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A Walk through a Technicolor Dream

by itsbah


Throughout the years, TNT has released numerous amounts of paint brushes. Of course, some automatically caught players' attention while others were left forgotten and disliked. This year, a lot of new colours were released and we think some of them were original enough to make it into the Top 10. Although you may disagree, these are our choices, and the Meepits agree.

#10 Baby

At number 10, possibly the cutest paint brush there is: Baby. While you can only find this elusive paint brush in the Hidden Tower, this colour comes with something extra special; since not so long ago, you can now find "baby only" clothes in the NC Mall to customize your baby pets, which means you can finally spoil your baby pets rotten by buying them clothes that no other colours can wear. Adding to their cuteness, our little baby friends also tend to have a big head to fit their queeny personality while some others prefer to stand out with their own paintbrush clothes, like the adorable pyjamas of the baby Skeith or the charming dummy of the baby Aisha.

Needless to say this paint brush has been popular since it came out; people will still be buying it for years because it's one of the only paint brush that won't empty your wallet as soon as you buy one. What are you waiting for? Go paint your pet baby and spoil them rotten!

#9 Eventide

Did you ever dream of seeing a beautiful sunset with your own eyes? Well it's now possible to enjoy the sight of one for as long as you want with the brand new Eventide paintbrush! This paintbrush will create a lovely fade out of colours on your Neopet and will make it look regal. Want to create a nice romantic mood for your Neopets but the weather isn't really helping? Just buy this paint brush and it'll no longer be a problem. Your pets will be daydreaming and will think that they're enjoying the sight of a colourful evening in Shenkuu as soon as the light goes down. We would suggest not taking a trip to Altador with your Eventide pets though, because some rumours say that a jealous blue quiggle would be on the hunt of finding new constellations.. Yes, even on Neopets...

While the baby paint brush did not cost much, this one could actually ruin you! Make sure you're ready to spend a lot of Neopoints, because this colour comes with quite an expensive price. Psst... If you're too poor and can't afford buying one, we would suggest trying to zap your pet at the secret laborat- *gets dragged away by meepits*

#8 Pirate

Arrg Captain! Yes you heard it right, #8 is the Pirate paint brush! Get your hooks and eye patches ready because your pets will look like real sea pirates after you'll paint them. Scared that they'll want to steal your Neopoints and run away with them? You should be! Who knows, maybe soon your Neopet will be joining the ranks of none other than Captain Scarblade, so watch your back youngin'!

Pirate has always been a pretty popular colour because it always stood out of the basic one-coloured paint brushes, but since the Anchor Management daily has been giving them, everyone has been going crazy on them because they won't stop getting cheaper and cheaper every day so now we can all afford one! We think it might be a tactic by Mr. Scarblade though... he probably is trying to gather his troops for an upcoming war. Be very careful...

#7 Elderly

#7 is what? We're sorry we couldn't hear you properly... You probably guessed it, #7 is none other than the brand new Elderly paint brush. Of course, TNT had to make a contrast to the popular baby paint brush we stated earlier and it was obviously a bright decision because everyone has been speculating about future Neopet looks and how awesome they would look. Sadly, we only know of one paintable pet at the moment and are impatiently waiting for others to come out! Like the Eventide paint brush, this one will cost you a LOT of Neopoints. Some say that only Neopets that have saved Neopoints for their whole life will be able to afford this paint brush at the moment. So... hrm... wait what were we saying? Our memory is getting pretty bad as time goes by, blame it on our age... now onto the next colour!

#6 Water

Ah water! Such a simple but splendid colour. The waves created by this colour make every Neopet a walking wonder but you should be careful on where you want to bring your pet though. Bringing it to Terror Mountain could result in your pet turning ice! Trust me, nobody would want to spend so many Neopoints on a water paintbrush to then see your poor little pet turn Ice! Well except if they ever create a Water Bori 0:-)

Like the baby/elderly contrast, this paint brush will perfectly show the Fire Neopets who's the boss! Fighting fire pets will of course give you an advantage in the battledome, that's a point you definitely want to consider. On the other hand, you should always keep in mind that bringing water pets to Maraqua is a bad idea : they would turn invisible and you would never be able to find them under the sea... So before buying a water paint brush you should always be aware that owning a water Neopet brings a lot of responsibilities : you cannot let it go everywhere it wants to go...

#5 Royal

Ladies and gentlemen, at #5, your king's and queen's maker, the one and only Royal paint brush! While it's more expensive than the baby paint brush, it is not so pricy compared to paint brushes like Water and Elderly, making it quite affordable and common. Being one of the finest Neopian colour, you can sadly not obtain it from zapping your pets and can only get the paint brush from the Hidden Tower. We would suggest watching your pet’s attitude once you paint it, because chances are it’ll start wandering in castles and will be asking for expensive clothes (it would never even think about wearing cheap clothes anymore!).

The royal paint brush is rated so high because most of the time it comes with luxurious wearables that will make your pet look simply stunning and and regal.

#4 Plushie

The infamous plushie paint brush comes in next. Ah! Because of this wonderful object, we get to paint our pet into the perfect colour. In fact, plushie pets are known to be the most loved by their owners because they make their possessors reminisce their childhood memories and their own little plushies. Recognized as the cutest colour there is, it will transform your Neopet into an adorable stuffed toy made with the finest fabric you’ll ever be able to find. Sadly, it is somewhat expensive so you’ll have to save quite a bunch if you want to be able to afford one someday. We can guarantee that it is totally worth it though as they’ll be there for you whenever you need to squeeze them (like if you’re watching a horror movie or if you simply need to be consoled). Made with 100% Neocotton, we would suggest not putting them in the dryer…

#3 Maraquan

Who has never dreamt of living in an underwater city? With the Maraquan paint brush, you can now actually experience it! Bored of living at the surface? Just dive in with us and join the wonderful city of Maraqua! A pretty unique thing about Maraquan pets is that they’re all known to be kind to each other – no Maraquan pet has ever harmed or got in a fight one of its friends which is pretty rare! Being in the top 3 this paintbrush will of course cost you quite a few Neopoints. Rest assured though, you could still get lucky with a Lab zap…

Owners of Maraquan pets should be really proud to possess such pets, not just because they look awesome, but because they are the best swimmers you’ll ever find. One thing that will irk Maraquan pets owners is that we sadly cannot customize them much yet, so think twice before buying a Maraquan paint brush!

#2 Maractite - Dimensional

At #2 is the mysterious Maractite paint brush. Even though it may look simple, it seems that it is – or at least was – very popular. Indeed, it has one the Neopie for best new paint brush in 2010 and that’s not nothing! Inspired from the rune-like aquamarine markings, this colour will make quite an impression on your Neopet’s friends. For a long time we’ve had Maractite weapons and objects so it was nice to actually be able to paint our pets with this colour. Like the previous paint brushes, it could cost you quite a lot considering that you can only get it from the Hidden Tower at a luxurious price… Even though this colour could look cool on your pet, be careful because we have had some reports of Maractite Neopets stealing their owner’s Maractite coins because they had some sort of attraction towards them… Coincidence? We think not… So make sure you ponder the pros and cons of buying this awesome-looking paint brush before buying it … or before buying a Floral Maractite Coin…

#1 Wraith

This is our first choice! As Neopians decided, this is the most popular paint brush released this year according to Neopies (Do you remember when you voted for the best things that happened last year?)

This paintbrush was released after The Faeries' Ruin plot ended. It's inspired from evil creatures commanded by Xandra, so be careful if you want to paint your pet because you never know when it could attack you from behind...

When this colour was released, a lot of people were going off on the boards about how they were in love with it and were also asking to TNT if they would ever be able to paint other pets Wraith. This paint brush has caused a lot of commotion as the evil and devilish purple ripples create a nice effect on each paintable pets. This is what motivated us to put it in 1st place in our Top 10.

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