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Neopia's Top Summer Wearables

by _brainchild_


Summer is well underway, and many Neopets are undecided about the clothing they should wear while enjoying the sun's rays. Upon doing research, one is confronted with a myriad of wondrous wares, each choice seeming as satisfactory as the next. However, dear Neopians, have fear no longer, for I have listed my stellar recommendations below, in no particular order:

-Sun Shower: This staple is very versatile, meaning it is not merely limited to summery customizations. It makes a splendid appearance in a springtime outfit as well, and I have discovered a creative use for it: I use it in an underwater customization to portray sunlight shining down from the surface. This useful wearable is well worth your time.

-Tied Bandana Wig: This beautiful piece, despite being meant for casual wear, can be very impressive in its own unique way. The dark blonde hue is reminiscent of the beach without the appearance of artificial, bleached strands. The reddish-pink bandana included can be worn with white, pink, red, orange, or yellow (or light blue if you're feeling adventurous). I highly recommend this piece because it can be worn with a variety of colors.

-Summer Dream Dress: This garment features a peaceful white hue paired with a pastel blue shade. The light colors make it perfect for sunny days as well as springtime occasions. The skirt's flouncy movement will gracefully follow you in the wind as you play Beach Volleyball against your Mynci opponents. It is possible to play sports and look cute at the same time.

-Detailed Scalloped Skirt: This item consists of a pure white hue adorned by sumptuous teal stitching. Like the Summer Dream Dress, it is perfect for not merely summertime customizations but for springtime as well. The teal threads are finely stitched with a sense of eclectic style, which will surely delight not just the wearer but the onlookers as well. I am a fan of teal hues, so I recommend this item.

-Sun Beam Makeup: This amazing accessory will highlight eyes brilliantly, drawing attention to this most attractive natural asset. Your eyes will look bigger and brighter as a result of applying this makeup. It is clearly summer-themed, as the makeup resembles the shining rays of the sun. Prepare to be complimented whenever you wear this quality product. Your friends will ask you where you got it, since they'll surely want their own.

-Windswept Wig and Hat: This gorgeous headwear recreates the look of a Neopet standing on the dock in front of a mystical lake or ocean, their hair dancing daintily in the wind as ships come and go. It is very classy in this respect and can even be considered to have a romantic theme at times. Whatever your reason is for picking it up, its dark blonde tresses are sure to dazzle you at first sight. Therefore, I highly recommend this eclectic piece.

-Boat Day Background: This background features a dock in front of a lake or ocean, just as I described when I mentioned the Windswept Wig and Hat. Therefore, the two wearables would look most impressive together. The background also features clear blue skies and some marvelous mountains. If you are a fan of picturesque outdoor scenes, then you will love this background.

-Braid and Hat: If your Neopet doesn’t like hair in their face, then they should try the Braid and Hat instead. The braid looks classy and intricate, and at the same time, the hair is out of the way. Furthermore, the hat manages to look stylish while also shielding your Neopet’s face from the sunlight. I would still recommend using sunscreen, thought.

-Nautical Bathing Suit and Cover Up: While there aren't many wearable bathing suits in Neopia, this one is truly unique. It bears beautiful white and navy blue stripes which are complimented by a classy white bow and a swimming cover-up, which will surely be useful during a day at the beach. Your Neopet will look amazing while swimming, so you should give this wearable a try.

-Ocean Earrings: These silver earrings are shaped like starfish and gemstones. The light blue color of the gems is reminiscent of the ocean, and the hue pairs very well with the silver starfish. The precious metals are sure to sparkle in the moonlight. If your Neopet is looking for something shiny, then I would recommend this item.

-Rolled Sleeves Shirt with Anchor Bow Tie: If your Neopet isn’t looking for a dress, then they might be interested in this garment. It features a crisp white hue which is accented by a subtle bow tie. While the intent of this apparel is to create a casual look, the bow tie makes it appropriate for most formal occasions as well. It can also be worn to follow the menswear trend. Therefore, any Neopet will be able to enjoy this piece.

-Blue Summer Trousers: This item is an alternative to the aforementioned skirts. The soft blue shade is perfect for not merely summer but springtime as well. The pinstripes help create a streamlined appearance, and this garment would look impressive when paired with the aforementioned shirt and bow tie. Like the shirt, these pants are also appropriate for a menswear look. Therefore, all Neopets can wear this item with pride.

-Island Leaves and Flowers Foreground: I have included some Neopoint items for those who cannot purchase Neocash, or who do not wish to. This wondrous wearable resembles the prized flora of Mystery Island, a very summery beach resort. The flowers form a most tropical feel and would look astounding when paired with the dresses and skirts mentioned in this article. This item is very affordable, requiring little Neopoints to purchase by using the Shop Wizard.

-Tropical Island Paradise Background: This Neopoint background features a group of tropical trees amidst a sandy beach, complete with a lagoon in the background. This item helps create a relaxing, tropical look, and it is well-coordinated with the aforementioned foreground. Again, the dresses and skirts would look fabulous with this piece. It is also quite inexpensive.

There you have them: my recommendations for an astonishing summertime outfit. Neopets of all genders will surely benefit from at least one of these wearables. Stay warm, my dear Neopians, and don't forget your sunscreen!

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