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Hungry For Fashion

by brodysseus


Ever since the NC Mall was introduced 10 years ago, customization has swept through Neopia like a tornado. People have been clamoring for the latest and greatest in fashion trends, creating stunning and shocking looks, and making their once simple pets into extravagant beauties. This trend has not slowed down and now there are thousands of wearables, both in the NC Mall and in main shops, user shops, and the trading post. You don't need to use Neocash to dress up your pet, there are plenty of neopoint items available as well.

But when you are spending hours upon hours wading through the many options available in your closet, exhausting yourself, you'll work up quite an appetite! You could stop and get a snack...but you're already knee deep in blouses, you don't want to take a break just yet. So what is a hungry, fashion forward Neopian to do?

Food related wearables! There are many different clothing and wearable items that featuring your favorite foods around Neopia, and when you have food stashed in your closet you won't ever have to leave to eat! While you may have been advised against playing with your food, there is no problem with wearing it. If anyone disagrees, just tell them it's haute-couture.

Now, it is a bit intimidating to face the massive amount of wearables currently available to try to find the best edible outfits for your pet to put on, so I've done a lot of research myself to bring you this list. This features various types of wearables, all with food being the star of the piece, that you can give to your pet. This can act as a jumping off point for you, maybe you'll find one item that inspires a whole outfit, or you'll attach all of these to your Neopet for the ultimate food buffet!! Whatever the choice, as long as it involves food it is a good choice.

Mayonnaise Chilli And Cheese covered Corn on the Cob

This popular Mexican street food, known as "elote" in Spanish, is incredibly rich. It has a creamy, savory spread that has a little bit of a spicy kick to it that is robbed on grilled corn on the cob. It is fatty and shouldn't be eaten daily because of all the oil and dairy, but it makes an amazing treat every now and again.

Bakery Macaron Display

A macaron is a French sweet that is made of two delicate meringue cookies sandwiched together with some type of frosting or fruit filling. A personal favorite of mine is chocolate macaron shells with a sweet raspberry filling, but there are many beautiful combinations out there. You can display these many combinations in this bakery case foreground. It'll make your Neopet appear as a vendor for everyone's favorite French treat. Don't get too excited and eat all of the product though!

Peppermint Contacts

These contacts will turn your eyes into big peppermints, thankfully they won't have that minty burn to them. You'll be seeing sweet for days when you wear these. If you really want to make a lasting impression (and make them question just exactly where your pupils are), these are an amazing choice. Pop on a pair of Trendy Peppermint Glasses to up the anty, and maybe make your Battledome opponents a bit dizzy.

Cheese Shop Background

People are obsessed with cheese and I personally have no understood why, but there are entire communities out there devoted to the art of cheese. If you want to appeal to those types of people, the Cheese Shop Background is the perfect choice for you. Your Neopet will seem like they are constantly shopping for the most flavorful and fragrant cheese out there. A never ending quest of dairy perfection. Even the furniture is made of cheese, so be careful not to sit or it might melt and stick to you!

Candy Corn Bow Tie

When you are going to a formal event, like a wedding, it's important to dress to impress. But even when you are dressed up, you should always add a pop of personality and a little something fun, that is why designer bow ties are so popular! Candy Corn Bow Ties are an amazing way to express your love of fun and sweet candy, while still coming off as prim and proper. It'll make a great conversation piece as well, before you know it people will be ignoring the bride and instead talking to you!

Jar Of Candy Hearts

When you are dressed head to toe in food, it might be very difficult not to take a bite of your outfit, keep a jar of candy on hand! This trinket will sit by your Neopet's side, always offering a kick of sugar to curb the craving and keep you from devouring the whole wardrobe. And you'll make friends quickly by offering them something sweet to eat!

Skeith Ice Cream Shorts

These ice cream stained shorts are a high fashion, avant-garde art piece that represents how difficult it is to hold on to something when you obtain it, using the metaphor of a scoop falling off its cone. Or, at least, that is what you can tell people when you make a mess of ice cream all over yourself. It's a foolproof plan, don't worry.

Food Fight Shower

Food streaming back and forth across your Neopet's face is sure to give them some sort of anxiety, but if they can catch a piece they'll be very satisfied. All the food flying by is totally delicious, super savory comfort food. If they are really lucky they will be able to snag the soda and wash down whatever else they eat. Perhaps spaghetti, pizza, I think I ever saw a hot dog!

And finally, for the last item on our list I had to go deep into The Neopet's Team's offices. It took a lot of sneaking around and being very quiet, but I was able to find some of the best food of all time in there...

Inside TNTs Breakroom Refrigerator Background

The Neopet's Team keeps their staff very well fed out of this super stocked refrigerator, and if you can be stealthy enough you'll be able to steal a few items out of it. Be careful though, if Scrappy catches you stealing cookie dough you may get a ban from the Neopian Times!!

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