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Foolproof Kadoatie Feeding For Intermediate Feeders

by littledude61394


Foolproof Kadoatie Feeding - For Intermediate Feeders

I hear you want to feed them all! You've gotten the hang of feeding, and now you're looking to improve and become the greatest overfeeder of Neopia. How ambitious! I'm here to provide you with my method of feeding and some tips I've gathered through my 5+ years experience of kadding.

With that being said, this is not your typical kadoatie feeding guide for beginners. I will focus in-depth on the different methods of feeding that I personally found the most helpful. In order to understand this guide, you will have to know the basics of kadoatie feeding. I hope this will help you become the fastest kadder in Neopia. Now, let us delve into the deepest and darkest crevices of kad feeding!

Something encouraging to keep in mind:

The quantity of kads fed does not determine how fast a kadder is. I have seen plenty of veteran feeders who have fed hundreds and even thousands of kads. While they may be fast enough to feed many kads, I have seen so many new feeders feed faster than some of these veterans. So, don't let the numbers discourage you. Like all things in life, some people are better at things than others. Some things will take a lot of practice while other things may come easy. Now let's keep our heads up and feed those hungry kads!

Shop Wiz Feeding & Inventory Feeding

Back to the Basics - First thing's first. You should already be familiar with this, but I think it is still important that I address it. Over the years of feeding, there are two common mistakes I notice with both new and experienced shop wiz feeders: having over 50 items in their inventory, and not having enough neopoints on hand. ALWAYS check that you have enough neopoints on hand, and do not exceed 48 food items. (It is also against the rules to carry over 50 kad food items while feeding. This is called overstuffing.)

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I want to share with you what worked for me and my fellow kadders using the Shop Wiz method. If you are Shop Wiz feeding, I encourage you to invent feed as well. In fact, I believe they go hand in hand. As such, I will explain both methods as one method. As I mentioned above, you should never have more than 48 items in your inventory, kad food or not. I specifically emphasize "48" because in the past, I (along with my fellow kadders) have had random events that notoriously fill up my inventory without me noticing. When I go to buy a food item via Shop Wizard, I'm unable to buy anything because the items so generously gifted to me by REs cause my inventory to exceed 50 items. Frustrating, right? I know I'm giving you a very specific account, but this is a very realistic scenario and we have to be thorough if you want to be the best! ;) Not to mention, exceeding 50 items will restrict you from RSing and trading.

When it comes to choosing your inventory, I recommend choosing something that is somewhat significant to you. For example, maybe you really REALLY like watermelons. Then you should go with a watermelon inventory. My theory is that when you go to feed, watermelon items should stand out more than other foods since it holds some sort of significance. This is just a silly theory of mine, but I believe it helps even if by a minuscule amount. I do not recommend having more than one kind of inventory. If you choose a watermelon inventory, stick with it. And to reiterate, only have 48 watermelon items. If this was a few years ago, I would not recommend having an inventory of common food items such as “pizza” or “hot dog” because it is very likely that other people might have the same items as you. Now, things are bit slower and I believe it is safe to choose whatever inventory item you wish.

Here is a detailed list of how I personally fed using Shop Wizard. I've listed out the steps so that it is easier to follow.

1.) Have your tabs open like so: Shop Wiz, Kadoatery, Shop Wiz

2.) For your first Shop Wiz tab, change the search item option from "containing my phrase" to "identical to my phrase". Never forget this part! Then, click on the search bar and leave your text cursor blinking there. Avoid clicking anywhere else on the page. We want to keep the cursor blinking in the search bar while we move on to the next step.

3.) Repeat step two for your second Shop Wiz tab. You will need this second tab as backup. If you mess up on your first Shop Wiz attempt, you will already have another tab open and ready to go. You won't have to fumble for another Shop Wiz tab, avoiding utter chaos. If you want, you can have more than two Shop Wiz tabs open. But the more tabs you have open, the more chaotic things will look under the pressure of time.

4.) Now let's go to your Kadoatery tab. Keep your eye on ONE kad spot. I know that there is sometimes panic and too much excitement when kads go, that you sort of stumble around for a kad to feed. In order avoid all the stumbling and fumbling, it is good to keep your eye on one spot and stick with it. (This may often conflict with inventory feeding, which I will address later.)

5.) When kads go, triple click the food item the kad is asking for. Triple clicking, as opposed to highlighting, is a more accurate way to copy the item to your clip board. Simultaneously, you should be keeping an eye out for any of your inventory foods. If you happen to find a kad asking for your invent, drop everything and click the kad. If not, go on to step 6.

6.) After you have copied the item via triple clicking, click on one of the Shop Wizard tabs you have set up earlier. Paste (ctrl + v) and click "search". There is no need to click on the search bar before you paste because you have already left your cursor there from step 2. When results come up, buy from the first shop that pops up. If you don't have SSW, you do not have the luxury of refreshing for the cheapest food item. This is one of the downsides of Shop Wizard feeding.

7.) After making your purchase, hopefully without the ridiculously long mall ads, go back to your kad tab and click on the kad you are trying to feed. This part should be familiar to you, so I'll leave it at that.

If you manage to invent feed, don't forget to re-buy the food item you fed! If you have failed food items, I suggest reselling them. You already have an invent, and there's no need to hang on to your foods unless you plan on building your kad food SDB in the future. Besides, kad foods tend to sell out more easily compared to other items and you may need the neopoints.

SDB Feeding

This section will only apply to those who are interested in investing in a kad SDB or to those who already have one. Skip to Tips section if you do not plan on SDB feeding.

When I completed my SDB about 5 years ago, I believe I spent around 5-6 million neopoints. To set a limit, I only bought items that cost 10k or less. However, A LOT of kad foods have deflated like crazy since then. I know that it will be much cheaper to complete a SDB today than 5 years ago. I found these pages the most helpful when completing my SDB: (//www.neopets.com/~Kruif), (//www.neopets.com/~Oxcal). Because most food lists are outdated, you should periodically check the Kad Board in the games chat for lists of recent foods.

Before we move on, I mentioned before that inventory feeding can be conflicting because it makes it hard to focus on one kad, which can definitely slow you down. I myself used to invent feed for a good while. But, after getting used to SDB feeding, I found that inventory feeding became useless and even a hassle. SDB feeding, if used correctly, is significantly faster than SW feeding. As a result, I found no need to invent feed while I had a complete SDB. My inventory foods actually became a hassle because it was taking too much room in my inventory. I could not RS or trade properly, which you can imagine turned out to be very annoying. If you have a full SDB, I urge you to slowly wean yourself off of invent feeding. Not only will you free up inventory space, you will also be challenged to feed faster now that you don't have invent feeding to back you up. If you are sticking with SW feeding, invent feeding will come in handy but it can still be a hassle. This is just my recommendation, but feel free to do whatever method works best for you.

To SDB feed, the same steps apply as SW feeding.

1.) Have your tabs open like so: SDB, Kadoatery, SDB.

2.) For your first SDB tab, change the category to "food". This is optional, but I like to be super safe. Then, click on the search bar and leave your text cursor blinking there. Make sure you have your PIN disabled for this part.

3.) Repeat step 2 for your other SDB tab.

4.) Go to your kadoatery tab. Keep your eye out on the kad you want to feed and stick with it.

5.) Triple click the food item the kad is asking for. And the rest, you know!

You will have to practice these steps a numerous amount of times in order to be successful.

Make sure you re-buy the food you fed and put it back into your SDB immediately. This is very important! If you don't buy the food you fed, you will have missing food items in your SDB and it will be hard to keep track of later.

Tips for both SW and SDB feeding

- The practical way to switch between tabs is to simply click with your mouse. Another option is to use ctrl + 1 and ctrl + 2 to switch between tabs without clicking. There are few people I have met that use this method because although it is a fast method, it takes a lot of getting used to. I personally prefer the clicking method, but maybe the ctrl + # might work for you. You should try out new methods to see which one suits you best.

- Generally, the average kadder feeds within a consistent 9-12 seconds per feed using either SW or SDB method. You may want to mentally keep a log of how many seconds it takes for you to feed. This way, you can challenge yourself to beat your previous feeding times and become faster with more practice. A friendly competition with yourself will allow you to become faster than other feeders as well. You should try to aim for 7-8 seconds for every feed, which is considered pretty fast. Feeding within 5-6 seconds would be the ultimate goal, but it is not an ideal goal to set for newer kadders. When you first start off, practice during 10pm NST – 8am NST since these hours are considered “down time”. There will be less people on, which means there will be more chances for you to improve your SDB or SW feeding skills. Eventually, with enough practice, you should be able to feed with lightning speed at any time of the day/ night.

-While SDB feeding is very fast, I have seen plenty of people SW feed around 7-9 seconds. If you plan on overfeeding for a long time, I would highly recommend completing a SDB. However, it is still very possible to feed quickly without one. It's up to you and whatever works for you.

Lastly, I want to leave a few words of encouragement for all kadders. You will most likely face challenges and difficulties when kadding. There will be frustration and you may want to give up. I can assure you that A LOT of overfeeders have gone through some kind of obstacle, including myself. Don’t give up, and keep practicing! You can’t become good at something overnight – it just doesn’t work that way. Try out different methods and use what works for you. This is the most genuine, holistic advice I can give you. With these tips in mind, I hope that you will reach a point where you never miss a main. GLF!

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