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Summery Scenery

by danzgirl12


Good day to you all, fair Neopians! As the month of Relaxing comes to a close, things are heating up for the long summer days ahead of us in the month of Swimming. Personally, summer is my favorite season of the year, but I can tell a lot of other people are struggling with the thought of higher temperatures and the stress that can sometimes bring with it. My pets in particular seem a bit hesitant to leave the comfort of our cool Neohome and venture into the great outdoors. I don't want them cooped up inside for the next few months, so I figured I would have to devise a plan that would encourage them to spend more time out in the sun. In my opinion, enjoying yourself in the summer all comes down to being in the right kind of atmosphere or setting.

With that in mind, I thought it would be a great idea to take a look at some of the wearable backgrounds that Neopia has to offer in relation to summer. You'll find some are more about the general sceneries or views of summertime days, while others highlight specific summer activities that your pets can participate in. Either way, they all should help get our pets ready and excited to start the summer! So, in no particular order, I give you some of my favorite summery scenes.

Sunset View Background

I'm a sucker for a good sunset, what can I say? Something about the way that dying sunlight just glances off the leaves of the palm trees in different shades of orange and gold...it fills me with a sort of inner peace that I can't find elsewhere. This background shows a calm, serene ending to what we can surmise was a fun-filled day on the island beach.

Balmy Summer Picnic Background

Take a trip out into the countryside and enjoy a relaxing late afternoon picnic under the shade of an old tree. How could you not be cheerful with those lovely sunflowers practically smiling at you as you leisurely enjoy your finger sandwiches and fresh fruit salad? When you're done eating, the shade of the tree provides you an opportunity to take a nap on the soft quilt and pillows you have laid out for yourself.

Wave Surfer Background

Surf's up, dudes! Okay, I'll be honest: I don't know a lot about surfing, but what could be a better representation of what summer is all about? The last time I hit the beach on Mystery Island, I found a pretty zen beach bum offering free surfing tips! So, even if you have no prior surfing experience, you can find someone to tell you a thing or two about those sweet A-frames and barrels (alright, this is me pretending like a know what I'm saying by throwing out random surfing terminology).

Summer Fun Beach Background

Here you've got a nice little spot under a tree on the beach. This one features one of my favorite beach activites: sand castle building! Make sure you have enough shovels and pails ready to go for your sand masterpiece. See which of your friends can build the best fortress (bonus points for a functioning moat). Watch out for those coconuts above you, though! One strong gust of wind could knock one of them out of the tree and right onto one of your castles.

Beach Luau Background

You can never pass up a good luau. After spending all day on the beach, you have probably worked up quite an appetite. When the sun goes down, the island natives gather around a large bonfire. A grand assortment of local fruits and other delicious morsels is laid out for the feast, and everyone spends the evening dancing under the glow of the multi-colored lights and stars. If you get lucky, they might even roast some smores.

Mynci Beach Volleyball Background

I don't care how out of shape you think you are right now, you have to try at least one match of beach volleyball this summer. I know my pets aren't too excited to go up against any of the Mynci pros (they just don't quite have that same jumping ability) but I have assured them it's easy to get a group of novice players to start up a game. The Mynciis have been known to do some coaching every now and then in their spare time. When you get tired, just call a quick time out and go for a dip in the ocean.

Mystery Island Summer Background

Probably one of the most basic of the summer backgrounds, but sometimes simplicity is the key. You don't always want to be overwhelmed with the comings and goings of other beach visitors. Sometimes it's nice to get away from your family and friends for a bit and just go for a solo tanning session. This side of the island shows a more secluded part of the Mystery Island beach, with the water as clear blue as I have ever seen it. It's the perfect spot to lay out (although you better put some sunblock on, in case you fall asleep).

Floating at the Beach Background

When you're feeling lazy or a little indecisive about how to spend your time on the beach, the best thing to do is just float about aimlessly. It's quite relaxing, I assure you. You can go about it in one of two ways. The first is just to float on your back. I know there are a few pet species out there that would have trouble with this (Grarrls, for instance. They've got those tiny arms and definitely can't keep themselves afloat). If floating isn't your forte, there are plenty of float rings you can purchase to make it easier. The Maraquan Shoyru Float Ring is my personal favorite. Just plop down in one of those and let the tide take you where it may!

Relaxing Poolside Background

Sometimes, it's nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the public beach and just chill out at the pool. This quaint set-up is great for you and a few close friends to spend a day lounging comfortably. The shaded area has a few plush couches, and the built-in fireplace comes in handy if you stay out later into the evening, when it can get a bit chilly. And of course, the pool itself is there for you if you ever do need to cool down and have a little splash around.

Island Holiday Background

Who doesn't love a holiday on a tropical island? This beach getaway comes with everything you need for a worry free day on the island. You've got your blanket, chair, beach ball, and your umbrella. You're surrounded by the lush, natural vegetation of the island and basically your own private beach. Fancy a spin on the sail boat? Go for it! Maybe you can even have a waiter at the nearby hotel come and bring you some refreshments.

I think it's time we all go have some fun in the sun!

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