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Fall from Grace

by rivera_ice_princess


      She felt the sunlight, even before the heat made contact with her skin. She knew the sun was up even before she opened her eyes. The ruler’s senses was, as always pristine and sharp. Fyora stirred from her slumber as she felt the familiar warmth of the sun that has graced her city for many years. The benevolent ruler pulled back her thistle quilt, as she proceeded to the adjacent window that overshadows her entire beloved kingdom. The green that enriches her very land; complemented by the turquoise waves of peaceful tranquility.

“How beautiful,” Fyora says aloud, to no one in particular. The Queen gazed adoringly at the flora and fauna that encompasses her land. She smiles to herself and takes a deep breath as she appreciates the glorious springs and fountains; forming an aura of enchantment over her beloved home.

Upon completing her appreciation of the beauty of her land, Fyora proceeded to fulfill her daily duties as the ruler of Faerieland. Exiting her chambers, the Queen began her descend over the endless stairs in her castle.

How strange… Fyora thought to herself as she wandered along the corridors of her magnificent fortress, there seems to be no one here today…

Fyora continues forth, searching for a palace guard, her faeries… but to no avail.

It must have been an hour or so, before the Queen heard a familiar voice; one of her palace guards who is stationed at the Hidden Tower. Fyora wasted no time in identifying the source of the voice, in search of an explanation on the whereabouts of the members of her household.

As Fyora ascended the spiral stairs to her tower, she realized that the door to her Hidden Tower was opened; unlocked… I always keep it locked. Not that I don’t trust my fellow guards, but there are dangerous items in there, Fyora thought to herself.

Fyora gave the old door a nudge; a loud creak echoes. Upon entering the room, The Queen looked around, and spots a shadowy figure standing near the tower’s window; their back facing her. A cloak was covering the shadow. Fyora glanced quickly around the room, seeing no signs of her palace guards. And judging from the accusing form standing before her, this was not one of her palace guards.

“Who are you,” Fyora spoke, breaking the eerie silence. The queen grips her staff tightly, as she prepares herself for a friend, playing a trick… but could it be a foe?

The figure stiffens, as if Fyora’s presence among the room came as a surprise.

“My my,” the sinister shadow spoke aloud. “Have you forgotten me that quickly, Fyora?”

The figure turned and Fyora notices the dark angry smirk amidst the hood of the shadow.

The shadow removed the hood from its face, revealing its true form.


The sound of Fyora’s staff hits the castle’s bricked floors, as Fyora stares in shock at the figure.

“No.. no.. i-it can’t be,” the powerful Queen staggers to her knees as she gazes in disbelief at the figure in front of her.

“You know,” the figure spoke. “It is rather amazing, I have to admit. I am rather flattered with what you have done with the history of this land. You’ve gone and graciously given me the grand title, ‘The Darkest Faerie’ and listed down all my conquests for all of Faerieland and the world, to see. I don’t know if I should be thanking you or…” the darkness loomed closer to Fyora.

“Or I should be insulted by your dismissal of my true name,” the Darkness grins evilly at the Queen.

“No one,” Fyora began as she gazes up at her fallen sister, “Not one living soul shall know your true name, for all the evil acts that you’ve committed on those innocent souls!!”

The Darkness released a cackling laugh as she faced the tower’s window again.

“Oh, Fyora,” the Darkness spoke, “This charade that you have going on; juggling being a great leader and a benevolent ruler…. it’s never going to work.”

“Look at what Faerieland has come to, do you see? This great wondrous land was once the mightiest and now… destroyed. We were once the greatest rulers of the world, nothing could defeat us Faeries.” The Darkness spun and faced Fyora once again; its piercing ruby eyes glinting like fiery stones as it stared down upon the Queen of Faerieland.

“You’re weak, Fyora. You always have been, you always will be. Don’t you want to see Faerieland, up in the skies again? Gracing the heavens, for all the world to see?” it continued. “Don’t you want your citizens to live the lives that they used to live? Or, is your pride and arrogance getting in the way of ruling your kingdom?”

Fyora stared back as the Darkness starts to advance towards her.

“Your idea of maintaining a diplomatic relationship with the other rulers of the lands will not last.” The Darkness reached out with both hands; placing them on Fyora’s shoulders. The Queen grimaced as she felt the familiar sharp pain of darkness seeping into her soul; that was her strength… but she could hardly influence the Queen; Fyora was much stronger. What am I doing? Fyora thought to herself. Why can’t I say anything? And, WHY is she back??? Oh, no… the statue…

“Ah yes, the statue,” the Darkness leaned in closer as a salacious smile formed on her lips.

“I can see you’re trying to figure it out Fyora.... why I’m here, why I’m back,” it continued.

“Has it ever occurred to you that power makes someone mad? They get greedy, because it can never be enough. It’s this sick motivation that we all have, but YOU.” The Darkness laughed again.

“You suppress the feeling, and look what’s happened to your beautiful land,” The Darkness’ face turned serious.

“Haven’t you figured it out yet, Fyora? You are a threat to the world. People eliminate threats because they’re dangerous. When you stopped me from ruling over Meridell, or when you stopped me from my service to Faerieland, you were actually refusing my help,”

“I could have made this kingdom the strongest in all of the land, but instead… you pushed me away.”

Fyora stared in shock at the Darkness’ words, both its hands still placed on her shoulders.

“And since you refused my help, someone else thought the wiser to seek for my assistance.”

Fyora felt the burn on her soul, intensifying. Something was wrong, the Darkness could not possibly be this strong.

The Darkness continued, “And because of that Fyora, I truly am apologetic to have to destroy you, along with your beautiful land.”

“No.. n-no…” Fyora spoke firmly as the scorching darkness intensified. The Darkness’ grin returned.

“You always said I had ambition, Fyora… and I always wanted to rule the lands with you. But you know what they say,” Fyora felt the scalding darkness seeping deeper towards her soul. Oh, no.. this can’t be happening .

“Revenge… is a great motivator for success.”

The Darkness firmly held Fyora as the Queen screamed in agony as her soul slowly succumbed to the darkness.

I can’t move..

Oh… what has she done to me?


The Queen of the Western Skies opened her eyes.

She sat upright immediately.

What was that…. Was that a dream, a warning? What could it mean?? Could someone have my fallen sister right now, and are they planning to revive her??

“Something needs to be done,” Fyora said.

The Queen descended to the castle’s grand room as she called for her guards to seek their general.

“Yes, milady,” Aethia greets the Queen as she kneeled.

“Alert King Altador right away, we have a situation,” Fyora commanded.

That statue must be found immediately.


“It looks like she’s going to pay the Old Knight a visit,” the spectral spirit said aloud; to two other ghostly life forms.

“Well that was the plan, wasn’t it?” the Gelert apparition responded.

“About time too,” the apparition in the form of a Skeith replied. “Darigan’s truce with Meridell is annoyingly pleasant. Ugh, how disgusting. Who knew their citizens would adjust to the life of poverty so quickly? They could at least revolt. Or, does peace among kingdoms matter more than food?” The Skeith said in a sarcastic tone.

“Give it time, brethren” the spectral spirit said as it morphed into a Faerie apparition.

‘’It won’t be long before everything starts clicking into place,” the Faerie apparition continued.

“After all, what is Revenge… without a mix of Greed… and Ambition?”

The End.

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