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Beyond The Clothing At The NC Mall!

by lefaii


The NC Mall is a treasure trove of exquisite wearables that will look amazing on any pet, but there is more than just clothing available. There are a few specialty shops and events that will get you some very rare, very colourful wearables or some really cool game enhancers. There are two amazing games, Patapult and Wonderclaw, for you to play and win at, but I wanted to go in depth on three of the other places you can visit in the NC Mall. There is more to it than piles of gift boxes, really stylish superpacks, and wigs galore.

So have some fun, explore around and see what places in the mall you like best, and finish off your visit to the NC Mall with an amazing Elephante party!

Loic's Dyeworks Shop

Are you sick of your same old boring clothing? Maybe you saw the PERFECT outfit in the NC Mall but the colours were all wrong?

Loic has the answer! Loic is an extraordinary Rainbow Tonu who has stepped up to the NC Mall and opened a colour shop. He is an incredible alchemist who has discovered and then mastered a method that re-colours a selection of wearable items. All you need is a Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion to start.

Once you have your Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion you will want to head on over to Loic's Dyeworks Shop. There you will find the selection of items he is able to dye at the moment, this offering is constantly changing and there are a large amount of items that have been retired from his shop and can no longer be coloured. Due to retirement I recommend you dye whatever you can when you can, you never know how rare it will be in the future. The current selection of items is only available until September 3 and features items like Shimmery Silver Facepaint (which you can change to blue, orange, or pink) and the Baby Summer Wings (which you can change to blue, silver, or yellow). There are also a few items that have no set date and will be available for the foreseeable future.

Dying your items isn't as easy as it seems though. Loic is an amazing alchemist, yes, but his methods aren't foolproof. The rainbow potion can dye your items any number of colours, but because of the formula you won't be able to choose the colour. It is a little bit of a gamble, you never know what colour you will get, but it isn't a huge risk because you will not lose your original item. That's right, when you choose to dye an item you will get your original non-coloured item back as well as the coloured version. This makes the gamble way more fun as you won't be devastated to lose a beautiful wearable to a color that you don't like.

Noda's Fortune Cookies

Noda is a wonderful Cybunny baker who spent 20 years of his life trying to spread the word about how delicious his grandmother's fortune cookies are. He decided to set up a stand in the NC Mall and they have been flying off the shelves ever since. They come in many different flavors and each has a different effect, all able to make your life in Neopia a little bit easier. They aren't all available all the time though, they are on a rotating menu and come in limited quantities. When they sell out they are typically replaced with a new cookie, but some seem to be retired for good.

Lab Ray Fortune Cookie: Grants one week of 1-3 extra zaps per day.

Games Fortune Cookie: Grants a 2-3x neopoint bonus on all games for the next 24 hours.

Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie: Guarantees a Faerie Quest every day for nine days.

Wild Card Fortune Cookie: Grants a neopoint bonus on all card games for the next 24 hours.

Training Fortune Cookie: Reduces training timers for the next five days.

NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie: Ability to donate NC Mall items to the Money Tree for four days.

NC Archives Fortune Cookie: Ability to spin the NC Wheel for three days.

NC Fortune Cookies (various styles): Allows you to gift special items inside the cookie to other users, and receive wearables yourself.

Gift Box Mystery Capsule Fortune Cookie: Allows you to gift a mystery box capsule to another user and also receive one yourself.

You never know when Noda is going to put out a brand new flavor so check back to the shop often! My personal favorite is the Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie, it allows me to have a lot of extra shots at winning a dip at the Rainbow Fountain from the Rainbow Faerie and it is a cheap way to enhance my pet's stats.


This is a fun little game where you are presented gifts and have to choose if you want to accept it or if you would like to see what other gifts are out there instead. You'll need to obtain a Shenanigifts Invitation, which costs 150 NC, or you can buy multipacks for more (with a better discount). This will get you into the party!

Once you are in the party you will meet three White Elephantes. Each one has a different gift to offer you, but you can only accept one. You can choose which Elephante's gift you want to see but then you'll have to decide if you want to take that one and refuse the other gifts, or if you want to refuse this gift to see if another Elephante has something more to your liking. It is a little bit of a gamble because you don't know what the other party guests are offering, so if you see something you really like you should take it immediately.

There are a few power ups available to make the game a little easier:

2 Gift Party Shenanigifts Power-Up allows you to select TWO prizes instead of one.

Extra Chance Shenanigifts Power-Up lets you choose a FOURTH Elephante if you don't like the prizes offered by the first three.

Second Look Shenanigifts Power-Up will let you go back and choose a prize from an Elephante you previously turned down. This is good if you regret your decision.

This is a really fun place to visit and the gifts change seasonally. All the items rewarded are very elegant and fit for the most beautiful ballroom gala you could ever attend.

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