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Five Signs You Might be Addicted to Weewoos

by auraphic


     Do you find yourself constantly lurking around the Pirate Petpet Shoppe? Do you awake at night, dreaming of a bird-like Petpet flying around your house and brightening up your life? Do you compulsively read every issue of the Neopian Times? If so, you might be obsessed with the White Weewoo. With the 800th issue upon us, it’s time we take a serious reflection upon the idea of White Weewoo obsession and what it might mean for you.

    Weewoos are nothing out of the ordinary for a Neopian who frequents Petpet shops. Native to the region of Krawk Island, these little critters enjoy creeping around the island, typically scaring the heck out of anyone who hears their terrifyingly creepy crow! But for some Neopians, the Weewoo is among the most perfect of Petpets. The perfect mix of adorable and a tad bit questionable, the Weewoo represents much about what people love about Krawk Island.

     The White Weewoo, however, is a different creature entirely. While it may share a call, and subsequently a name, with the regular Weewoo, the White Weewoo is a specific and foreign type of the animal whose obsession lends itself to many Neopians all over the planet. With its mesmerizing white feathers and characteristic yellow beak, it certainly is a cute sight. It’s no secret why many may be so interested in and drawn towards the White Weewoo, but some Neopians cross the boundaries of enjoyment, becoming obsessed with the creatures. Without further ado, here are five signs you might be obsessed with the White Weewoo.

     One: You can’t stop window-shopping at Little Nippers Petpet Shop

     Little Nippers is a Petpet shop on Krawk Island. While he may come on a bit strong at first, the shopkeeper is always willing to match potential buyers up with the perfect Petpet. The Weewoo generally stocks several times a day, always ready to come home with you for around 165 doubloons. Unfortunately, as a Weewoo addict, you might find yourself unable to spend the extra doubloons…because you’ve already spent everything on the little critters. You might find yourself wishing the White Weewoo would stock alongside its beautiful brown companion. If you find yourself staring longingly into the window of Little Nippers, you might be obsessed with White Weewoos.

     Two: You’re strapped for cash because of your enormous Weewoo gallery

     Some say that the imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In the wonderful world of Neopia, however, the sincerest form of flattery has to be the creation of a gallery. Nearly every beloved figure, pet, and Petpet in Neopia draws the ire of thousands of wealthy Neopians per year, draining their bank accounts and replacing the Neopoints with a flood of new items and a shot at the lucrative gallery spotlight. For Weewoo lovers, the plight is much the same. Some Weewoo items, especially the more rare collectables and White Weewoo items, can be pretty costly. If you have zero Neopoints and a multitude of Weewoo items, you might be obsessed with the White Weewoo.

     Three: You’ve searched through every edition of the Neopian Times for White Weewoo stories

     The rare White Weewoo has long served as the symbolic mascot of the Neopian Times. Representing the beautiful, expressive, yet mysterious nature of Neopia’s favorite newspaper, the White Weewoo has captivated Neopians and authors for years. Lovers of the Weewoo many times will not be calmed by the simple, run-of-the-mill Weewoo. Only the rarest White Weewoo will do. The search function of the Neopian Times gives us the unique ability to rifle through the history of the newspaper to hand-pick the kinds of articles that best appeal to our sensibilities. For many Neopians, these sensibilities begin and end with the White Weewoo. If you’ve abused the search function of the Neopian Times to scan for any and every mention of the Neopian Times’ notorious are most likely obsessed with the White Weewoo.

     Four: You’re willing to look past the Weewoo’s incessant screech

     They call it a haunting melody, but we all know the truth--the Weewoo makes a rather annoying sound. This critter didn’t get their name from nothing. ‘Weewoo’ is actually supposed to represent the sound the little ones make, similar to a high-pitched screech. For owners of the lucrative Petpet, this verbal calling-card of their favorite animal is not only tolerable, but sorta cute. With the love in their hearts, a White Weewoo addict may suffer through the late-night fits and the ‘haunting melody’. If the sound your little buddy makes during the night really is no bother, you might be addicted to the White Weewoo.

     Five: You’ve spent years chasing the ‘Neopian Times Writer’ avatar

     Let’s face it-- the Neopian Times Writer avatar is the holy grail of skill-based avatars. With thousands of talented writers submitting their best work to the Neopian Times for issue number 800, competition is fierce. It takes everything an avatar collector has to even muster up the courage to take the plunge and submit their own polished masterpieces to the paper. For lovers of the White Weewoo, however, no amount of work is too much. The dream alone of seeing that happy Weewoo below their username on the Neoboards is enough to make any fan go crazy. If you find yourself submitting consistently to every anniversary edition of the Neopian has been confirmed. You are most definitely obsessed with the White Weewoo!

     The Weewoo is among one of the most captivating Petpets in all of Neopia. Their beautiful appearance and cute demeanor draws Neopians from far and wide to their gaze, causing a different and unique form of obsession which remains unmatched by any other Petpet in Neopia. The most sought-after version of the Weewoo, the White Weewoo, is the beloved poster child of the Neopian Times, bringing even more into the fold. Some Neopians take this fandom too far, crossing the line into obsession. Lo and behold, I am one of them.

     Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go visit Little Nippers again, buy another Weewoo Action Figure for my gallery, read a few more White Weewoo stories, try to get some sleep, and take another shot at the 800th edition of the Neopian Times.

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