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Guide to the Battledome: Avatar Opponents (Part 4)

by berzerkturtlez



Welcome to the last installment on my guide to the Battledome! Here, I’ll go over recommended pet stats, weapons, and strategies to defeat the Ghost Lupe, Kasuki Lu, Meuka, Black Pteri, and Space Faerie, all of whom reward an avatar!

This guide will attempt to help you beat these challengers at the lowest possible pet stats and at the cheapest price. If your pet is stronger or you have more NP to spend, then it’ll be much easier for you.


The Ghost Lupe is the easiest opponent, with a difficulty of 32 and starting HP of 32. He will deal 1.25 damage per icon, and the most damage he can deal in a round is around 25-27. To get him as a challenger, go to the Neohome list, Explore Neighborhoods, Neopia Central, Soup Alley, at address 131.

Recommended Pet Stats: 15 HP, 13 Str, 13 Def.

Recommended Weapons: Leaf Shield, Water Muffin x2, Snow globe Staff/Ancient Lupe Wand/Scroll of Freezing

Recommended Faerie Abilities: Shade, An Icicle

Snow globe Staff has a low chance of freezing, but it is the cheapest. If you have a Lupe, you can use the Ancient Lupe Wand to freeze, or otherwise you can use a Scroll of Freezing. If you don’t mind restarting the battle, Snow globe Staff is the cheapest.

On move 1, use Snow globe Staff, Leaf Shield, and Shade to block his attack and hopefully freeze him. This may require a few tries. Afterwards, double water muffin and An Icicle when he is frozen will defeat him if you have 13 strength.

Alternatively, if you have a stronger pet with around 35 HP/Str/Def, then you can use a Leaf Shield and Scarab Ring.


Kasuki Lu is next on the list, with difficulty of 38 and HP of 38. He’ll do slightly more damage than the Ghost Lupe, but he does mainly Fire, Light, and Physical damage. To get him as a challenger, look at his collectible card “Kasuki Lu” in your inventory.

Recommended Pet Stats: 15 HP, 13 Str, 13 Def.

Recommended Weapons: Scarab Ring, Water Muffin x2, Snow globe Staff/Ancient Lupe Wand/Scroll of Freezing

Recommended Faerie Abilities: Shade, An Icicle

Very similar to Ghost Lupe. Use Scarab Ring, Shade, and freezer on first turn. If he’s frozen and at 36 HP or less, then double water muffins and An Icicle will beat him.

Again, if you have a stronger pet, Scarab Rings and Turbo Flame Reflector should be enough to beat him.


Meuka is one of the harder opponents, with difficulty of 60 and starting HP of 75. To get him, visit your pet when they have Sneezles or Neoflu.

Recommended Pet Stats: 55 HP, 35 Str, 35 Def

Recommended Weapons: Yooyu Knuckle Duster or other attack weapon, Dangerous Maraquyo Yoyo, Leaf Shield, Downsize!

Recommended Faerie Abilities: Shade, An Icicle

Meuka has a few more tricks compared to the previous challengers, and does a bit more damage. However, Yooyu Knuckle Duster will punch through Meuka’s defenses pretty easily. Meuka’s offensive icons are largely Dark, Water, and Earth, so a Leaf Shield is good. The Yoyo will steal 35 HP if he has 35 HP or more left, and heal you for 35, and should win you the fight.

I recommend using Leaf Shield and the Duster, or other attack weapon to get his HP down, just a bit higher than 35. Then, use Yoyo and Duster. The yoyo will steal 35 HP and you can finish him off with the duster in that same turn.


The Black Pteri has some better weapons than Meuka, notably Thyoras Tear. He has a difficulty of 89 and starts with 93 HP. It is a random event to get him as a challenger.

Recommended Pet Stats: 70 HP, 55 Str, 55 Def

Recommended Weapons: Yooyu Knuckle Duster/Turned Tooth x2, Downsize!, Dangerous Maraquan Yoyo, Earthen Scorchstone, Greater/Lesser Healing Scroll (not necessary), Freezer (not necessary)

Recommended Faerie Abilities: Shade, An Icicle, Lens Flare (not necessary)

Black Pteri does mostly Dark, Air, and Physical Icons, so if you need defense, earthen Scorchstone is a good defensive option. I would employ a similar strategy as with Meuka: Whittle Black Pteri down to just above 35 HP with Scorchstone + Attack weapon. Then Use Yo-yo and the attacker to finish him off.

If you find you’re losing too much HP, remember you can equip multiple Yoyos. However, keep in mind that for a yoyo to work, the Black Pteri needs to have more than 35 health and you need to have lost 35 or more health. So if you use 2 yoyos in a turn, you need to have lost 70+ HP and the opponent needs to have 70+ HP remaining.


Space Faerie is easily the hardest avatar challenger, with difficulty of 450 and starting HP of 550. She deals a tremendous amount of damage, and can also heal back up to full. To get her, you need to enter an item code that you get from purchasing Neopets merchandise in real life.

There are two methods to defeat the Space Faerie: The cheesy, Throw Pillows method, or the old fashioned way.


Recommended Pet Stats: Lv 50, any Str/Def/HP

Recommended Weapons: Anything that does damage. Ideally Yooyu Knuckle Duster/Turned Tooth x2 or Scroll of Ultranovas

Recommended Faerie Abilities: Throw Pillows

All you need to do is use Throw Pillows and any weapon that deals damage. Throw Pillows block her move, and can be used once per day. The idea is to do one move per day (Throw Pillows + Attacking weapons), then come back the next day and repeat until you win. Obviously how long it takes depends on your weapons and your pet strength.

Many users have used the above method to defeat the Space Faerie, but it takes a while and you won’t be able to get your daily Battledome rewards while you’re in the battle with her. Also, people may look down upon this method because it’s kinda cheesy, but if it works, it works, am I right? However, if you have a stronger pet and would like to beat her the old fashioned way, then here it is…


Recommended Pet Stats: 250 HP, 250 Str. The higher the better.

Recommended Weapons: Turned Tooth x2 (Yooyu Knuckle Duster can get blocked more easily), Downsize!, Freezing item (Ideally, try to use a 100% non-breakable freezer as mentioned in my previous articles), Thick Smoke Bomb, Lucky Robots Foot/Jade Elixir

Recommended Faerie Abilities: Lens Flare, Shade, Burrow, An Icicle

Ideally, you want her to start her first turn with Jade Scorchstone, because it will mean she can’t use it rest of the battle to heal herself back up. On round 1, you want to use Freezer + Attacking weapon, with An Icicle to deal ~100 damage. If she’s used her Jade Scorchstone and she’s frozen now, then use 2x Attacking weapon + An Icicle to deal ~180 damage. Next, use Burrow along with double attacking weapons, dealing ~150 damage.

If at any point you are -no tags here-50 HP, then heal with the Robots Foot/Jade Elixir (brings you up to full) while using Downsize! and an Icicle. Thick Smoke Bomb is a one use full blocker that you can drop if she is close to being defeated.

Continue to use constants (A Turned Tooth/Knuckle Duster should deal around 70-80 damage if she doesn’t block it) and calculate what you need to beat her. With a bit of luck and some repeated tries, you should be able to beat her and get that shiny avatar!

Thank you for reading, and good luck fighting those challengers!

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