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Imperial Exam: A Study Guide

by avielend


Imperial Exam is a relatively simple, yet fun, game that can be found in the educational section of the Games Room. The concept of the game is to weed out the bad spellers from the good. There are five rounds total and you get three lives. Successfully passing all five rounds will get you a 200 point bonus at the end! There are no other bonuses in the game so don’t rush through each round trying to get a time bonus or feel you always need to restart if you lose a life. There isn’t currently an avatar for this game, but there is a trophy that would look great on your userlookup!

While this game is straightforward and much of gaining a high score is luck, here is a list of tricks that you can use to help boost your score as high as possible.

1. Play the game on the easiest level. The higher levels do not give you any higher point values for each word, or a higher end-game bonus.

2. Before starting the game, it may be worth checking out a list of the correct spellings of the words. You can also find a list comparing the correct and incorrect spellings. The words will be repeated often within a game and there aren’t that many to know.

3. All of the words are only misspelled one way. You can either memorize the correct spelling of the word or (especially in harder levels,) you can memorize where the mistake occurs. Often this can include letters that are mixed up (working vs. wokring), as well as extra or missing letters (yellow vs. yelow).

4. If you play the game in English, use American spellings, not British. Therefore, color would correct but colour should be turned away.

5. If you are unsure about a spelling, it is better to send them away. Sending away a correctly spelled word will lose you five points but you won’t lose a life. If you forward on an incorrect spelling you won’t lose points but you will lose a life.

6. On the first round, do not pass the good spellers immediately! Your score cannot go below zero, so if your first speller is correct, hit down instead. After you pass a bad speller, begin playing normally. Only do this for the first round though!

7. Set point goals for each level. If you don’t reach your goal, start over. I usually shoot for 80+ in the first round, 250+ in the second round, 450+ in the third round, and 700+ in the fourth round. However, use your own judgment since the game is based on luck. Keep in mind that you get a 200 point bonus at the end of the game if you successfully beat all five levels.

8. Finishing each round before the time runs out does not get you a bonus. Play each round at a pace that you feel comfortable with, but remember to get enough people in the room before the clock hits zero. The number of spellers will increase each round, but the amount of time does not change.

9. There are numerous strategies for finger placement. For example, you can use one finger and hover it over the up and down keys or you can use two fingers, with one on each key. There are many more different ways you can do this so find the one that works best for you. Personally I would recommend hovering your fingers over the keys so that you do not accidentally hit the wrong one.

10. Finally, practice lots! While this game does have a huge luck component, it is to your benefit to be comfortable recognizing all of the correct words quickly. If you get a lot of misspellings in the last couple rounds this will help you avoid stressing out about the clock running down.

Luck games can be frustrating for a lot of people, but it is important to recognize that there are a few tricks you can utilize in order to maximize your score. After getting frustrated it is hard to focus on the game itself and it is easy to make silly mistakes. If you feel yourself becoming too frustrated to focus on the game – step back, take a break, and pick up the game later on.

While Imperial Exam isn’t a difficult game per se, staying focused on the game itself can be hard. I would recommend taking a quick break after every few games to help alleviate some of your frustration and hopefully allow you to focus better on the game. If you need a quick smile but you’re not quite at the point of taking a break, you might want to hover your cursor over one of the candidates to see them animate. While they are animated even without being hovered over, they each have special animations as well.

When you first begin playing this game it can be hard, however by practicing the levels you’ll quickly become accustomed to the spellings as the words are repeated. As you advance through the levels the words become longer, more complex, and there are more of them, but the concept never changes. Remember to keep a comfortable pace and stay focused on the words and you’ll be fine.

If you’re going for the trophy, be patient. It’ll take a while to get one even if you’re playing multiple times every day. If you’re lucky you’ll get a lot of incorrect spellers to reject, boosting your score by a lot, but this won’t be the case every round. Your time investment will eventually pay off and you’ll be boasting one of those snazzy trophies on your lookup!

Hopefully with practice, patience, and a little bit of luck you’ll be able to snag yourself a shiny trophy for your userlookup. I wish you the best of luck in obtaining one of these trophies and I hope that this guide will be of use to you in your attempt!

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