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Back to School- SmartWearables for Your Neopets!

by sparkgal


It's finally time for your Neopets to head back to school after a summer of swimming at Mystery Island, going on boat rides around Kiko Lake, taking ten turns on the Roo Island Merry-Go-Round, and playing Kacheek Seek. Summer break is fun and all, but alas, the fun must always come to an end. It's time to put their summer outfits away and pull out their back to school clothes. School isn't so bad though, when you're dressed ready to learn!

Here are 5 non-species specific Neopoint wearables and 5 NC wearables to get your pets ready for school once more.

Neopoint Items

1. Piles of Books Foreground: 5,000-7000 NP

Description: Books, books, and so many more books to read!

What better way to really have your customization scream school and learning than a giant pile of books for your pet to read. These books of various colors gives your pet the opportunity to learn about many different things throughout Neopia. It even seems like some of the more important pages have been bookmarked. With this foreground, your pet really will be the most well-read Neopet around.

2. Classroom Background: Approx. 3,000 NP

Description: Lets learn something new today!

Of course I had to include this background, after all, learning typically happens in the classroom. There are many things in this classroom to help your Neopets learn. The blackboard is the perfect place to draw pictures and solve problems. Neopets can learn more about the different lands with the spiffy globe of Neopia. Finally, the colorful rugs and drawings of petpetpets provide some decoration to brighten up the room. What better place is there to learn than this classroom?

3. Altador Cup Backpack: 63,000-70,000 NP

Description: You can use this handy messenger bag to store all your Altador Cup memorabilia!

OR Explorer Backpack: Approx. 15,000 NP

Description: Every explorer needs a good backpack to carry their food and supplies in.

Either of these backpacks are great for your pet to carry around their books, pencils, and other belongings. These sturdy backpacks will last your pet for several years so you will not have to keep going out to buy new ones. The color might not be the brightest, but the brown hue means it is harder for your rambunctious pet to soil their backpack. A must have addition unless you want your pet to be carrying their school supplies in their hands the entire day. I doubt that would be the best idea though, they'll most likely be dropping and losing everything!

4. Green Skeith Pencil Case: Approx. 16,500 NP

Description: This pencil case will keep your pencils very safe.

Another important item for your Neopets to be successful in school. This cute, green pencil case can be used to store various school supplies such as pencils, pens, markers, and erasers. Not only will your Neopets want to show off their pencil case to their classmate, but they will also be well prepared for whatever activity the teacher happens to have for that day.

5. Chia Clown Ball: 1 NP

Description: Aww... this ball is perfect for playing catch or kicking around.

School isn't all about learning! This Chia Clown Ball is the perfect toy for your Neopets to play with during recess! A purple ball with the chia clown painted on top, everyone will want to play with your Neopet! Catch or soccer, both are possible with this ball! With the price so cheap, you can stock up on as many of these as possible! After all, we all know how easy it is to lose toys during recess.


Neocash Items

1. MME10-S2: Classroom Desk

Description: It may not be comfy but this is the best place to learn!

A typical classroom desk where your Neopets can sit and learn. There's even a book ready for your pets to peruse through and a pencil for them to take notes and do their classwork. If they get hungry, they have an apple to munch on during recess. If their teacher is nice, maybe they'll even be allowed to eat the apple during class! Or if your pets really want to make a good impression, they can give their apple to the teacher instead and just wait until lunch to eat!

2. School Library Background

Description: Dont forget to study!

Ah the library, the place for your Neopets to go when they want to get a whole lot of reading done. Whether they need the books to write an essay, for research, or simply to read for fun, this background is a perfect addition to any school-themed customization. With the shelves overflowing with books, your Neopets will have plenty of choices to pick and choose from. The library even provides a nice ladder for the more vertically challenged Neopets to reach books on those higher shelves. Reading is a great way to learn, so with this background, your Neopet will surely know all that there is to know. In fact, I'm willing to bet they won't want to leave the library at all! If they can't travel around Neopia physically, at least they can go to different places with their imagination with the help of these stories.

3. Stuffed Satchel

Description: Grab your bag and be ready for everything... as long as it doesnt split.

A lovely satchel for all your pets' books, notebooks, and school supplies. This pack can be worn sideways across the body, making it much easier to pull out items than with a backpack. The strap can be adjusted to the perfect so the satchel fits comfortably with every pet. The color is simple and elegant, not too bright or distracting. This satchel seems strong enough to hold everything your Neopet needs for school.

4. Chalkboard Background

Description: Was this art class or geography?

A chalkboard is one of the most important tools for a teacher to have. Teachers can write examples on the chalkboard, draw diagrams and pictures, and write down important points for students to know. Perhaps the most important use for a chalkboard is to allow students to come up and solve various problems! What better way to learn than to work on problems in front of the teacher? This way the teacher can see your pet’s thought process as they are working through each problem!

5. Smart School Girl Eye Glasses

Description: They glasses will add a nice touch to any school outfit.

Even if the item specifies the glasses to be worn by school girls, the design is neutral enough to be worn by both boys and girls! It’s not very easy to learn if you can’t see the chalkboard or read your textbooks. If your Neopet’s vision isn’t at its best, consider investing in a pair of these eye glasses so they can learn to their full potential! If you catch your Neopet often squinting to see, maybe you should get them a pair of glasses so they’ll be ready to learn!

    There are many more wearables, both Neopoint and Neocash that can be used in their back to school customizations. These were just some of the ones I really liked! Going back to school is never fun, but hopefully with these wearables, your Neopets will be more eager to show off their brand new outfits to their friends and classmates!

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