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Dive into the Month of Swimming!

by kingfisherblue33


Neopia offers new and exciting experiences in its hidden underwater worlds. Why not explore beyond what is seen by the average Neopet? Try snorkeling or diving in Neopia’s top five sites – this article tells you where to go and what to look for!

Always remember to consider your safety when swimming in open water – always tell a parent or friend where you are going, and if you are diving make sure to dive with a buddy so you can help each other if needed.

Roo Island

The Roo Island pier is famous across Neopia for its arcade, attracting both young and young-at-heart to spend an afternoon competing with their friends or completing that one level they’ve been practising for weeks. However, many have no idea of the beautiful sights that lie directly below them.

Diving below the pier is very shallow, reaching depths of only 4 metres, and the water is calm enough for this to be an ideal location for a neopet new to the world of diving, while also providing an exciting dive for the more experienced. Upon entering the water you will see a range of Neopian objects, both ancient and modern, that the resident underwater creatures have repurposed to make their homes. Make sure to take your time when diving here; the truly amazing sights will only be seen if you stop and look around! A closer look at the pillars of the Roo Island pier will reveal small colonies of Peo and Baby Blu, in all the colours of the rainbow! If you are very lucky, you may even see small, delicate anemones growing at the base of a pillar.

Krawk Island

Krawk Island is, of course, notorious for its pirates and so there is no better place in Neopia to go if you are looking to see some shipwrecks! Provided you have assembled the map and can find its location on the island, the Forgotten Shore is the perfect place to dive or snorkel out to investigate some of the ships stranded by this area’s treacherous reefs. These reefs, while dangerous to ships and their crew, provide much needed protection against the effects of offshore storms occurring in the Maraquan Circle, absorbing the wave energy and protecting the wrecks and the neopets that explore them. As these ships ran aground in shallow water, even fairly new divers will be able to enjoy seeing the wrecks from the outside, although a greater level of diving experience is essential if you are planning to enter them, as they may be unstable. Treasure and cargo from wrecked ships have been known to wash up on the Forgotten Shore, and there is always the chance that by swimming down to visit these wrecks, you too may find the resting place of the loot the pirates carried…

Mystery Island

A popular holiday destination, Mystery Island is the perfect place to relax in the shade of a palm tree and admire the waves lapping on the shore as you drink coconut juice. Those more actively inclined may compete in a beach volleyball match, explore the nearby ruins of the lost city of Geraptiku, or train with the Techo Master at the Mystery Island Training School. However, if you are looking for a new experience on your trip that is that ideal mix of active and relaxing, why not try snorkelling or diving after sunset? At night time here, underwater creatures emit light for communication, protection, and hunting, showing you a world that you would never have imagined could exist beneath the waves! If you can, try to swim or dive in the same location during the day first, so you will have a better understanding of the area and will notice the dramatic difference between underwater life in night and day. Your movement may also disturb tiny organisms in the water, causing them to light up naturally – it will feel like you are swimming among the stars!

Kiko Lake

The world-famous glass bottom boat is a highlight for neopets visiting Kiko Lake in the hot summer months, showing the relaxed and carefree day-to-day life of the villagers below, without visitors ever having to get their feet wet. In winter however, parts of the lake can sometimes freeze over. While this is excellent news for the excited young pets who have been anxiously anticipating the day when they can throw on their skates and dance across the newly formed ice, it can be a little disappointing to the out-of-season guests, who were almost certainly hoping to take the famed glass bottom boat tour. This annual dilemma can be solved by swimming down below the ice, allowing visitors to meet the locals that live beneath the lake who have been cut off from the world above. As the water during winter is very cold, it is essential to wear a thick wetsuit or a drysuit. Due to the temperature, it is advisable only to dive in Kiko Lake for a short period of time, although you would still have more than enough time to visit the locals, and even watch some of Kiko Lake’s famous treats being created!


What would a list of top underwater sights be if it didn’t include Maraqua? The variety of sights to see around this city is unparalleled, with towering coral architecture in New Maraqua, atmosphere and mystery in the ruins of the Old Town, and diverse life bathed in calm sunlight in the kelp forests to the North. The kelp forest is one of the best places to see wild Maraquan petpets – Splime and Urgoni traverse the seabed leisurely while excitable Surzards dart in and out of the foliage. If you pay close attention in New Maraqua you may be lucky enough to see a shy Kora camouflaging itself against the corals!

Although you will not require any special equipment to swim in this city, as King Kelpbeard has made sure that all air-breathing visitors are supplied with magic to give them oxygen, it is worth taking some time out of your day to slow down and view this often bustling city in a new light. Instead of rushing to reserve your evening’s reservation at Kelp, why not swim out to the edge of town and see how many different petpet species you can see in half an hour?

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