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Shower Your Pets

by swimvixx


What with customization becoming increasingly popular with each day, one item that seems to be constantly neglected is the use of showers. What are showers you say? Why they're those cute little items that seem to fall from the sky upon your pet at a constant rate. Sounds adorable, right? Correct! These showers are the perfect way to complete your pet’s appearance, giving them the fun-loving touch that each pet needs, whether it is a dab of faerie dust or a bunch of cherries. When discussing the lack of popularity for these items it is important to look at both the pros and cons of their application to a pet’s theme.

So why is it that these items seem to be so overlooked when creating a customization?

One reason might be the fact that these showers currently are only available as a Neocash option, so those of us who aren’t able to purchase items from the mall don’t have the option of using them. Perhaps in the future there will be some Neopoint showers created but in the meantime, since some pets must be left without a shower, let’s just hope they have some deodorant to tide them over for now! ;)

Another issue that some people have is the fact that certain showers obscure pets’ faces in their preview images both on the user lookup and on the NeoBoards. One instance of this is when a baby Xweetok can be seen wearing a Cherry Blossom Shower on the NeoBoards, one of the flowers ends up right overtop their nose, making them look like a clown with a light pink nose! Personally, I think that is a cute look, but others may not prefer it. Some showers may be less obscuring on pet previews, however, and so this is only a slight negative depending on the combination of pet and shower.

Yet another major beef had against the showers is that these fantastic little customization pieces are only animated when viewing a pet’s lookup, however since this is the case for every moving item this can’t be much of an argument against them.

And the last issue with these fun bits of flair is that they simply hog all the attention, drawing away from the pet, and drawing the spotlight to themselves! But, really, how can you resist noticing such a wonderful item to give to your pet, why, just the simple addition of a Faerie Dust Shower, and your pet will be sparkling with beauty!

Now that we’ve gone over why showers are seemingly unpopular, lets discuss what makes them so great.

For starters, each shower has a different unique touch that can be used to complete your pet’s lookup while adding just the right bit of flair to make your pet stand out from the crowd. A pet wearing a winter holiday customization could be wonderfully done, but by adding a simple Holiday Sparkle Shower your pet can be more festive than the rest! Another pet could be frolicking through the fields in the springtime, but a Butterfly Shower gives it that little bit of springtime reality to make your pet frolic with more enthusiasm than the rest.

Another pro for your pet is the fact that there are so many different shower options to fit all your customization needs. With over 70 different showers, there is at least one for every occasion. From the Heavy Snowfall Shower, to the Snowflake Shower, to the Snow Shower, there is a shower to fit every level of winter taking place. So many different options provide you with the chance to give your pet the perfect bit of showering glory to finish their look. Whether it’s a simple Rain Shower to put your pet’s umbrella to use, or a Mystical Rain Shower that needs not only an umbrella but also a slicker and some wellies, each shower has its own perfect fit for tons of different themes.

The great thing about these showers once you decide to start your search for one? Every NCer has one! These items are very easy to come across on the Neocash trading boards and are a popular item to come from all different Mystery Capsules. These showers practically fall in your lap once you start looking for one, no pun intended. They're also readily available in the NC mall at all times, so even if you can’t find one to trade for, you can just go buy it yourself!

Showers are not only perfect for your own pets, but they're the perfect gift for all your Neofriends! Whether it is for a birthday, a holiday celebration, or just a random moment of generosity, every Neopian can appreciate the simplicity and grandeur of a shower for their pet. A pet shower is the perfect gift for every Neopian out there because with so many options you're sure to find the right one for your Neofriend’s taste as well as the occasion.

Is your pet lacking in animation? Does your pet seem to be plain and idle? Well a shower can give your pet that added bit of life it needs! The movement of a shower on in your pet’s customization will really bring him or her to life with that tiny bit of motion to make them seem more real. A shower on your pet makes it so that he or she is bound to catch tons of Neopians’ attention and leave them in awe of how lifelike your Neopet is.

After weighing the pros and cons of these amazing showers, it is obvious that there are much more good aspects about them then bad. Though most people may be skeptical about using a shower on their pet, once you find the right shower for your pet your customization interests will never be the same! So, whether your fancy is a Rain Shower or a Raining Pubbyblews and Kadoaties Shower, head on over to the NC mall and get yourself a shower, or two, or ten! Just be careful not to “drown” your pet in them!

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