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The Best Games Of Meridell

by mouseketeers


It's been many years since the discovery of Meridell, and every year on July 30 people gather far and wide to celebrate this medieval land. Meridell has had a tormented history filled with famine and curses and everything in between, but today all seems to be mostly well with the land. The crops are thriving, King Skarl seems to be doing well, and there relations with Darigan Citadel have been mostly peaceful since the second war between them. But we're not going to focus on the bad parts, no, today is about celebration. And to celebrate I wanted to talk to you about the best games Meridell has in its land, games you can play today to get yourself feeling festive!

Turdle Racing

Turdle Racing is a betting based game where Petpets known as Turdles race across a giant tree stump. You can bet up to 1500 neopoints per match, and play three times per day. You'll choose one of five Turdles to bet on, each with different odds of winning:

Stinky (3:1)

Poopy (4:1)

Smelly (5:1)

Squelchy (7:1)

Nutty (9:1)

The amount you'll win is based on the odds of the Turdle you chose to bet on, but it's always a risk because the worse the odds, the higher your chance of losing all your neopoints are. There aren't really many tips or tricks to this game, as it is all luck, but there are two things you can do to improve your chances. The first: listen to the Scorchio in the betting window. Sometimes he gives out some advice on the Turdles, like if one is suffering from Neopox or if one is moving especially quick that day. The second bit of advice: you can offer food to the Turdle you are betting on to give them an energy boost just before the rice begins. You only get three shots per day, so cross your fingers and cheer for your Turdle!!

Cheese Roller

Do you dream of rolling a wedge of cheese down a steep hill with tons of obstacles? Meridell has just the thing for you: Cheese Roller. You pick a type of cheese and purchase it, then you have to roll it down a hill as fast as you can. As it is rolling you'll be able to choose which direction to push it, whether to speed up or slow down, and hope you get lucky and miss all the obstacles. The time in which you finish determines the prize you'll receive, an amount of Neopoints up to 2,550.

There is also an avatar awarded randomly when you finish in 60 seconds or less. The best way to get under that time limit is to dive left or right as often as possible, as that will give you the best chance of avoiding obstacles. Be careful!!! Hitting an obstacle can add some serious time to your game and cause you to miss the avatar score.

Kiss The Mortog

Putting your lips on a wet Mortog might not be your idea of a fun weekend activity, but if you're able to transform enough cursed Mortog's into princes or princesses then you could be looking at a very full bank account. I know what you're thinking..."what are you talking about!?!?!?!?!" Kiss The Mortog!!

In the first stage of the game you'll be presented with two Mortogs, one that is a regular old Mortog and one that is a member of the royal family. If you choose correctly, you'll fill up your jackpot and move on to the next round. Choose incorrectly and you'll be splattered with Mortog guts. As you move through the rounds, more Mortogs are added and you have to guess which one won't pop and ruin your outfits. Weird, I know. Some warty Grundo invented this game, don't ask me why, I'm just a Neopian Times writer...

Round Table Poker

There isn't much to talk about with this game, it is your typical game of Poker. You'll work your way up through the rounds, defeating various opponents like a Bruce with a bad haircut named Friar Asquith to an Ixi in a silly jester costume named Chortle. You'll have to learn their tells and see if they are bluffing or not and try to trick them before they trick you. If you've never played poker before, make sure to read the rules and look up a guide or two as there are a lot of different elements to being a good player, more than I could teach you here. The only real tip I'm qualified to give you is to watch your opponents' faces when a hand is dealt, that is when they'll show if they are excited or not about what is in their hand and you'll be able to determine easier if they are bluffing or not.

Potato Counter

There are two types of Potato Counter: regular and extreme. Extreme is a bit, well, extreme for me, so I stick to the calmer version. Meridell is known for it's farming and produce, and potatoes flow like waterfalls in the fields. Because of this, the local farmers got creative and started competitions where they would set out potatoes and they'd race each other to see who could count them the fastest. The game is very straight forward, and there aren't any real tricks, just focus. When you look at a large amount of potatoes they can start to visually blend together, so be patient and count them one by one. If you do you'll be rewarded with a nice prize! And if you are feeling more adventurous than me, take on Extreme Potato Counter and see how many flying potatoes you can count!!

These aren't the only games available in Meridell, there are plenty of flash games out there as well: Ultimate Bullseye II, Escape from Meridell Castle, Attack Of The Slorgs. There are also more browser based games like Invasion of Meridell, Guess The Weight (where you guess the weight of a giant marrow), Shape Shifter, among others. Listed above are a few of my favorites which give a diverse look at all the ways Meridell's citizens entertain themselves every day. They are a hard working, but fun loving people, and you are going to enjoy your time there (and hopefully walk away with a pocketful of Neopoints from that Turdle Racing Scorchio)!

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