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Species Spotlight: Tuskaninny

by mouseketeers


Every Neopets deserves to have a bit of time in the spotlight, and that can get difficult with how many species there are, but the Neopian calendar has made room so that each pet has their own special day. On these special days, new wearables are released, new colors become available, and all the creative minds around Neopia put their best writing and art skills to work to create content around their passion for that pet. That's why I'm here! July 12 is the celebration of one of my favorite Neopet species, the Tuskaninny.

There isn't enough love out there for this aquatic pet, they rank in 38th place on the list of "most popular" Neopets by ownership, and I wanted to write this article to change that. To teach the players out there that Tuskaninny are a great pick for a playful pet, and one that you will be happy with for a very long time. And what better place to start than with the name itself:

Tuskaninny. Pronounced TUSK-uh-NIN-ee. The name is actually pretty deceitful, as the pet doesn't have any tusks, and also is much more intelligent than a ninny. Rather than having tusks, they have an assortment of freckles on their cheeks where whiskers would usually grow. They have a large nose and generally sport a friendly smile. One of the nicest and most fun-loving pets, Tuskaninny can often be found outside in the sun or swimming through pools or lakes. They are aquatic by nature, with two hand-like front fins and a long tail fin that helps them move quickly and efficiently in water. Atop their heads is a small tuft of hair, usually in a charmingly unkempt style.

Tuskaninnies are a very fashionable species as well, it isn't uncommon for them to pop up as winners in the Customisation Spotlight, taking home top prize. They have many different colors available through paint brushes, but also have a wide variety of species specific wearables to choose from. Whether you want to wear something from the "Embellished" line, an over the top and very detailed series of items, or you want to go a bit more subdued and wear something from the "Green Suit" set, you will find something to impress your friends. And for an easy day shopping, there is always the "Casual" set that will keep you looking sharp but not overdone. And for a more out there option, consider the "Ballet" set, including Tuskaninny Ballet Shoes that fit perfectly over your pet's tail fin. Though I still haven't really figured out how this species practices ballet, they can definitely dress for it!

Once you've got your Tuskaninny all dressed up, you can head on over to the Battledome and use your fashion to intimidate the opponent, because you will not fare well with the Tuskaninny specific weapons. Now, Tuskaninnies are intelligent, they love to try new things, and they are quick learners, they are also pretty good fighters in the Battledome despite their inability to move quickly over land due to a lack of legs. That being said, they have not mastered weapon craftsmanship as other species, like Chias or Kacheeks, have. There are over a dozen Tuskaninny-only weapons out there and sadly they all fall a bit short. The best out of all of them, the Worn Tuskaninny Shoulder Guard, is only worthwhile because of it's price compared to more powerful shields. If you are really hurting for physical damage icons, you can try out the Tuskaninny Paw Protector (which also acts as a shield), or the Tuskaninny Slingshot. But overall, you are better sticking to weapons that can be equipped to all species over these ones.

Don't get discouraged, though they may not have the best weapons, Tuskaninnies have many amazing skills and a few members of the species have risen to stardom through the years. One of the most famous, or infamous depending on how you feel about the game, is the waitress in the game Slushie Slinger. While she gets off to a slow start, once she warms up she is flying up and down those aisles to make sure the rabid fans of the Altador Cup are staying cool with slushie goodness. Another notable gamer is the climbing Tuskaninny in the game Cliffhanger. He works his way up the icy, snowy cliff in Terror Mountain while you try to solve a puzzle featuring a famous Neopian name or phrase, and though he's fallen countless times he always manages to get back up and climb to the top over and over again. Resilience is a trait that is strong in the Tuskaninny blood, the ability to get up and fight again continues on to Senator Palpus. Senator Palpus is a politician from Sakhmet who works in the background to keep the city running smoothly, safely, and happily under Amira's rule. He has fought in many battles and in many wars and is very proud of his accomplishments. The idea of never giving up runs even in the youngest of Tuskaninny, as shown by the famous Cheat! player Little Timmy. Though he is still getting a hang of the game, and hasn't made it to the final rounds yet, he works very hard and practices every day to get better. Tuskaninnies never give up!

The one major warning I would give in owning a Tuskaninny is that you should be very careful with their Petpet selection. While they will get along splendidly with most any little friend, it's wise not to give them a Ghoti or Mortog as it will remind them of their two favorite sources of food: fish and frogs. It might be best to avoid giving them a Goldie as well.

This water based Neopet is a joy to have around, always good for a laugh and always has a smile of their face. Their special day falls right in the peak of summer, the time they are most active due to the sun and water, and I hope this article has opened your mind to this lovable pet and expanded your knowledge on their lives a little bit. There isn't much more I can say, you just have to go out and meet one yourself!

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