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The Pound Chat: A Brief Guide

by drizzydraik


Have you ever wanted to trade some of your Neopets for something you like better? Well, the Pound Chat board, or PC, helps that dream become a reality. However, there are quite a few obstacles that you need to get past in order to make successful trades and even friends on the PC!

First, there are a few things you need to know right off the bat. There are a lot of acronyms and other terminology that might confuse the average Neopian. Here are just a few, along with some commentary and explanations.

LF = Looking for. Is someone seeking what you have? Let them know! Unless you aren't interested in the offer, of course. No need to get anyone's hopes up.

S = Seeking. The same as LF, really.

O= Offering. If a user is offering something you really want, go ahead and click! Maybe they'll list what they're seeking, and if you have something suitable, you can work something out. It's really that easy, guys!

UFT = Up for Trade. This is one of the easiest ones! If you see any board titles with these three letters in them, stop on by! Maybe you can even offer, if you feel inclined! Be sure to read the first few posts and see if they want you to post or mail offers. If you skip their posts, they might just skip over your offer, and that's no fun!

UFA = Up for Adoption. Another fairly simple acronym. UFA Boards are typically much busier than UFT, because most people would rather just be given a pet than have to work for it by trading. Heh. I'm guilty of this, too.

UFQT = Up for Quick Trade. Very similar to UFT, just means that they are wanting to trade one pet or a few pets very fast; either that day, that hour, etc. It really just depends.

UFQA = Up for Quick Adoption. Oh boy. These are very stressful. If you see UFQA boards, especially UFQA UC boards, prepare for utter chaos. People love getting free pets; especially quickly getting free pets! Be warned, they can be drama-filled, or they can be fun. There really is no in-between on the PC.

UL = Unlimited. Usually refers to an unlimited custom. People can offer unlimited customs on pound pets or on pets they already own in exchange for other pets. If you have enough NPs for a UL custom on one of your Neopets, be sure to mention it! It can really up their value!

UC = Unconverted pet. Many new Neopians might not know that the pets that kept their old artwork are known as UC pets. Only a select few pets did not auto-convert back in 2007, leaving a scarce amount to trade for. These are very difficult to trade for, and perhaps even harder to adopt. The PC is full of these rare pets up for trade, but Fyora forbid you underoffer on one. The PC might burn you alive.

PRDK = Plushies, royals, draiks, and krawks. These refer to the UC PRDK, however. They are the rarest of the rare and the hardest to trade up to.

RW/RN = Real word and real name pets. These acronyms are pretty self-explanatory. Real words usually refers to real English words, or it will usually be titled according to language. Real names can range from any language, really. Typically English as well, though. Unfortunately, despite the definitions of real words and real names, a lot of PCers insist upon mushing two female names together and calling it a real name. Be wary. And please... don't be that guy.

3l/4l/5l =3 lettered, 4 lettered, 5 lettered. If an "l" follows a number, it refers to how many letters are in the pet's name. Easy! 3l/4l are very popular on the PC these days, and have a lot of value if pronounceable.

V/WN = Very well named, or well named. Very well named pets are very sought after, especially in the UC trading realm. They are easily pronounceable and relatively short in length. Well named pets are still pretty valuable, but might be a bit longer than VWN pets, and could have an uncapitalized beginning letter.

V/BN = Very bad named, or bad named. These are the lowest of the low, really. These won't even trade for a Pile of Dung, most of the time. The only exception is with UCs or Ice Boris. If not, you're probably out of luck if you're looking to trade pollytheflotsam9932swim for a nicer named pet.

MS = Misspell. Usually misspells refer to words, but can refer to name misspells. Pets with MS names are niche, but can trade quite well with the right person!

BD= Battledome. BD pets tend to trade very well; amongst UCs and the like. If you have a spare BD pet you'd like to trade, do so carefully and make sure you confirm with other PCers that you are trading wisely!

HSD = Hit points, strength, defence. HSD refers to the total you get when you add a pet's HP, Strength, and Defence together. Movement is not added because to most elite BDers, it is not important.

BFA = Bump for awareness. If someone is hacked, frozen, or just is in need of bringing some attention to their board, this acronym is used to bring the board back up to the top so more people can view it.

NTYGLT = No thank you, good luck trading. Ah, the famous high-horse way of saying no to an offer. The sass behind this acronym stings whoever is hit with it, really. Please, refrain from rejecting offers with this acronym. It leaves relations between you and whoever offered very poor. And, who knows? They might trade for your dream pet tomorrow, and by then it'll be too late to apologize and offer on it.

In all, just be a nice and amiable person! The PC can be hilarious, sassy, and nice. Most of us are very welcoming and are willing to answer any legitimate questions you may have about trading or anything. You might find your new best Neofriends here on the PC!

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