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Top Ten Petpets For Your Acara

by angel_aura_quartz


With Acara day upon us, owners everywhere are scratching their heads trying to think of the perfect gift to give their beloved pet. Some owners may go with a tasty sweet, such as a festive dark chocolate Acara. Others may decide to treat their pet to a spending spree at Plushie Palace. However, these gifts don’t last very long. Toys break. Candy is eaten. With that in mind, you may now be at a loss for what to get your precious Acara now. Fear not! I have the perfect solution: a petpet! ...What? You’re saying your Acara already has a petpet? Well, sure, Angelpi and Warfs are all well and good, but how do you know that your petpet is truly compatible with your pet? Perhaps that buzzer your Acara seemed so grateful for secretly drives them up a wall. Maybe that so-called adorable Kadoatie your pet begged you for at first keeps them up at night with their incessant screeching and wailing. Do not worry. Here, I have compiled a list of ten unique petpets that are practically made for Acaras.

10. Doglefox- A cute mongrel that delights in finding small treats for your Neopet!

It’s no secret that Acaras are masters at hunting for treasure. Although, the word “treasure” for a Doglefox may be something different than what your Neopets idea of treasure is. Sure, this little critter can’t exactly sniff out any nearby treasure chests, but perhaps a particularly shiny rock will make an ideal substitute. Who knows, maybe your Acara could train their Doglefox to be the perfect treasure hunting sidekick!

9. Cheerlub- A lively, jolly little creature that loves to play. Cheerlubs make high pitched meeeba meeb noises when extremely happy.

Having trouble keeping up with your especially energetic Acara? Just get a cheerlub! A cheerlub can easily match your Acara’s energy, and have no trouble wearing them out. An ideal petpet if your pet has an affinity for swimming (which, most Acaras already have!) Have fun watching your Acara zip around in the water with their new petpet! Just remember, cheerlubs are very social petpets, and will get lonely quickly if your pet does not give them enough attention.

8. Tiny Giant Squid- The best companion you could ask for during the summer months.

Ever wanted a giant squid, but just had no room to put it? Well look no further, the tiny giant squid is here! The smallest giant squid variety, this little critter is small enough to fit in the palm of your Acara’s paw! Tiny giant squids are very easygoing, and they mostly just enjoy splashing around in the water. This makes it a perfect petpet for those pets who just enjoy taking it easy and relaxing. Plus, they’re quite cheap!

7. Pfish- These cheeky little rascals love causing mischief and make perfect play mates for fun loving Neopets

Like Cheerlubs, pfish are best suited for Acaras who are extremely energetic. However, pfish are especially good for mischievous Acaras who would prefer to pull pranks rather than paddle in the water. Why? Because this petpet can easily compete with your prankster pet! Instead of having to be subjected to your beloved pet’s practical jokes every day, just let them tire themselves out with their pfish! Just make sure that these two don’t gang up on you, or else you’re really in for it!

6. Hasee- Hasee likes to sit around all day and eat rich, tropical foods!

Is your Acara a bit different from the other pets? A bit…lazy? No worries! You can let them lounge around the beach with their friendly new hasee! Hasee are adorable little critters who love nothing more than to sit around and just eat and nap! I myself have a lot in common with them! So if your Acara isn’t very energetic and would rather munch on some doughnutfruit instead of hunting for underwater treasure, a hasee will be its best friend.

5.Hippalop- This little Petpet has a nose for shiny things and is often used to seek treasure when water is an obstacle!

Since we know Acaras love to hunt for goodies, pairing them up with a petpet with a nose for treasure is just common sense! Your Acara can spend the rest of its days doing the two things they are best at: swimming and treasure hunting. Though, be warned that hippalops are typically on the lazy side, so make sure your enthusiastic pet is patient with it.

4. Unifox- The Unifox uses its swift swimming speed to find all kinds of underwater treats.

Similarly the hippalop, the unifox also enjoys swimming and hunting for treasure. You could even think of it as an improved hippalop! Well, almost. Unifoxes are very small and very quick. If your pet can’t keep up, or if they lose track of it, you might have to buy them another petpet, perhaps a slower one. Unifoxes are only recommended for very athletic Acaras who take treasure hunting seriously. If your Acara’s agility is lacking, a hippalop may be a better option.

3. Bubbles- Bubbles can inflate itself to 10 times its normal size, which means your pet can also use it as a beachball.

Yet another spectacular petpet that can be used both in and out of water! Bubbles are very resilient. Their skin is very tough, which is how they’re able to be bounced around the beach on the hot, rough sand. However, the truth is that bubbles are very rare. Because of that, they are typically sold for millions. So for those wealthy Princess Fernypoo wannabes out there who aren’t impressed with the cheaper petpets listed above, try getting a bubbles!

2. Delfin- A very intelligent Petpet the Delfin can learn all sorts of tricks and games.

Delfins are lovely little petpets that will be friends for life with your Acara. They are incredibly friendly, and there are even some stories about them saving the lives of unfortunate Neopians who were stranded in the ocean! For younger Acaras who are still somewhat afraid of swimming, Delfins are very patient partners that can gently ease your pet through the water. Or, if your Acara simply needs a friend to play with, Delfins can learn all sorts of games!

1.Lutra- These curious little rascals love exploring and playing. They are great for pets that enjoy diving.

The final petpet! What is great about the Lutra is that they are essentially the jack-of-all-trades of petpets for your Acara! Want to hunt for treasure? Lutras are experts at diving for the goods! Feel up for a game of Gormball? Lutras love to play, and they can hit the ball around with their tail surprisingly well! Just wanna float around in the water and relax for a bit? That’s what Lutras do best! If you can cover the costs of this somewhat expensive petpet, your pet will have a friend for life!

So, now you know which petpets are generally best suited for Acaras. Even if you don’t have confidence in the petpets I talked about, don’t worry! There are hundreds of petpets out there. Every pet is different, and some just simply “click” more with certain petpets than with others. It may take a while before your Acara finally finds the perfect petpet friend, but it WILL be worth the time and Neopoints. Trust me.

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