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Premium Perks: Making the Most of Your Upgrade

by kayahtik


So you’ve upgraded your Neopets account to Neopets Premium. Now what? How do you make sure you’re getting your (real life) money’s worth out of that upgrade? Read on to find out how to make the most out of your premium user benefits! (This may also be a useful reference for those of you who are undecided about premium. Read on to see some of the benefits and how upgrading your account could positively impact your Neopets experience!)

The best way to take advantage of Neopets Premium all depends on what your priorities are. If your priority is…

Neopoints: Let’s face it, this is a big deal for most Neopets users, and in my opinion, the best reason for upgrading your account to premium status. The Neopets economy is changing constantly, and players are always finding new ways to make Neopoints. Having a premium account can help you make even more!

1. Increased random events. This is pretty self-explanatory. Whether it’s a bank error in your favor, finding money on the ground, or having a valuable item dropped into your lap, random events can be pretty lucrative—even more so when their frequency is increased by your premium membership!

2. Space faerie scratchcards. As a premium player, every week you are given a special scratchcard that is (almost?) 100% guaranteed to give you a prize. That’s right, this card is no risk and all gain. Not all of the prizes are particularly valuable, but you also have the potential to earn a few thousand Neopoints! (And you can even get a bonus if you pair your scratchcards with the Full Pockets premium Obelisk Skirmish boon.)

3. Super Shop Wizard. The obvious thing here is to snipe valuable items that were unwittingly underpriced by other Neopets users. This is great, but keep in mind that some items can’t be searched in the SSW, including paint brushes, nerkmids, and lab map pieces. Another great use of the SSW is to help you competitively price the items in your own shop! You can make sure that your items will sell before anyone else’s by pricing them as little a single Neopoint below the next highest price.

4. Bankroll. Don’t forget to collect your bank interest! The Bankroll tab in the premium navigation bar will let you know whether or not you’ve collected your interest today. You can also keep an eye on your stock portfolio, so you’ll be less likely to miss any significant value increases and can jump on that opportunity to sell for a tidy profit.

5. 2x points. Playing games for Neopoints is a slower, but more reliable way of earning Neopoints for many users. Having a premium account gives you a random chance of the Space Faerie doing you a favor and doubling your Neopoints whenever you submit your score for a game, and those doubled Neopoints add up twice as fast! If that wasn’t enough, then also keep in mind that there’s a daily featured game just for premium users (in addition to the regular featured game), which automatically doubles players’ Neopoint winning. To make the most of these two benefits, pair them with the Premium Dreamium Obelisk Skirmish boon to give yourself even more chances for double points on the games you play!

Community: Something that keeps many longtime players coming back to Neopets over and over again are all of the great friends they’ve made over the years. It’s surprisingly easy to make new Neofriends through guilds and chatting on the Neoboards, and keeping up with those friends made even easier when you have a central place to hang out, thanks to premium access.

1. Charter Neoboards. Most people venture into the Neoboards to chat for one reason or another, but did you know that premium users have access to the exclusive Charter Neoboards? There are six Neoboards reserved exclusively for premium members, three of which are “charter” boards, only available to “longtime premium members.” The community here is very tight-knit, and regular chatters on the Charter boards are always happy to help each other out.

Customization: Pet customization is a major draw for many players. Whether it’s painting, morphing, or dressing up your pet, this has been one of players’ favorite additions to the Neopets gameplay experience since the site opened, and having a premium account can significantly augment your customization opportunities.

1. Premium Collectible NC Items. Around the middle of each month, premium users are awarded an exclusive Neocash item to use in customizing their pets. The items are often themed around holidays occurring in the month they’re awarded, and can make great NC trading stock since they’re rarer than items that sock in the NC Mall.

2. Fifth pet. If per customization is one of your favorite things to do on Neopets, then perhaps one of the most useful premium perks for you will be the fifth pet slot.

Anything else: Everyone has different goals, hobbies, and interests on Neopets. If none of the above categories caught your eye, then maybe this will—Neopets Premium includes one feature that is completely customizable, allowing you to tailor your premium experience to your own personal preference.

1. Customizable dailies tab. The default Dailies tab on the premium navigation bar is pretty redundant if you’re an experienced Neopian, especially if you already use TDN’s Dailies page. But the good news is that this menu is customizable! Select the activities you can do more than once a day so that you have easy access without having to go find a dailies list somewhere, and use the custom links to quickly navigate to any pages that you use on a regular basis. If you’re a collector or restocker, you might link to your Safety Deposit Box or Quick Stock. If you’re a gamer, you might link to Food Club, Plushie Tycoon, or your High Scores page. If you’re chatty, you can link to your favorite Neoboards or to your guild page. The possibilities are endless—well, as long as you only want to link to pages on the Neopets site. The standard rules still apply, so unfortunately you can’t link to any non-Neopets sites…not even TDN, JN, SN, or DTI.

Whether you only care about one or all of these things, Neopets Premium has something to interest everyone! I hope this article will convince you of the value of having a premium account, or else reaffirm your decision if you’ve already upgraded. If you do decide to sign up, there are a variety of subscription options—you can be billed once each month, once every four months, or once each year. At the very least, I would encourage you to try it out just for one month to truly get the most out of your Neopets experience. But be warned—once you try it, it’s hard to go back. Premium is just that good!

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