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Interview with Feldon “Dinksy” Collibridge

by avielend


      Now that Altador Cup XII has concluded and Kiko Lake has come out on top, it’s time for your favorite Altador Cup (AC) commentators, Tobias Sigmir and Hovri Sweet, to sit down with some of the standout players from this year’s AC. One of the most impressive stats from the AC is the goals scored per game (referred to as GPG). This year, Krawk Island’s Feldon “Dinksy” Collibridge ended the games with 6.92 GPG, a remarkable achievement. To commemorate this achievement, Tobias and Hovri have arranged an interview with Dinksy, who is back on Krawk Island following the end of the Altador Cup.

      Sigmir: I must say, this AC had some exciting moments. Dinksy, you just had an amazing AC. 6.92 GPG – that’s remarkable!

      Sweet: That’s right Tobias. Although there were several phenomenal scorers this year, no one quite managed to meet the mark you set. Dinksy, what was behind your success this year?

      Collibridge: Thank you both! I just feel so fortunate to be playing for Krawk Island – the team is great and, of course, we have the best fans! The energy of the crowd just puts me in the zone when I’m out on the pitch. And, seeing the Techo Fanatic out there sometimes gives me just enough of a boost to really put away the goals. As for this year in particular, something just clicked. I think I really worked on my awareness of where everyone was at on the field and tried to anticipate their next moves. It’s something I want to work on developing further next year – maybe then I’ll break the 7 GPG mark!

      Sweet: That’s just wonderful. Did you do any special training for the event?

      Collibridge: I mostly stuck to my usual routine. I find that playing yooyuball year-round keeps me in the best shape and dedicated to doing the best that I can do. In fact, I try to play 46 matches a day to stay mentally focused. It’s not for everyone, but you really just need to find a routine that works for you. The team and I are very lucky because we have a nice training ground and there’s a lot of support.

      Sigmir: 46 games a day! No wonder you were so strong this season. Do your teammates play in these matches with you?

      Collibridge: Most of the time, yes. We’re very focused on practicing as a team and scrimmages are a great way to test what’s working and what’s not. As a team, we’d prefer to correct and make changes away from the AC, so that we have our system perfected in time for the Cup. Of course, there’s always going to be some hiccups, but we work well together and due to all the time practicing together, minor changes are simple enough to implement. Usually.

      Sigmir: Such dedication. Krawk Island has always been consistent, and clearly this is a strategy that makes the team strong.

      Sweet: Agreed. Let’s talk about the team for a minute – after a fifth place finish this year, what’s the strategy for next year?

      Collibridge: We’re all pleased with how we did this year. Of course, we want to win, but a fifth place finish is still a great season. Right now we’re all relaxing some and enjoying the conclusion of a successful season, but soon we’ll start evaluating and working hard in preparation for AC XIII. After all, the goal is always to win the Cup! Perhaps next year will be our year!

      Sweet: Krawk Island hasn’t won the Altador Cup in 8 years. How do you and the team feel about that?

      Collibridge: It hurts, at times, but overall, we’re happy with where we’re at. I think we’ve consistently been contenders in the Cup year after year, although there have been a few times we’ve placed lower than we’d like. For myself, it just pushes me to try harder, to really challenge other teams and to show our fans just how much their support means. As a team, I think everyone feels the same way. It can be frustrating at times, but really, we always have a good run and have a great time. At the end of the Cup, I want to leave feeling successful – sometimes that doesn’t just mean winning. And in that, I think Krawk Island is one of the most successful teams.

      Sigmir: Could you expand a little on how you’d define success for your team?

      Collibridge: Sure. As I mentioned, I want us to do well each year but it’s just as important that we’re playing with harmony and everyone gets along. The team chemistry is very important to playing well on the field, so we need to make sure that everyone is as supportive as possible. There’s going to be times that one of us has an off night (except for Garven – he always is great) and we need to make sure we can talk about any changes without assigning blame. To me, our team is successful because of the care and support we have for one another. It just translates to consistency.

      Sigmir: It surprises me at times how consistent Krawk Island is. I always expect the team to finish in the top 5, with a couple years being exceptions. There are only a couple other teams that I would say that about.

      Sweet: Absolutely, Tobias. Especially for the longevity of the team. Any other insights you can provide on that?

      Collibridge: *laughs* I think we have Garven to thank – as Captain, he’s the one that keeps us together and keeps us focused. He’s also just a fantastic goalie, and dare I say, the best in the game right now. At the end of the games, he’s proud of us so long as we play well. One day, the Championship will be ours, but Garven reminds us that we’re still champions without the gold. If he ever retired…well, I just don’t know what we’d do without him.

      Sweet: Garven Hale has been a great leader for Krawk Island, there’s no doubting that. In fact, his lead on the defense is one of the most commonly known facts about your team.

      Sigmir: Mm-hmm. That’s part of why we wanted to interview you, Dinksy – it’s very impressive to see such an offensive talent on a team that’s known primarily for their defense.

      Sweet: Precisely. Now Dinksy, now that the Cup’s over, do you have anything special planned?

      Collibridge: Just some well-deserved relaxation for a bit. I also want to meet with some of the fans back home. They’re support always means so much and it’s great to give back. As I’ve mentioned though, I’ll be back practicing before too long.

      Sigmir: Well said. Dinksy, thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us today. As you know, it’s our goal to provide the best coverage of the Altador Cup, and it’s interviews like this that allow us to meet that.

      Sweet: Yes, thank you Dinksy. We hope to get a chance to talk with you next year as well, perhaps after Krawk Island wins the Cup? *laughs*

      Collibridge: That would be an excellent way to celebrate! Thank you both for having me here today, it’s always a pleasure.

      The End.

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