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My Uni is how big??- 10 pets with surprising sizes!

by ashhajax


I don’t know about you, but I have a very solid visual image about the size a Neopet should be. So when I looked out a size chart for Neopets out of curiosity, a lot of sizes absolutely blew away my expectations. After this article, you may find yourself looking at your precious Cybunny in a whole new way!


The first pets I checked when, naturally, the ones that I have! My lovely Kacheek was a pretty normal size, perhaps a bit shorter than I imagined at 31 centimeters. (A bit more than a foot for any other Americans out there. :) ) Draiks are 55 centimeters, almost two feet, which is a little big, but it’s probably measured from the top of the head to the tip of the tail, but even if it isn’t, that’s still not too outrageous. Grundos are a bit taller than Kacheeks at 41 centimeters, still pretty normal, and Aishas are 40 centimeters. This last one wouldn’t be too surprising normally...but what about their ears? (er...antennae?) If this factors in the ears, then an Aisha is downright tiny! Since most images show their antennae to be about the same height as their actual body, that would means the Aisha itself is only 20 centimeters tall! Tiny! And if it doesn’t count their ears, that means their whole self is about 80 centimeters! An aisha would almost draw even with the average person’s hip!


Kikos are 61 centimeters tall, about 2 feet, which is already weird enough, but consider this...Kikos are wider than they are tall! I estimated by measuring some Kiko pictures that their width is about 150% of their height. That would mean they’re about 3 feet or 90 centimeters wide! For reference, the average human is about 40 centimeters wide! These poor guys would barely fit through most doors! Maybe those glass-bottomed boats are custom-made?


Also in the “How is that pet so big” camp is the humble Usul. These pets are so cute that they inspired an entire doll line! However, these pets are anything but doll-sized. At 75 centimeters, or about two and a half feet, these are some huge pets! Weirdly enough, these Neopets are bigger than Kaus, Lutaris, Gelerts, and even Tonus! At least they’re incredibly fluffy, so the prospect of them being absolutely enormous isn’t are terrifying as the next selection.


About six months ago, I asked a lot of users which pet they thought was the cutest when they were kids. There were a lot of answers that made sense considering how popular the pet was, lots of kacheeks and shoyrus, but one answer that stood out to me was the Korbat. A disproportionate number of people said that they thought these teeny bats were the cutest things ever! Well, I doubt they’d think that if they knew how big a Korbat actually was. A whopping 70 centimeters, or about 2.3 feet! That’s...a little scary actually. If that’s the size of a NORMAL Korbat, I don’t even want to know how tall Lord Darigan is!


Some of you may be wondering what the biggest Neopet is. Most people would probably guess the dinosaurs, either a Chomby or Grarrl. Maybe a Skeith. But surprisingly enough, it’s none of those. The biggest Neopet is an Eyrie! I mean sure, these griffin-like pets seem pretty big, but 160 centimeters? Over 5 feet?? Eyries were probably huge compared to our child selves! Well, at least we probably could’ve taken a ride on one, unlike a Peophin...


If you asked me what the most majestic Neopet was, I’d probably say the Peophin. I picture these pets to be about a foot or two shorter than a human, around the size of a very small horse. But instead, they’re… 41 centimeters?! That’s not even a foot and a half! The only thing that could ride this tiny hippocampus is a Flotsam! What? That sounded weird? Well, y’know, Flotsam are only…


21 centimeters tall! Barely over half a foot! They’re the smallest Neopet, even smaller than a Koi, which by all logic should be the smaller of the two, as it’s a koi fish, a Jubjub, which doesn’t even have legs, and a bBuzz, which is literally a bug! These tiny creatures are just asking to be pushed around by the gentlest of currents! It’s no wonder Plesio is running the Wheel of Mediocrity instead of trying his luck in Maraqua!


When someone says, “As big as an Elephante”, I usually picture something...well...big! But at only 41 centimeters, these tiny pets are smaller than a Poogle! Since the average Elephante weighs about 160 pounds, an Elephante simultaNeously weighs quite a bit more than me, but is way less than half my height. They must be incredibly dense!


Of course, strange pet sizes aren’t limited to one species. When you use a morphing potion on a pet, their size doesn’t change, paving the way for some hilarious pet sizes. A 5 foot tall Buzz? Uhh...I mean, sure, if you want… //shudders

Because of this, most of you lovely morphed pets may be extremely unusually sized. However, excluding this, one other way of transforming a pet’s height is by use of an item called Pumpkin Negg. This item drops your Neopet’s height by 1-2 centimeter and increases their weight by 1-2 pounds. And now I want to see a 5 centimeter Eyrie.


While players changing the heights of their pets can lead to hilarious results, nothing can beat the creation of a glitch. You may have heard of negative-statted Battledome pets which were caused by a meepit attack, er, I mean, a glitch in the old Create-a-Pet system, where if loading was interrupted when calculating the stats, they would sometimes show up as negative. Luckily enough for us, all these pets also show up as weighing 0 pounds and being 0 centimeters tall. How this works is beyond me, but I’m sure these pets are adorably petite if you can see them at all.

Whether your favorite pet if a ridiculously huge Eyrie or a 0 centimeter tall Flotsam, the unique size of pets is a little detail that I really appreciate, and I hope that you find your own pet’s size on their lookup so you can better care for them! Remember that these are all just averages, and every pet is different. I hope you found this entertaining and that you learned something new! :)

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