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Danger, Destiny, And Speculation On What Is To Come.

by tansyuduri


For most, the emergence of an obelisk in Tyrannia meant a new plot nothing more. For me however, it's part of something much, much, bigger. It all started when I tried to do some research. Hey, I'm a seeker. I chose my group well. What I found went beyond surprising and into downright scary.

Turns out there is an ancient prophecy about obelisks on Neopets. It goes something like this: "Pillars are placed throughout the land. When Strength, Wisdom and Faith are joined in the Triangle of Destiny, a terror from the deep will rise, and Neopia shall choose its fate." I know what you're thinking. "So we found one obelisk. What's the big deal?" That's just it though, it turns out there are two other pillars.

Before Coltzans Shrine was Coltzans Shrine, it was known as Mysterious Shrine. The locals called it sacred and said it had been there from the dawn of time. As if that weren't enough, it was discovered to have the word "Faith" written on it in Neopian; a language that didn't exist at the time the shrine was created.

If one goes to the shrine today something rather odd will be found; a video of the unveiling of the shrine, part of a plot that happened years ago. It's almost as if TNT left it up on purpose. Almost as though what we see in the video is still relevant today.

We also learn, "It was one of King Coltzan's last wishes that his ancient magical crown be placed in the shrine, for its power will protect the whole of the Lost Desert from harm." Hmmm, notice the wording "its power." That's not very clear is it? Does "its" refer to the crown or to the shrine, or perhaps even the combination of them both. Well the Mysterious Shrine was there before so obviously it was not until this "ancient magical crown" was put in the shrine that it would be able to protect the Lost Desert. In fact the second half of that quote can be interpreted two ways.

One, the crown combined with the shrine will create some sort of special protective power for the Lost Desert. I would like to point out what happened during the more recent Lost Desert plot. Sakhmet didn't seem very protected to me, did it to you? Oh, and then there is the other much scarier way it could be interpreted: that the shrine could bring the Lost Desert harm and putting the crown into it prevented this from happening, thus protecting the Lost Desert. This seems to be a much more likely scenario to me, especially considering that bad guys have tried to steal the crown from the shrine before.

But that is just one pillar right? We don't need to worry until there is a third. Oh yes, I forgot to mention there is a third and guess what? This is where the story gets more ominous and stranger. This third pillar had the word Strength on it and was also said to be from before the dawn of creation by the locals. Oh, did I say who these locals were locals of? Tyrannia. Now I'm sure you're thinking "But that is just two pillars we're still safe." Yes, we would be except is this the ancient shine that used to be in Tyrannia?

All evidence seems to indicate it is different than the one we've uncovered. It was shaped rather like Coltzans Shrine and made of light grey stone. The one we've uncovered has too many sides and a scraggly top. And of course there is the fact that our current obelisk is in a completely different part of Tyrannia and underground. The old one was where the Wheel of Mediocrity is now. So what happened to it? Well one day the Wheel of Mediocrity, which used to be located where Tyrannian Minigulf is now, was suddenly where the obelisk used to be and the obelisk was gone.

Perhaps I'm being too skeptical, perhaps the old Tyrannian obelisk was the same one we're digging up now. Perhaps the locals somehow moved and buried the old obelisk and that's why they aren't joining us now. But then why would they go to all that trouble unless they knew something very bad about it? Plus, even if that is the case it means somewhere out there is the Wisdom Obelisk and we have no clue where it is or whose hands it is in.

If I'm right, and the obelisks are different, we face an even more foreboding situation. Someone moved the old Tyrannian obelisk. We have no idea who, but unlike the same obelisk theory there is not a chance of the last obelisk laying somewhere undiscovered. We know someone has their hands on it. And if they mean to use it to activate the ancient prophecy we've dug up the last obelisk for them.

Either way we have a missing obelisk and either way we've now lent a hand to anyone with plans to activate the obelisks. Perhaps war is inevitable, but remember fellow Neopians: While we're fighting over this obelisk dark forces could be out there preparing to activate the missing one.

So how much danger are we in? A scientist examines all possibilities. Before was what I was reasonably sure about. Now I give you my speculations. We have one solid clue to the location of the last obelisk. First connect Tyrannia and the Lost Desert with a line. This is one side of the triangle of destiny. So where is the third point of the triangle? Well there are many possibilities but I think only one is very likely. If you Look to the north of Moltara you can see a mountainous island. Perhaps this is the location of the last Pillar.

To be prepared for the possibilities we much ask ourselves what villains in Neopia might be involved in this whole affair. One who stands out is Malkus Vile. He once organized the theft of Coltzan's Crown from the shrine. The question is was it greed that made him do it or did he have something more sinister in mind when he attempted to separate the crown and the shine. Oh yes, then there is the fact that it looks like the shrine might still be empty. When one approaches the shrine one gets a very clear view of a gap in it. Presumably the hole that once held Coltzan's Crown.

Putting things together I think we should be on alert. I hope you chose your faction for the war of the obelisk well.

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