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Some Cures for the Back to School Blues

by danzgirl12


As we approach the end of this month of Hiding, we notice a few changes happening. The days are finally beginning to cool down just slightly. The sun is setting just a little bit earlier in the evening. Our young Neopets seem to sense a change is in the air. They all know what looms ahead in the coming weeks, although none of them want to acknowledge it. They will wait until the last possible moment to prepare for this day that they so dread. Some of them will try to push the thought from their minds completely and keep the topic at hand focused on summertime pursuits, foolishly hoping their parents will forget about it entirely. Many will try to feign an illness on the first day in order to bask in the glory of freedom for just another twenty-four hours.

If you still don't know what I'm referring to: it's back to school time! After three months of doing basically whatever they felt like and having no real responsibilites, our Neopets are about to head into their next year of studies. Think back to when you were younger: didn't it seem like the worst day of your life when you had to go back to school that first day? I know I struggled with the idea, and I definitely acted out in front of my parents, being much more dramatic about the whole thing than was necessary. I think what probably helped me ease into back to school mode was my parents taking me to all my favorite stores to do my official back to school shopping.

With that in mind, I suggest we do the same for our Neopets to get them in a more positive mood for school. When we're looking and feeling our best, we're going to have a better mindset overall. Obviously, dressing to impress is a big part of this; however, I'm choosing to focus this particular article on school supplies. Teachers have already sent out the lists to us for their required supplies this year. Why not let our Neopets pick out their favorite items? What follows is a list of popular categories for school supplies. I've picked one or two items in each category that I believe will have your Neopets feeling too cool for school (okay, maybe not TOO cool).


Rainbow Blumaroo Pen: It's a very classic looking pen, but conveniently enough, it already comes with the ink inside. What I like about this pen is that you never know what color of ink you're going to get, and it will be constantly changing. How fun! Be careful, though. It might not be so easy on your teacher's eyes when she's grading your papers.

Spacerocked Pen: Boys might be more interested in this pen than the one with rainbow ink. It's simple enough, but the ears on the Grundo can move and the body of the pen lets off an eery green glow. Now you can do your homework in the dark (because that's what you've always dreamed of, right?).


Doughnutfruit Eraser: You have to realize that many of us are motivated by food. How could we not be? Well, this particular eraser emits the sweet scent of doughnuts whenever you use it to correct anything on your papers. Be careful not to take a bite of it, though! It is, unfortunately, only made of rubber.


Kacheek Plushie Backpack: Could this be any more adorable? The Kacheek's head provides quite a lot of room to store all your other supplies, while the cute little paws on the side are a great way to stow away a bottle of your favorite drink. The best part about this backpack is those faerie wings that move when you walk. It's impossible to walk behind the Neopet wearing this backpack and not have a huge smile on your face!

Maraquan Acara Backpack: A little grotesque, perhaps. As you walk down the hallways, all the tentacles jiggle back and forth. You could probably take it off and throw it at someone unexpectedly if you wanted to scare them, too.


Valentine Pencil: Perfect for your school girl fawning over her newest school crush. The lead is a deep red color, which makes it great for drawing little hearts inside the borders of your notebook paper. Next step is picking petals from a flower as you whisper, "he loves me, he loves me not". Don't get too carried away, young lady!

Sword Pencil: The boys will love this dual purpose pencil. When it's not being used for writing, it doubles as an actual sword. Use it to practice for your next sword duel in the Battledome, but be careful not to poke your friend's eye out.


Green Quiggle Lunch Box: One of the most spacious lunchboxes on the market, it can hold more food than most. Those googly eyes that Quiggles are so well known for decorate each side of this lunchbox, with a happy mouth covering the opening.

Albert Lunchbox: This super spooky lunchbox would probably be more popular with the boys. It also includes a matching thermos with it. If you didn't notice, the top of the thermos is basically a brain, so if you've ever wanted to drink from a brain...

Pencil Sharpeners

Ona Pencil Sharpener: This adorable winged teddybear is just waiting for you to give it a hug! Alright, maybe hugging your pencil sharpener wouldn't be the best way to make new friends, but you get what I'm saying.

Cobrall Pencil Sharpener: What young lad doesn't want a pencil sharpener that he can also use as a scare tactic? Leave this sharpener anywhere on the classroom floor and you're sure to give someone quite a fright. However, I wouldn't recommend leaving it under the teacher's desk.


Confetti Notebook: School will go by so much quicker when you have such a festive notebook to keep all your thoughts in!

Spyder Notebook: It's a notebook with multiple legs and multiple eyes...need I say more? Don't leave it on your friend's chair (you probably won't be friends for much longer after that).


Doughnut Folder: A folder to match your Doughnutfruit Eraser. Unfortunately, the doughnuts on here aren't scented, but you're already hungry enough, I'm sure.

Pencil Cases

Hot Dog Pencil Case: Alright, alright. I have an obsession with food. I know you do, too. Don't lie to me! Aside from the fact that hot dogs are awesome and delicious, they make the perfect shape to hold your pens and pencils in.

Pizza Pencil Case: This should require no further explanation.


Grarrl Scissors: These scissors actually have teeth, and the teeth come from real Grarrls. Clearly, you couldn't hope to have a sharper set of scissors than these.

Purple Kau Scissors: Ladies, if Grarrl Scissors are a bit too much for you, I recommend these. They might not be as sharp, but the furry handles make them easy to use for very long periods of time.

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