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The Travelling Neopian: Mystery Island

by sabbini


This series is designed to help any Neopian that is looking to travel abroad – now with vacation season upon us, many Neopians everywhere will be taking their beloved Neopets on excursions. Whether it is as far as Shenkuu or just around the corner of Neopia Central, I hope that this guide will serve you well and help you discover all the incredible places Neopia has to offer!

Mystery Island

Welcome to Mystery Island, a tropical island hundreds of miles from just about everywhere. You're a guest, so don't make the natives angry!

Our first trip on the journey throughout these lands is Mystery Island. This is what the official description states:

”Kick back and relax at the Mystery Island. With cool games, shops, a trading post, a tour, and even a training school, it is a fantastic place for you and your pet to visit. Watch out for the cannibals!”

Luckily while myself and my Neopets visited we didn't come across any cannibals – however I would advise to not stray far from designated paths!


Mystery Island is set in the middle of the Neopian Ocean. It is completely surrounded by water and only has one large island. To the south is Krawk Island, a destination for any pirate. To the East lay the islands of Moltara and Lutari Island, the latter of which could be said is even more mysterious than Mystery Island itself! To the North is Maraqua, a city completely submerged in the ocean. And finally, to the far, far off West is Faerieland, which formerly was high above the ocean resting on a cloud; it has now moved inland.

Mystery Island itself is in a tropical, wet climate, with humid summers that see a lot of monsoons and dry, warm winters. It is mainly jungle and beach, with a large, semi-active volcano called Techo Mountain, which is said that if you throw in a Codestone, you will receive a special red Codestone! There are also many rivers within Mystery Island itself, but be warned! Along the shores of these rivers live very secluded inhabitants, some of which haven't seen, let alone heard of anything else outside the comforts of their river. If you do happen to stumble upon one, the best advice is to bow your head and slowly back away, as this is seen as a symbol of respect and submission. Do not try to talk however! They might see that as a threat.

Things to Do

Mystery Island, as the name dictates, is an island shrouded in mystery. It is truly a magnificent place for those who want a little more adventure, and who don't want your run-of-the-mill sort of vacation! The first thing I would tell anyone who is visiting here is to take a Tiki Tour! You can take along one of your Neopets and it really shows you all of what this island has to offer, from the picturesque beaches to the deep jungles and mountains. If you're looking for a way to travel along the island without getting worn out, Tiki Tours is fantastic!

Next, why not get your very own haiku from the Haiku Generator? It's a wonderful way to kick off your day and it'll let you contemplate about it's meaning the entire time you're there!

The Island Mystic is also a very good fortune reader, although some may say he can be a bit difficult to understand.

After that play some Beach Volleyball on Mystery Island's coast! Be careful of that red Mynci though, he sure has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.


Mystery Island offers a lot of different and unique shops to visitors and locals alike. You can check out the Rock Pool and browse Mystery Island's very own collection of Petpets.

Another fun shopping destination is the Island Market, Mystery Island's version of the Marketplace! This is run by different Neopian shop owners, so you can find anything from Paint Brushes to battle items to fashion! Take a stroll and see what shop catches your eye!

Things to Eat

After all that adventuring you and your Neopets are bound to get hungry! Mystery Island has some of the most unique food in Neopia to offer! Make a stop at the Tropical Food Shop, where you can find a wide assortment of foods – like a Star Fish Sandwich, which is seaweed sandwiched between two star shaped slices of “green stuff” as the description states. This is also where doughnutfruit originates from, arguably the main star in Hassee Bounce. It comes in a variety of flavours, Chocolate, Fish and even Spongy! Delicious!

Places to Stay

There are no official hotels on the island, however many locals are always willing to open up their homes to you and your Neopets! A bit of advice though, be sure to remain respectful to your hosts, perhaps bring them a sentimental gift, they will remember that and next time you visit will be more likely to help you on your next trip to Mystery Island!

What Makes it Unique

The biggest thing that makes Mystery Island stand out from the crowd is probably The Lost City of Geraptiku. Not for the faint of heart, it is deep inside the jungles of Mystery Island. Most consider it haunted, and the majority of locals say it is cursed, and may not want to come into contact with you if you mention that you have visited the city. It has it's own special array of Petpets that you can get, and a Deserted Tomb to explore if you are really brave.


Mystery Island is one of the most interesting lands Neopia has. From beaches, to vast jungles, and not to mention the diverse culture that ultimately makes up what Mystery Island is all about. There is always something new to discover in Mystery Island, and I can guarantee that each time you visit you will always find something new and exciting! It is probably the best place for any daring adventurer. So go on and get exploring! This guide only covers a small portion of what Mystery Island has in store for you - it's up to you to find the rest!

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