.

Vortex Negg, 24: Changes pet’s color to basic (yellow, blue, green, or red), OR increases/decreases pet’s max health by 1, OR gives pet Neggitus.

Genius Negg, 24: Increases pet’s intelligence by 1-3 points; gives out Battledome Guide, Cooking Neggs Book, Know Your Neggs Book, Mystic Neggs Book, Theories of Physics, or Where Neggs Grow.

Christmas Tree Negg, 27: Heals pet’s health by 20 points OUTSIDE of Battledome.

Staring Negg, 30: Decreases pet’s intelligence by 10 and heals pet double their health.

Basic Power Negg, 39: Increases pet’s defense by 0-1 point.

Witchy Negg, 48: Changes pet’s gender, OR increase pet’s intelligence, OR increase pet’s max health, OR cure pet’s disease, OR change pet into a basic Lenny/Moehog/Tuskaninny.

Kaleideonegg, 52: Changes pet’s color to basic (yellow, blue, green, or red), increases pet’s level by 0-1 point, increases pet’s max health by 0-1 point.

Faerie Queen Negg, 57: Increases pet’s max health by 1 point.

Silver Knight Negg, 72: Increases pet’s defense by 1-2 points.

Power Negg, 79: Increases pet’s strength by 1 point.

Plaid Negg, 108: Changes pet’s color to basic (yellow, blue, green, or red) or does nothing.

Ferocious Negg, 124: Increases pet’s strength by 1-3 points and gives your pet a random disease.

Snegg, 126: Increases pet’s max health by 2-3 points and increases pet’s agility by 2-3 points.

Spiked Negg, 195: Increases pet’s max health by 1-3 points.

Super Negg, 210: Increases pet’s level by 1 point, increases pet’s max health by 1-3 points, and increases pet’s agility by 1-3 points.

Cool Negg, 247: Increases pet’s level by 1-2 points, increases pet’s max health by 1-3 points, increases pet’s agility by 1-3 points, and increases pet’s strength by 1-3 points.


Sweet Heart Negg, 18: Gives out Candy Cane, Chocolate Chia, Chocolate Ice Cream, Milk Chocolate Kacheek, Mint Ice Cream, Peach Ice Cream, Strawberry Ice Cream, or Toffee Ice Cream.

Bang Bang Negg, 33: Gives out Evil Snowball, Exploding Snowball, Icy Snowball, Peach Snowball, Sticky Snowball, or Yellow Snowball


Darksplash Negg Bomb, 4: 5 Dark, 5 Water, and up to 5 Physical icons; one use.

Swift Darkfire Negg Bomb, 4: 5 Air, 5 Fire, and 5 Dark icons; one use.

Icestorm Negg, 34: 3 Water and 1 Physical icons; one use.

Fireball Negg, 34: 4 Fire icons; one use.

Evil Negg, 42: 3 Dark and 1 Physical icons; one use.

Cracked Negg, 90: 3 Light and 3 Dark icons, OR heals pet’s health by 3 points, OR damages opponent by 3 health; one use.


Wicked Negg, 10.

Ghost Negg, 22.

Spinning Negg, 36.

Rainwater Negg, 61.

Confusionegg, 64.

Radioactive Negg, 66.

Cackling Negg, 96.

    Neopian Shops

The cheapest, and probably slowest, way of obtaining Neggs is through restocking (restocking is where you buy items from a shop instead of buying from a Neopian). You can find a variety of Neggs within Neopian Shops … you’ve just got to have patience! You’ll be shocked to see how many Neggs are actually out there, but here’s a quick rundown of the shops to visit and what to look out for. For the sake of sanity, I won’t be including shops that restock Negg-like items, wearables, or Neohome items, so sorry! But I’ve included rare chocolate Neggs. Yum!

Neopian Fresh Foods. Basic Neggs (pink, purple, yellow, blue, etc); Cybunny Neggs (Rainbow Cybunny, Blue Cybunny, Purple Cybunny); Jelly Negg.

Chocolate Factory. Easter Neggs (Strawberries and Cream, Luxury Chocolate, Spotted Easter, Mint Chocolate, Pretty Pink, Chocolate Orange, Lemon and Lime); Chocolate Cybunny Negg.

Neopian Gift Shop. Green Gem Negg.

Grundos Café. Cryogenically Frozen Negg.

Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop. Frozen Negg.

Tyrannian Food. Tyrannian Water Negg.

Faerie Weapon Shop. Negg Faerie Negg Bomb.

Smuggler’s Cove. Rotten Negg.

The Trading Post, Shop Wizard, and Auctions

Some Neggs were given out as prizes or don’t restock in shops. Never fear, you can still find these Neggs thanks the wonderful Neopians that are willing to sell theirs. There are a few reasons you won’t be able to restock some Neggs; perhaps they’re retired, were given out during plots, or are awarded during Easter or the Advent Calendar. Some of these are even things you can take from the Snowager, if you’re quick and brave enough! Not all of these Neggs will be worth any tokens, but you’ll be surprised to see there are a few that actually worth a lot … including the coveted Fish Negg!

So beautiful … so rare … it’s almost fishy …

Phew, think those lists were long enough? Now, these aren’t even all the Neggs. As stated earlier, more and more Neggs are becoming discovered throughout Neopia’s lands, so who knows how many more will be discovered? Plus, I didn’t even scratch the surface of Neggs—think of all the recipes with Neggs, wearables with Neggs, toys and books with Neggs … there’s a lot of Neggy goodness out there.

Hopefully this guide was extremely helpful in your quest to understand more about Neggs, as well as what they’re capable of doing and which ones you should avoid or which ones you should snatch up whenever you have the opportunity to do so! Restocking Neggs is an easy way to earn Neopoints, as most are worth well over 40,000 Neopoints (even up to 12 million Neopoints!). Of course, you can always keep the Neggs or trade them in for tokens.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, now get out there and buy some Neggs!

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