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Ten Ways to Add Color to the Grey Faerie's Life

by somethingsosurreal


I'm a big fan of the Grey Faerie. Though some can find her depressing demeanor off-putting, I just see someone that could use a big of cheering up. So, of course, I decided to write something to inspire others to help bring color back to the Grey Faerie's world.

I'll start this off by giving those of you unfamiliar with Grey Faeries a little background. Currently, the only grey faerie known to the general public is Baelia, though we believe there are other grey faeries hidden throughout Neopia. Baelia was captured by a dark faerie named Jennumara who stole both her wings and her name. A mountain climber name Tavi found the Grey Faerie locked up and managed to free her by outsmarting the lock that closed Baelia in a cage. While she's now free, without her wings the Grey Faerie doesn't have much power. For a grey faerie to regain their wings and power, they would need a new name. As you could imagine, the Grey Faerie is filled with misery. She lost her name, wings and her power but that doesn't mean we can't bring happiness back into her life. Here are some great ways to cheer the Grey Faerie up!

Draw a Grey Faerie!

In the Neopets "How to Draw" section, you can learn to draw a Grey Faerie. My favorite thing to do is draw her with a beautiful scene around her because I know seeing amazing scenery always lifts my spirits a bit. You can't help but smile when you see a breathtaking waterfall or a magnificent castle. Always touched off with a rainbow, of course.

Complete a quest for her.

If you've ever gotten a quest from the Grey Faerie you can see how low her self-esteem is. She doesn't think she's worth the time to help her out. Prove her wrong! Find the petpet she's looking for and present it with a smile. Since she doesn't have her own powers she asks another faerie to bless you, so you'll have a nice surprise yourself.

Bring your pet to meet her.

The only time I've ever seen the Grey Faerie smiling is when she's spending time with Neopets. My guess is she loves them because they don't treat her different. Our Neopets are filled with a general innocence. They don't judge and all the pets I've met have the urge to cheer you up when you're sad. Meeting a sad faerie would be no different.

Dedicate something to her.

Who doesn't love appreciation? Whether it's featuring her on your userlookup, painting your pet or petpet grey to match her, or just customizing your pet to please her. Even dedicating a whole gallery to her is a great way to cheer her up. The littlest actions can make all the difference in improving somebody's day. Brighten hers by letting her know grey can be beautiful too.

Show off your petpets.

They grey faerie loves petpets, as evident by her asking for them for her quests. I just know when I hand over the little Puppyblew or Hopso she asks for she finds herself some open space and plays with them. For anyone who enjoys their pets, you know that seeing them having a good time playing around can bring a great smile to your face. Make sure to have your petpets featured anytime you see her so seeing their cuteness can make her day better.

Bring her some rainbow food.

A great way to bring color to someone is by… well, literally bringing them color. There's a plethora of rainbow themed foods in Neopia. Why not bring her some Rainbow Jelly or a Rainbow Apple or some delicious Rainbow Sherbert Ice Cream. Anything with lots of color. Try to convince her that ingesting the rainbow will bring some colorful happiness into her life.

Use her avatar.

Similar to dedicating something to her, simply changing your avatar to feature her will bring a little joy to her life. The Grey Faerie will be overjoyed that you chose her little avatar over all of the beautiful avatars that are out there. Or you could just show your appreciation to all things Grey by changing your avatar to the "Grey Wocky - *Sigh*" avatar. Either way you go it'll help cheer the grey faerie up.

Write her a poem.

Beautiful words can warm someone's heart. Write about the Grey Faerie - anything positive! Write about how you enjoy being around her, how she's looking really cute today, how she's really helping Faerieland rebuild, anything you can think of. Bonus points if you get her to smile and thank you sincerely. Plus, if it's really good, have you ever taken a look at the Neopets poetry contest? You can be published, win a cool trophy and a nice prize if you get accepted!

Help her get a name!

A Dark Faerie tricked her and stole all that made her a powerful faerie. Sometimes she may feel as though Jennumara stole everything that made her herself. That's not true because no one can steal what makes you you, what makes you important. Of course, if someone stole my name, I'd feel pretty lost. I can't imagine adding onto the loss of my wings. Before the fall of Faerieland she couldn't even walk around the place she knew so well! Times may be bleak and while we can hope she recognizes that she's amazing without her wings, one sure way to make her feel better is get it back! How you may ask? Well, we don't know yet. What we do know is that to regain her powers she needs a new name, so always be on the lookout for a way to bring this greatest gift to her.

These are the best ways to comfort the Grey Faerie and bring a little color back into her life. Whenever you see her, make sure to give the Grey Faerie some extra love, let her know she's not anywhere near as unimportant as she feels. Plus, without magic she asks other faeries to bless you when you complete one of her quests, including the elusive Rainbow Fountain Faerie!

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