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Style Guide: Ruki Day

by ilovezacandhsm


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this week's edition of Style Guide. This week, break out the streamers and cake, because July 29th is Ruki Day! Ruki’s all around Neopia and their owners have been waiting an entire year to celebrate this spectacular pet. And what better way to celebrate than dressing up for the occasion? Neopia voted, and here we are to bring you the top ten wearable items made exclusively for the Ruki!

1. Cozy Ruki Pyjamas

Despite being extremely active pets, even Ruki’s need some beauty sleep too! The Cozy Ruki Pyjamas are a light weight fabric that is designed to keep you cool in the summertime and cozy in the winter. These PJs can be yours for only around 1,275 neopoints. The fun red fabric is sure to be in style for seasons to come, plus no one else will be able to tell that your pet is wearing their PJs in public!

2. Tiered Fringe Ruki Dress

If your Ruki loves to steal the spotlight, consider picking up the Tiered Fringe Ruki Dress for only around 3,500 neopoints! This chic flapper dress is guaranteed to turn some heads during the Ruki Day celebrations happening throughout Neopia. The bodice of the gown is covered in fringe, which adds an interesting texture as well as fun movement! The bright red material is designed for comfort and movement, so make sure you hit the dancefloor in style!

3. Noble Ruki Shirt

For all of the formal Ruki’s out there, the Noble Ruki Shirt is a bold and dapper garment that is perfect for you! For the small price of 4,000 neopoints, your Ruki can be draped in the finest purple velvet that….well 4,000 neopoints can get you. The shirt features delicate gold accents woven into the regal material. The designer of this garment really paid attention to the detailing around the collar and the cuffs of the shirt. Despite the heavy accents, the shirt is comfortable and flexible. The Noble Ruki Shirt is a serious bargain for the dapper Ruki on a budget.

4. Ruki Adventure Trousers

Perhaps your Ruki is more of an outdoorsman compared to a party goer. Well the Ruki Adventurer Trousers are designed for the Ruki on the go! The brown fabric used to make these pants is resistant to stains, rips, and the Pant Devil’s attempts to steal from your pockets! These pants are also incredibly comfortable and flexible, just in case your Ruki wants to spend the day climbing in Meridell to celebrate Ruki Day. For only 5,500 neopoints, your Ruki can sieze the day without fear of an embarrassing rip in his trousers.

5. Trippy Ruki Dress

If you and your Ruki fancy a trip to Mystery Island to celebrate Ruki Day, make sure that you pack the Trippy Ruki Dress! For only around 400 neopoints, your Ruki can be dressed to impress for less! The dress is actually a two piece set that is embroidered with red flowers. The material is designed to keep your Ruki cool, even after hours of dancing and picnicking in the summer sun. The garment is a perfect summer staple for any Ruki looking to travel somewhere warm for the holiday, or the Ruki just looking for a new outfit outside of their comfort zone!

6. Ruki Work Shirt

Nothing like getting back to the basics. The Ruki Work Shirt is a durable, white T-shirt that is a wardrobe stable for any Ruki. The plain fabric may look boring, but how chic is a white shirt paired with some fun bottoms and sandals? The effortless look is perfect for the Ruki who is looking to be casual and comfortable for their big day. To some, the price tag of 1,150 neopoints might seem a bit steep for a plain shirt, but the Ruki Work Shirt is going to become the most versatile thing in your Ruki’s wardrobe!

7. Ruki Scientist Trousers

If your Ruki loves science and style, look no further than the Ruki Scientist Trousers. For the small price of 4,900 neopoints, your Ruki gets a pair of grey pants, fun socks, and slip resistant sneakers. Each garment is designed to prevent injury from chemical spills or hot coffee in the mornings! The trousers are also cut and burn resistant, which is perfect for even the clumsiest of Ruki’s! In my opinion, the Ruki Scientist Trousers are a bargain for the quantity and quality of the items that you receive.

8. Ruki Jester Trousers

If your Ruki is a jokester, the Ruki Jester Trousers are a necessity for his wardrobe. The green and purple pants come with the matching socks and shoes! The crazy colors woven into the fabric are sure to get some laughs! The shoes even have little bells on the toe to ensure that your Ruki gets the maximum amount of laughs out of his friends and family! The trousers will set you back about 7,800 neopoints, but they are worth the price in my opinion!

9. Gothic Ruki Skirt

If your Ruki is not a fan of crazy colors, the Gothic Ruki Skirt is the perfect fashion staple for them! For only 9,950 neopoints, the skirt is a great basic piece for any Ruki Day celebration. The skirt can be paired with almost anything on top! Perhaps the Noble Ruki Shirt, or the Ruki Work Shirt?! No matter what you wear with the Gothic Ruki Skirt, we guarantee it’ll be an iconic look.

10. Armoured Ruki Armour

Last but not least, the Armoured Ruki Armour is a gorgeous top for any Battledom loving Ruki. The grey fabric is lightweight, but durable for battle or at the neighborhood volleyball game! The grey is contrasted with some copper colored leather and some metal gems. For 12,300 neopoints, this is the most expensive item in our countdown, but is still a great buy!

Well folks, this concludes another pet specific wearable countdown here at Style Guide. Hopefully this will help you in your quest for the perfect outfit for your Ruki to wear to the Ruki Day celebrations all throughout Neopia on the 29th! Don't hesitate to pick up a couple of these fashion showstoppers to celebrate your special Ruki. What wearable countdown will be featured next time on Style Guide? Join us next time for another edition of Style Guide to find out! See you next time!

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