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The 11 Best Books About Kaus

by jubileek


Kaus are arguably the most bovine Neopets there are. In fact, they’re the only bovine Neopets. They can even be painted to resemble the famous milk cows of the world outside Neopia! I would know, as the proud owner of a spotted Kau.

A favorite species of many Neopians, Kaus are as adorable as they are tough. Those horns aren’t just for show! These creatures also have a mysterious element to them, and to make up for the mysteries they pose, many books have been written across Neopia to educate all Neopians on these mystical Neopets. To ease your transition into the wonderful world of Kaus 101, I’ll now introduce you to some of the best Kau-related reading in Neopia. In no particular order...

Kaus Guide to Better Grazing

A young Kau is surely, at times, difficult to deal with, although those hardships can easily be reduced through the presence of grass. The best way to ensure top-quality, free range, happy Kaus (and happy Kau milk and its byproducts) is to give Kaus plenty of room to graze. This informative piece details the ideal process by which to allow Kaus to grow in a grazing environment. Aside from grass, Kaus have other nutritional needs, and facts about those nutrients is also included. If you’re considering adopting a Kau, this book is a must-read!

Book of Bizarre Tales

Tails are found on about 80% of all Neopets species, and all of them have tales to tell. While this publication isn’t solely about Kaus, it’s so good that I couldn’t exclude it from my list. This title will widen your knowledge of the odd tails (and tales) of Neopia - and despite the sometimes unbelievable nature of some of the stories, they’re all factual! Authored by a collection of Kaus who love their tails, I recommend these narratives for any Neopian or Neopet that loves chilling chronicles.

How Now Brown Kau

This fun book is full of rhymes for you and your Neopets to learn - all about Kaus! It’s narrated by a brown Kau who’s too secretive to reveal their name, though he does reveal some gossip about other brown Kaus. In the form of tongue twisters, of course. My personal favorite rhyme found inside (besides the title) is “Does thou Kau know how to bow?,” and I think that’s about all that needs to be said about this collection to get the message of how wonderful it is across.

Caring For Your Ill Kau

If my reviews have already inspired you to stop reading this article, get a brand new Kau, and return to reading this article, this manual is another necessity for you - and for any Kau owner. At some point, all Neopets get sick, including all Kaus. When this happens, it might be difficult to determine how to provide excellent care for an ill Kau. Luckily, some smart Neopian decided to write this book to dispel those worries! Have no fear, Caring For Your Ill Kau is here.

Maraquan Kau Poetry

Billed as “exciting,” this volume shows the more artful side of the Kau world. The item itself is a beautiful depiction of the tail of a Maraquan Kau - and as we already learned, tails are an important aspect of a Kau’s identity. With such a cover, who could doubt how great this book is? But that’s not all! Included with purchase is a complimentary wet bookmark made of seaweed. This anthology is perfect for the promising poet or aspiring artist (or Kau enthusiast!) in your life.

The Kau Cookbook

Kaus provide tasty Kau milk that in turn provides numerous milkshakes, yogurts, and cheeses for Neopia to enjoy. Even with the large range of buyable Kau milk products, Neopets famed for their gourmet trophies have probably tried them all. If you’re bored of the tried and true Kau milk foods, be sure to add this work to your reading list! The recipes in The Kau Cookbook allow for new dishes to be created with Kau milk for epicureans across Neopia.

Faerie Kau Handbook

Interested in becoming more educated on the topic of flying Kaus? I’m going to go out on a limb and hope that you are indeed interested. Faerie Kaus are, in my opinion, one of the most majestic types of Kau - all the more reason to read a whole handbook about them! Their pastel colors match their welcoming, friendly personalities, and they love flying almost as much as grazing.

Making Kau Plushies

If you’ve gotten this far into this indulgent set of Kau-related reads and still don’t love Kaus, but still love Plushie Tycoon, you’ve now found the quintessential book for you. You’ve also convinced me that you now love Kaus, since you’re still around. This rare issue has specifications for the most authentic and to-scale Kau plushies around. And it’s another book with a Kau tail on the cover! It can’t get much better than this.

Spooky Kau Story

Kaus love their mysteries. This anecdote is another scary one authored by a Kau - but this time, it’s also starring a Kau! You’ll definitely get a feel for how frightening a story can be by simply looking at the cover, which features the head of a Halloween Kau. The details contained herein are too unnerving to mention in this child-friendly newspaper (also, spoilers aren’t fun), so you’ll have to read it for yourself. This is one of the most affordable Kau novels around, so jump on the Kau book train by starting your journey with this one!

I Love Moo-cee

Hmm, the title of this story sounds pretty familiar... on second hand, I can’t think of what it reminds me of. This romantic account is about a youthful red Kau and the Kau she loves! The pink book cover and the pinker heart on the cover are reminiscent of love, and for good reason. Sick of the lack of sentimental novels on Neopia? Hate reading non-fiction? Read this for a change.

Joy of Jelly Kaus

Wow, this happy book lives up to the ways of the mysterious Kaus. Is it made of jelly? And about a type of Neopet made of jelly? Who knew such a thing could exist! I guess jelly Kaus do exist, though, and I found out of such existence when I read this enlightening edition. You too could gain understanding of this uncommon breed if you peruse this book. Just don’t share your new findings with anyone, since those findings can’t actually be true.

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