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Tyrannian Concert Hall: Who's Playing? Part 1

by mouseketeers


Tyrannia is a prehistoric paradise filled to the brim with activities and games, a giant omelette to snack on, and a pool of primordial ooze that'll make even those grossest Skeith say "ew...". This region is a slice of what life was like thousands of years ago, before Neopia was exposed to the rays of sunlight that let life blossom and grow. It's a blast from the past perfectly preserved for us to enjoy! It has become one of the world's top destinations and a trip to the ancient plateau is not complete without listening to the musical stylings of the many bands that perform daily at the Tyrannian Concert Hall.

There is a rotating roster of bands that play their songs at the concert hall each day, and no matter when you decide to go you will be in for an incredible experience. There is a band for every genre so music lovers of all kinds can do hear what they like. They all perform on specific days and it is easy to plan in advance when to see them.

Twisted Roses

Plays on: First of every month

Genre: Angst / Gothic

You can catch this all female goth rock band on the first of every month. Made up of an Ixi on guitar, a Zafara rocking out on double keyboards, and a grungy Shoyru slaying the vocals, this band is sure to be a riot...or at least cause one!! Make sure you grab a Twisted Roses Magnet from the merch booth on your way out of the venue.

Neopian Philharmonic

Plays on: Second of every month

Genre: Classical / Orchestral

A much more mellow night out than the previous day's performance by Twisted Roses, this classical orchestra is well versed in music theory and has crafted a beautifully elegant performance. Utilizing trumpets, harps, flutes, the cello, and more, all conducted wonderfully by their Lenny leader, this is purely a treat for your ears. Make sure to dress in your finest tuxedo or ballroom gown for the night, it is sure to be an elegant event.

Wock Til You Drop

Plays on: Third of every month

Genre: Heavy Metal

The drums are hitting heavy blast beats and the guitars are riffing out of control in this all Wocky band from Tyrannia. They are true hometown heroes but seemingly have yet to strike much popularity around the world. Record sales are down for them and it seems their singer is still trapped in a block of ice... If you are a true fan it would really help them out if you bought a Wock Til You Drop Poster so they can use that money to pay their bills.


Plays on: 4th, 11th, and 18th of every month

Genre: Pop

*swoon* These fine haired Myncis are the hottest thing in Neopia right now. They are true teen heartthrobs, irresistible to anyone with a pair of eyes! They've been selling out the concert hall for years now, proving them to be one of the most popular bands around. They are the essential boy band and no other has come close to rivaling their legacy. The day after their performance you'll see everyone wearing a M*YNCI Jacket to school! Be still my beating heart!!

Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmer s

Plays on: 5th of every month

Genre: Exotic / Traditional

A little bit of music and a little bit of theater, this band incorporates it all. You'll see a group of native Lost Desert performers put on an incredible show with a belly dancer and a snake charmer, all to the soothing sounds of traditional Lost Desert music. Jub Zambra has made a massive name for himself to the point that he is even featured in his own game: Piper Panic. I just hope for all of our sakes that the Cobrall doesn't get loose in the audience!!


Plays on: 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th of every month

Genre: Jazz / Soul

Nothing is as soothing as the beatnik sounds of Jazzmosis jamming up on the stage. The cool members with their dark sunglasses and 1960s-esque style will teleport you back to an easier time, when everyone felt free. The Grarrl is masterful on the saxophone and the Blumaroo rocks the keys, but one of the most interesting members is the small Elephante who uses his trunk to join in with the horns section. During Christmas time they also like to put on a holiday show!

Blue Kacheek Group

Plays on: 7th, 21st, and 28th of every month

Genre: Modern / Electronic

A fusion of odd music with an eclectic performance the Blue Kacheek Group has been able to maintain a spot on the stage for as long as anyone can remember. The band uses electronic beats, metalwork, and a wide array of props to create their music which is a sight to see in the ancient concert hall. They also have an unreal, bizarre set of dance moves that includes a few illusions. It is still unknown whether these Kacheeks are blue from the Rainbow Fountain or if they dip themselves in blue dye every night...

Chomby and the Fungus Balls

Plays on: 8th, 15th, 22nd, 23rd (occasionally), and 29th of every month

Genre: Disco / Funk

This is a band led by a super groovy Chomby and his afro-wearing Fungus Balls. No one really understood when the band first hit the scene how this prehistoric Neopet was able to train Fungus Balls to sing backup for him, but now they are an essential part of Neopian music history! While they are not as popular as they once were, they achieved a major milestone by having their own flash game. The game now resides in the Game Graveyard as it was made so long ago that the technology just couldn't keep up to date.

We're eight bands in and we still haven't hit the end of our list! There are still many great bands to come next week, including one of the best country bands around and what is possibly the greatest guitar playing Grundo ever! While you wait for the next edition, why not head over the Ticket Booth and grab your ticket for whoever is playing today? If you are super lucky you could get a rare piece of merchandise!

Stay tuned!

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