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Ixi A to Z

by aleu1986


Just in time for Ixi Day, we are wandering through the alphabet and discovering everything there is to know between A and Z about the wonderful Ixi. Let`s dive right in!



Not counting the default Ixi avatar, there are six avatars featuring this species. They feature famous Ixi such as Nabile, Tarla, Sinsi and Sophie the Swamp Witch, as well as a Faerie Ixi and a Disco one.

Altador Cup

Speaking of Disco Ixi... Tobias Sigmir works as one of the commentators during the Altador Cup. This Disco Ixi has a journalism degree from Brightvale University, and since he was small, it`s been his dream to have a yooyuball-related job. He landed his dream position as commentator for the AC and has personally recruited the second commentator, Hovri Sweet the Grarrl.


Brightvale Books Shopkeeper

The bookstore located in Brightvale is run by a well-read male brown Ixi. Having adapted a more relaxed and casual style than most shopkeepers, he sits comfortably in his favourite chair, reading and drinking tea while he waits for you to browse and make your selection.



This comically named green Ixi is a jester at the court of Meridell. When he`s not entertaining at the banquets or valiantly trying to make King Skarl crack a smile, he can be found participating in Round Table Poker tournaments.


Most Ixi wear a pink or purple collar with a yellow diamond on it, but this is fairly inconsistent. In some colours it`s replaced by something else (such as the Baby Ixi wearing a bib, and the Christmas one a bell harness) while some colours don`t wear one at all. Some basic colours like Speckled and Split lack the collar, as do more special ones like Faerie and Pirate. Small variations on the collar include a chain (Ghost) and a medallion (Plushie).



The Ixi`s design is special in the sense that it`s barely changed since the species was first released, but in this section I wanted to talk about the Ixi I feel has the best design and artwork: The Zombie Ixi. This paint brush colour is not among my personal favourites, but I still appreciate the amazing detail that has been put into the undead Ixi. The large scar running down the middle of his face, his huge glossy eyes that appear to be leaking(!) and the mould or pus that is gathered around his horns and hooves. All of this create an image of a terrifying zombie, and to top it all off he`s wearing elegant Neovian clothes, as a reminder of the gentleman he was in life.

Before we move on, it`s also worth mentioning that Ixi were the second Chocolate Neopet to sport chocolate shavings on their legs. Kau was the first, and so far these two are the only ones with this unique Chocolate design.


Ethel and Ellits

Ethel Boortz and Ilsa Ellits are both players for the Meridell AC team. Ethel is currently the only Elderly Neopet playing on any team. She joined the team for the eighth cup, and so she has less experience than her team-mates. Ilsa, a large red Ixi, plays centre defender while Ethel plays the left forward position.



As part of the final battles during the War for the Obelisk event, the Oracle summoned an embodiment of the worst fear of each of the factions leaders. For the Awakened twins it was Death, taking the form of a light blue Baby Ixi, with cherub wings and a bow.



Ixi pride themselves on being smart and creative, and they hate being bored. Living in Meridell means making up your own fun, whether it`s a game of hide-and-seek around the farm, playing practical jokes on your friends or making up all new games and puzzles, like Sinsi the Ixi has done.



This handsome thief played a key role in the Faeries Ruin plot, and after defeating the evil Xandra, he was given the title Master Thief by the Faerie Queen herself. Together with Brynn, a soldier from the Brightvale army, Hanso now works to hunt down dangerous faerie artefacts and bring them to Queen Fyora so they can be defused and kept safe. He is a former member of the Thieves Guild, and is allergic to Angelpi.


Ixi don`t have paws like a Kougra, nor solid hooves like a Uni. Their feet are cloven, similar to that of the Kau and Moehog. An Ixi`s tracks in the dirt is referred to as hoofprints.


All Ixi have a set of two small horns on top of their head. In certain colours the horns are larger and longer, such as in Mutant, Darigan, Christmas and Tyrannian.



This kind, gentle Earth Faerie has left Faerieland in favour of the green forests of Meridell where she resides in her own secluded forest glade. Although Illusen doesn`t play favourites, she loves all Neopets big and small, but there`s no denying she has a special connection to the Ixi, who also call Meridell their home and love the forest. She is frequently depicted together with them, and there are several descriptions of Ixi items that mention Illusen or her glade. Such as Forest Ixi Amulet, which is carved from trees in her glade, or the Mystical Ixi Hooded Cape, said to be blessed by Illusen herself to grant protection to any Ixi who wears it.

Ixi Courtier

Featured in the Battle for Meridell war, this female Ixi tried recruiting the nobles of Meridell to support the cause of Lord Kass.

Ixi Hunter

The Ixi Hunters are Meridells advance guard, silently prowling the forests for signs of evil.



We`re all familiar with TNT`s April Fools jokes and pranks, and one year there was an outbreak of a new, terrible "decease" known as Scourgies. Infected Neopets suffered from lumpy growths on the face and body, as well as persistent cough and severe headache. The joke lasted for a full 24 hours, meaning that on the 2nd of April, a picture of an infected Grey Ixi made the front page of the news, urging healthy Neopets to stay away from the infected ones until a cure could be found. At midnight all the ill Neopets were magically cured and Neopian life resumed as normal.

One of the prizes from the Advent Calendar the same year was a plushie version of the poor, sick Ixi, called Scourgies Covered Ixi Plushie.



A female, yellow Ixi that appears in the game NeoQuest II. She lives outside of Sakhmet City and is married to a sand salesman.


LE – Limited Edition

Ixis were first released as a LE pet, only to have their status changed to creatable within a few weeks.



The medieval world of Meridell is the Ixi`s native land. Meridell is a lush and green country with a vast forest where the Ixi can run and skip merrily. Neighbours to Meridell are the Darigan Citadel and the kingdom of Brightvale.



This young Ixi was born in one of Sakhmets poorest districts and from a very young age she roamed the streets, stealing food and the odd coin. She joined the Desert Scarabs, an underground group of thieves and street urchins. She later married Jazan, the ruler of Qazala, and helped save him and his people from a terrible curse. Now ruling alongside Jazan as queen, Nabile is just and compassionate, striving to make life better for the poor and less fortunate.


This female blue Ixi runs the Ye Olde Petpet shop in Meridell. She is loving and caring towards the petpets, and enlists young Neopets as assistants to help them gain experience before caring for petpets of their own.


Orange Ixi Toothpaste

After your Ixi has eaten lots of Orange Ixi Cake and washed it down with a bottle of Orange Ixi Drink, it`s time to clean their teeth with the Orange Ixi Toothpaste – with real orange flavour!


Petpet Shopkeeper

The petpet shop in Moltara in run by a friendly Magma Ixi.


As mentioned previously, the Ixi`s artwork and design has barely changed at all since they were introduced to Neopia. Long-time Neopets members can remember the old circle pose all pets had prior to the customization system was launched. In this pose, the Ixi were standing with one hoof lifted and their head turned to the side, as if distracted by something. Their expression was serious, almost wary. When their artwork was updated, their pose shifted to have all four hooves planted firmly on the ground and your Ixi now looks straight at you with an open, friendly expression.


Lady Quintara

This white Ixi is also known as the Medieval Princess, and she`s featured on a collectable card. Nothing else is known about her however.


The Ixi is a quadruped, that is to say an animal that walks and stands on four legs.


Roadside Bandit

This male brown Ixi is part of the Thieves Guild faction and is one of the opponents in the War for the Obelisk.



This intelligent Ixi hails from Meridell and is the creator of the challenging puzzle game Shapeshifter. If you`re clever enough to solve Sinsi`s puzzle, you may earn yourself an avatar bearing her image. Sinsi herself is easily recognized by the golden earrings she wears.


The question of what kind of animal the Ixi is has boggled many a user. Are they deer or goats? The fact is that they`re deer. This has been confirmed in an Editorial. (The Neopets Times issue 661).

Sophie the Swamp Witch

She may seem harsh, but on the inside Sophie is a good Ixi. She was born and raised in Neovia, the youngest child and only daughter of Edmund and Alice. She has two brothers, Reginald and Bruno. When a curse befell the citizens of Neovia, Sophie`s family was falsely blamed, and Reginald took his little sister into the woods, seeking safety. They came upon the dark Earth Faerie Ilere, who took care of little Sophie and taught her magic and the art of potion-brewing. Years later, Sophie and her brother were able to end the curse upon Neovia, and Sophie could see her family again.

Preferring solitude, she still resides in a damp hut in the swamp years later, with only Meowclops for company.

In the game Sophie`s Stew, you can help Sophie brew potions by adding ingredients to her bubbling cauldron!



This red Ixi runs the Shop of Mystery which is located at the top of Terror Mountain. For various sums of NP, you can buy a bag with a mystery item inside (usually junk). Tarla is also in charge of Tarla`s Treasures, a random giveaway where she`ll appear for a few minutes giving away a free item. When she is having a giveaway, links are posted on the boards, so keep an eye out for threads titled "Tarla is here!"


Very little is known about this female Ixi, other than that on one of her usual long walks she found a magical slot machine which awarded her more Neopoints each time she played. Trudy used the funds gained to buy a dress for a ball. This became a daily feature on the site, known as Trudy`s Surprise, a slot machine that awards you more Neopoints each day you play.



Unconverted Ixi include Darigan, Faerie, Grey, Plushie, Robot and Tyrannian

Iggsah van Uggamuggah

This female Tyrannian Ixi appears in the game S.M.E.L.T

Uh Oh, Spaghetti Eyes

A pile of pasta topped with delicious sauce and olives in the shape of an Ixi!


Commander Valka

This male green Ixi lives aboard the Virtupets Space Station and he`s the leader of the resistance against Dr. Sloth. He has many Neopets working under his command, and they all work tirelessly to stop any evil plan Sloth cooks up.



When an Ixi wears a wig, most of them cover up their horns, but there is a handful of wigs where you can see their little horns poking up above the hair. Some Ixi owners wish that all wigs would allow their Ixis horns to be proudly shown off instead of covering them up.


In their home land of Meridell, Ixi have plenty of room to roam about the green forests and feel the earth beneath their hooves. They`re at home in the forest as a Kacheek is on a flower meadow.


The Ixi and Xweetok are the only two Neopets species with the letter X in their name.


Year 10 Ixi Toy

In the Year 10 goodbie bags, a pretty blue Ixi toy was amongst the prizes. At the time of writing, these goodie bags are buyable, so grab yourself a bag and perhaps you can add this cute toy to your collection.

Young Sophie

Sophie the Swamp Witch has already been covered in this article, but I decided that Young Sophie deserved a mention as well. They`re obviously the same Ixi, but there`s no denying the sheer adorableness of Sophie as a little girl. A few items bearing the likeness of Young Sophie have been released, and hopefully some more will be created in the future.



If you have access to the Secret Laboratory, you have undoubtedly "zapped" a Neopet or more in your time. The Secret Lab does grant an avatar, featuring a beautiful Faerie Ixi being zapped and transformed in to a Mutant Grarrl.

I hope you have enjoyed this installment of Neopets A-Z and that you learned something new about the Ixi! Thanks for reading and have a great Ixi Day!

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