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Top Five Ruki Items

by lefaii


Ruki Day is here at last, the 29th day of July, and there are many festivities to celebrate! New paint brush colours being released, new Ruki themed wearables, and maybe even some more extras. It's a great day to celebrate one of the coolest, but slightly underappreciated, species in Neopia. Rukis get a bad wrap because they resemble something that might crawl into your cabinets and eat all your food in the night, some say they are basically giant insects, but those people are wrong!

Rukis, while resembling insects and having some similar traits, are biological masterpieces made to excel in their home environments. They mainly come from the Lost Desert, an arid and sweltering environment with no relief from the sun, and Rukis have adapted to being able to thrive there. The outside of their bodies are covered in a thick, tough armour that protects them from the harsh rays of the sun and allows them to stay outside working and traveling for long spans of time. They are hardy, capable of moving across long distances using their four legs without breaking a sweat. They are a mobile species, constantly moving to find their next source of food and fun, and as such they've made homes all over Neopia.

And every year at the end of July, Neopians gather to celebrate the arrival of Rukis. These pets are mostly sweet and nurturing, though some have a shady side as you'll see in a bit, and typically have a big smile under their kind eyes. There are hundreds of items out there to celebrate this insect-like pet, but today I'm going to give you a top five list on the BEST Ruki items out there, while also giving you a little background on each item!

5. Twisted Tales Of The Mutant Ruki

If you thought Rukis already looked like giant bugs, stay away from Mutant Rukis. Dr. Sloth's disgusting transmogrification experiment has mutated Rukis to be like the grossest vermin you find at the bottom of your trash bin. That's not to say that there aren't any nice Mutant Rukis out there, but their appearance is sure to give you a fright. This book, a tale for the ages, talks about what it was like for a young Ruki who grew up mutant and how people reacted to him and how he had to overcome that. It's a tale of adversity, will he overcome his downfall? Or will he paint himself to be a brighter, happier colour? You'll have to read it to find out!

4. Speckled Ruki Plushie

Everyone loves a good plushie, and the doe-eyed Ruki makes one of the most adorable. They have so many legs to spread out so they'll easily sit up on display, and it is made with the highest quality fabrics the Plushie Tycoon can churn out! With a slightly dopey expression they are going to make you smile every time you glance over or when you snuggle up with it to go to sleep at night. They are available in a variety of colors, but the speckled is a personal favorite.

3. Red Ruki Scooter

Rukis are known for their ability to travel long distances, and for their hard exterior shell, so it is an obvious choice to make a durable piece of transportation designed after them. This scooter will jet your Neopet from one end of Neopia Central all the way to Kiko Lake in a matter of minutes! The handlebars are fashioned after the famous Ruki antennae, you'll be leaving your friends in the dust with this quick scooter. Just remember to drive safe and wear a helmet out there.

2. Ruki Hard Hat

This hard hat is part of a set, a full line of Ruki work clothing. There is a Ruki Work Shirt and Ruki Safety Vest that go with this, and it creates a construction worker couture that you can rock to any costume or theme party, or even to work! Rukis are known for being hard workers, able to tolerate the heat of the sun all day long, so it makes sense there is a stunning line of construction chic available. Maybe you'll want to wear this hard hat while scooting around on your Red Ruki Scooter.

1. Dice-n-Ruki Board Game

Rukis and dice go hand in hand, they've always been connected in one way or another. This board game is mostly played by rolling two dice to get a specific combination of numbers to move your piece forward. The pairing of Rukis and dice can also been seen in one of Neopia's most famous games: Dice Escape. No one is really quite sure why a Ruki's history is so intertwined with dice, but it is thought to have something to do with the deep mysteries of the Lost Desert and how they've made their living when arriving in new towns on long travels.

BONUS!!! Faerie Ruki Morphing Potion

What would a list of the best Ruki items be without including a morphing potion? There is no better item than the ones that turn your pet into this gorgeous species!! Many types are available, in colors like Shadow, Starry, Cloud, Fire, and more. Faerie has an extra special spot in my heart because of the beautiful color combination it gives the Ruki, along with a pair of fabulous fluttering wings that look spectacular on the backs of Rukis. Rukis tend to be hard working, tough Neopets, and the Faerie look really softens them up and gives them a prettier, more glamorous edge.

Rukis have a wide assortment of stunning wearables out there, and if your pet isn't a Ruki then they can't even hope to be able to fit. Rukis have a very unique body shape after all, making these morphing potions even more special! No one can resist the kind eyed Rukis when they are all dolled up in their evening attire, painted to perfection. They are great at conversation, many stories to tell from their long travels, and they make great companions to you and your other Neopets. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and morph or adopt one of these rare Neopets today.

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