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Top 10 Beach Essentials This Summer

by hopeandjoy


With Summer right around the corner, a great place to visit are the beautiful Mystery Island beaches! They are free to go to and a great place to spend your day when the temperature is right. Here is a list of the 10 essential things to bring with you on your trip to the beach this summer that will assure you have the best time! All of these things are very easy to shop for, non-expensive and will make sure your trip to the beach is successful!

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential to bring to the beach especially if it’s boiling hot outside (make sure you check the weather before you go!) I would recommend Illusen Sunscreen, which will leave a glamorous finish just like Illusen, which is what she uses when it gets sunny in Meridell. Another option is 30 proof Kacheek Sun Screen that any Neopet can use (not just Kacheeks!) Make sure you lather the sunscreen right before you hit the beach and apply as needed. You don’t want to be caught with a sun burn at the beach!

2. Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes is key when going to the beach, especially if it’s sunny with no clouds! There are many different sunglasses for any type of Neopet. From baby sunglasses, rainbow sunglasses, coconut sunglasses, heart shaped and hip sunglasses. Make sure you pick up a pair (regardless of the style) to protect your eyes. They are not only great for your eyes, they really can make a fashion statement! Remember, don’t look directly into the sun, even with sunglasses on!

3. Sandcastle Set

There is nothing quite like making a sandcastle while you’re at the beach! Sandlecastle sets are very affordable and a fun thing to bring when you’re headed somewhere with a lot of sand. The toy store sells different sandcastle sets like blue, red, green and yellow. If you want something different the toy store also sells a purple Jubjub set, a regular beach sandcastle set, as well as a Beekadoodle sandcastle set. All of these sets are great for building sandcastles at the beach!

4. Swimsuit

If it gets too hot and you want to cool off in the water, it’s an essential you bring (or wear) a swimsuit to the beach! Tropical swim trunks are great options for any male Neopets or floral swim trunks as well. For the female Neopets there are some adorable options like the flower printed suit, royal blue suit, sea shell and strawberry bathing suit. All of these are fashionable but also great for going into the water. Make sure you know how to swim before getting in the water, and always be careful! The water can be great for cooling off and washing off any sand (especially if you get super sandy from making that sand castle!)

5. Printed Beach Towel

Laying on the sand is no fun, so make sure you pick up a fun printed beach towel before you go to the beach! The gift shop supplies many different patterns of printed beach towels that for any Neopet to enjoy, such as Song Flower Beach Towel, Seashell Print, Gulper Print and Ice Cream Print. These towels are awesome to sit on if you want to catch some rays. Also, if you swam in the water they are very good for when you need to dry off. They are made with ultra soft material that any Neopet will enjoy.

6. Water bottle filled with Water

Being at the beach can be very dehydrating, especially if you are spending time laying in the sun, so make sure to bring a water bottle filled with water to the beach with you. I would recommend a steel one like Commemorative Stainless Steel Water Bottle, which will for sure keep your water nice and cold, but any water bottle will do! If you want to show everyone at the beach what Altador Cup team you supported this year, bring your team water bottle with water in it with you to the beach.

7. A Snack

Being at the beach all day your stomach may start rumbling!!! It’s a good idea to bring a snack (as well as the water bottle) to the beach incase you get a little hungry and need something for some quick energy. Any type of fruit can be delicious especially if it’s hot out, I would recommend a fruit cup like watermelon, mixed berry, or cantaloupe. If you don’t want fruit, a granola bar is another great option and can be very filling. Pick up a cinnamon bar, peanut butter or cherry one and throw it in your beach bag. If neither of these sounds appetizing, bring a bag of chips or candy (not chocolate though, that will for sure melt in the sun!) I wouldn’t recommend bringing your daily omelette that can get super messy at the beach!

8. Surfboard

If you are a Neopet that is into surfing, bring along a surfboard so you can catch some waves while you are at the board. The Tiki Surfboard or Wave Splash Surfboard are both good options for catching some waves while at the beach. If you don’t know how to surf but are interested, maybe pick up a book on surfing before you head to the beach for some tips. It can be a great way to spend your time at the beach especially if there are a lot of waves that day.

9. Volleyball

If surfing isn’t your thing but you still want to be active on the beach, bring a regular volleyball or beach volleyball with you to the beach. Volleyballs are not very expensive and can be found at the toy store. The beaches have volleyball nets set up for any Neopet that wants to play a game. Be careful though, Myncis are very good at volleyball and never say no to a game or challenge!

10. A friend

Last but certainly not least, bring a friend alongside you to the beach! It can get quite lonely, but a friend will always guarantee you have a great time on the beach. Whether it’s your acara sister or Jubjub best friend, a friend is great to have with you at the beach. You will have plenty of time to gossip, relax in the sand, wade in the water, build sandcastles, or do whatever you want to do! Having a friend with you will make the time go super fast, but you will create memories that will for sure last a lifetime!

Going to the beach can be an awesome activity to do during the summer months, and if you bring these essential items you are guaranteed to have an awesome time. While you are at the beach, make sure to take a Tiki Tour while you’re there as well. Have fun!

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