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Airborne Avatars

by jubileek


What’s your favorite activity in Neopia? It seems many Neopians like feeding Kadoaties, restocking, playing games, and collecting collectables. If there’s one thing all of those activities has in common, it’s that they can all result in the gaining of new avatars! To answer the question I posed earlier, my favorite activity on Neopets is accumulating avatars. There’s so many, so it’s quite a feat to challenge yourself to amass them all.

I figured there’s no better to way celebrate a version of the Neopian Times in the sky than by talking about airborne avatars. Now, you may be wondering what exactly an airborne avatar is. I’m glad you asked! I decided on this small group of avatars from a slightly less small group; all of the avatars in both groups include flying Neopets, petpets, or items. While the list I’ve included here doesn’t comprise all of the airborne avatars in Neopia, I think it provides a good start for avatar hunters and for those who often leave their heads in the clouds.

Ace Zafara

Difficulty: Easy

Type: Game

This cool avatar features a Zafara, named Ace Zafara, flying in a spaceship, as that Neopet does in the game Advert Attack. I love the look of this avatar because it’s one of only a few circular ones; also, there’s a twinkling star that appears every few seconds!

Widely considered one of the easiest game avatars to achieve, this avatar can be yours if you can manage to score more than 700 points in Advert Attack. A few pointers for you:

Only move or close ads that are in the way of the “GO!” button

Move ads if you cannot see the close button, otherwise close them

Ads without the “X” button all say “close this window” instead, and unlike other ads, cannot be moved. If you click anywhere but “close this window” on these ads, a new ad will pop up!

Angry Air Mote

Difficulty: Easy

Type: Item

Motes are mysterious things. All of them technically fly, right? Since you throw them at your enemies. . . but only one mote is an air mote. The air mote is truly the most aerial of its breed, making it very suitable for the representation it gets in this avatar.

Angry Air Mote is easily the simplest restocking avatar to accrue. The straightforward method to acquiring it is to buy a mote with a rarity of 70 or higher. While this task may sound daunting if you’re not a restocker, almost half of all the motes sold at the Brightvale Motery are rare enough to earn you this avatar.

Black Pteri

Difficulty: Average-Hard, depends on whether or not you’re into the Battledome

Type: Random, Battledome

Did you know that about a quarter of all Neopets species have wings? The Pteri is one of those species. This graceful species looks especially pretty in its Faerie form, making it one of the most coveted colored Neopets.

Unlike the popularity of the Pteri, however, this avatar is uncommon. To obtain the avatar, you first have to unlock the Black Pteri as a Battledome challenger through a random event. Then, you have to beat him in the Batttledome. If your pets aren’t decently trained, that detail will be difficult. How trained should your pet be? I recommend a level of at least 50, so that they can use the Faerie ability Lens Flare. Additionally, their HP should be 70 or above.

Grundo - Discarded Plushie

Difficulty: Hard

Type: Random

You visit this sad plushie in Faerieland daily, right? I hope so! He can give out some great prizes, including an avatar.

If you’ve played Neopets for more than ten years, you undoubtedly remember the time during which the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity didn’t do anything when you dropped by him. Eventually, he turned into a daily. But between those two events, the plushie that once lived on a cloud fell into a tree, where he’s now stuck! During the Faeries’ Ruin plot, he was inaccessible as a daily, but after the plot it was discovered by users who went to see him that he currently hangs in a tree by a few threads. Nevertheless, I’d argue that he still remains airborne, just not at as high of an altitude. While I enjoy paying this plushie a visit every day, I do not really enjoy waiting to attain his avatar. Securing this avatar proves difficult even for Neopians who have been doing his daily for years!

Harris - Hi

Difficulty: Easy

Type: Petpet

I’m not sure if everyone would consider a Petpet in a palm tree to be especially reminiscent of the air, but I do! Harrises spend all of their time in trees, meaning despite their lack of wings, they are arguably one of the most airborne Petpets.

All you have to do to come by this lovely avatar is purchase a Harris (it can even be a nice painted one if you please), attach it to one of your Neopets in need of a loving companion, and wait for 99 days. Then, visit said Neopet’s lookup, and voila! You now have the Harris - Hi avatar in your repertoire.

Jhudora’s Cloud

Difficulty: Average, just tedious

Type: Game

Jhudora is (unfortunately) a Faerie, similar to Fyora and Illusen. Despite that unfavorable trait they share, Faeries are definitely on my short list of things relevant to the sky! But I don’t think Jhudora is anyone’s favorite Faerie. I mean, how could she be? Nevertheless, she has two avatars of her own relevant to completing her quests. Fitting, since completing the highest levels of them costs millions of Neopoints! I better get something other than a trophy for doing all of those quests . . .

The Jhudora avatar we will discuss today is Jhudora’s Cloud, bestowed upon you after completing level 20 of Jhudora’s quests. And if you’re going for that trophy - which, for the uninitiated, will happen far after level 20 - be sure to finish the quests as fast as possible after they’re assigned, as points are based on the time taken to give Jhudora her requested item!

By the way, the other Jhudora avatar, Evil Jhudora, is even easier to procure. All you have to do to get it is complete one of Jhudora’s quests on her special day, February 4th.


Difficulty: Easy

Type: Game

When I think about the game avatars I used to consider easy to obtain, Spacerocked! was definitely not included in that list. However, I recently got the avatar about twenty minutes after playing this game for the first time!

Adding this avatar to your collection is mostly based on luck, although there is a bit of strategy. The premise of Spacerocked! is that Sloth is attacking Kreludor, and you, playing as a Grundo, are defending your homeland from him. Apparently your only viable defense option is a small rock . . . that can down a giant spaceship. That makes sense. Anyways, a good strategy (or at least a strategy that worked for me) was to not use my boosts until shooting my third rock, so as to accumulate as many points as possible prior to hitting the spaceship.

There are three levels to Spacerocked! If you complete each one, you will net a minimum of 10,500 points. To get the avatar, you need at least 13,500 points. Therefore I recommend a score of at least 4,000 on level 1 to ensure that you have a high enough score at the end of the game to earn the avatar.

Super Attack Pea!

Difficulty: Hard

Type: Pet, Item

What’s more surprising than a flying pea? I’d argue that nothing is! Widely considered the most difficult avatar to be lended, Super Attack Pea! (or SUAP as it is often referred to on the Avatar Chat) is a goal shared by all serious avatar collectors.

Achieving the honor of using this avatar requires that you equip a Super Attack Pea to a Pea Chia. Super Attack Peas can no longer be purchased from a Neopian shop, so you must buy yours from another player on the trading post if you want your own - however, the cost of one is currently over 120 million Neopoints. Luckily, Magical Pea Chia Pops can be snatched from the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop. They are R99 though, so good luck with that. If you aren’t good at restocking, you can also get them from the trading post for approximately 10 million Neopoints. Not ready to spend ~130 million Neopoints on those two items? Not the owner of that much money?

That’s what the Avatar Chat is for! Some very generous people on that board are often willing to let you borrow either a Pea Chia or the Super Attack Pea, so as long as your account seems accomplished to help prove your trustworthiness. That task will take awhile to complete, so start earning game trophies and avatars now to prepare.

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