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The Best Souvenirs in Neopia: Terror Mountain

by frenchleijon


Welcome to the Terror Mountain edition of The Best Souvenirs in Neopia! This edition is sponsored by Taelia the Snow Faerie, in hopes that with more tourism brings more people in to do her quests! Terror Mountain may seem like a daunting place to go on vacation, but don’t fear! As long as you stay away from the Snowager’s cave, you’ll have a dandy time in Terror Mountain! The whole place is covered in snow, and is a wintery wonderland to play in for days. It’s non-stop fun, from Ice Skating to doing some quests for the Snow Faerie, you’ll never be bored at Terror Mountain! But what if you wanted to bring some of that magic home with you? Never fear, the agents at the Faerieland Travel Agency have gathered another list of the best souvenirs to take with you!

1. Rainbow Sherbert Ice Cream

The best thing for you to bring home from Terror Mountain is going to be food. Hands down, they have the best frozen desserts any pet could dream of, and pulling a Terror Mountain delicacy out of the fridge is definitely going to melt some hearts. This Rainbow Sherbert Ice Cream is even better, considering you can only get it from the Ice Cream Cart run by the cool blue Lutari, Mr. Chipper. This ice cream delivers a unique flavor in each color, and somehow the flavors never seem to mix together and turn bad! Every pet is going to love something on this cone, and you’ll love seeing their satisfied faces!

2. Choco Caramel Scoop

The Choco Caramel Scoop is for those pets who would rather have their ice cream served in a bowl than a messy cone. This is available at the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop up on the top of Terror Mountain, and is well worth the hike! This dish features both chocolate and vanilla ice cream scoops, with caramel on top that somehow stays warm no matter how long it sits in your freezer at home! This is a popular choice because the warm caramel contrasts with the ice cream so nicely, it’s the most decadent thing you’re going to find in this fun filled paradise!

3. Magical Thornberry Chia Pop

Have you ever wanted to prank your friends, but simply couldn’t think of the best way to do so? Then the Magical Thornberry Chia Pop is the souvenir for you! This chia pop has all of the sweetness of the Thornberries mixed with organic ice only found atop Terror Mountain. To any normal person or pet, this sweet treat is enough to make them jump for joy! However, if you tell your friend that this will make their blue Chia oh so happy, they will feed it to them. Suddenly, your friend has an absolutely stunning Thornberry Chia to show off, and you to thank for it! It truly is a victimless prank, so if this sounds like something that interests you, head on over to the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop and grab one on your next vacation!

4. Cake Batter Slushie

Do your pets constantly ask you to lick the bowl when you’re making cakes or cookies for them, but you fear that they might catch Chickaroo from the raw Neggs in the batter? Then the Cake Batter Slushie is the perfect slushie to bring home from your vacation! Next time your pets beg you for some cake batter, you can pull this slushie out of the freezer and let them drink that instead! The Cake Batter Slushie is made from 100% real cake batter, only with special Neggs that are proven to not carry Chickaroo. If you drink it frozen, it is yummy slushie treat on a hot day. Thaw it out, however, and now you have emergency cake batter! You can’t go wrong bringing some of these home, so make sure to order a dozen from the Slushie Shop when you get the chance!

5. Polarchuck

Every pet needs a companion, and it just so happens that the Wintery Petpets shop has some of the best petpets on Terror Mountain! Now, we know that not everyone is lucky enough to be there when the store gets more Candychans in (trust us, we’ve tried for ages to get one as an office petpet!), but there are still several more adorable petpets to choose from! Our fan favorite is the Polarchuck. The Polarchuck is literally never unhappy, so your pet doesn’t have to worry about making it upset. It also loves to have conversations with you pets – even if neither can understand the other. We’re confident that your pet will love listening to the happy chirps and mumbles of this Terror Mountain petpet!

6. Abominable Snowball

If taking care of a petpet isn’t your pet’s forte, but they still want a little friend to care for, then Wintery Petpets has the perfect souvenir for you to gift your pet – an Abominable Snowball. This is almost as low maintenance as low maintenance gets! The Abominable Snowball requires little to no food, water, or playtime, but still will sit there jolly and smiling, waiting to be played with. This is the best starter petpet, and is available only at Terror Mountain!

7. Icetravaganza Scratchcard

Perhaps you want a little paper reminder of your vacation so it stores easily into your memory book, or perhaps you just fancy a gamble? One of the best things you can do other than tirelessly losing at the lottery every day is to buy a scratchcard! The Icetravaganza Scratchcard sold by the Scratchcard Wocky is the best you can get, because you have a chance of winning the jackpot AND it has the picture of a gorgeous Terror Mountain scene on it! We can guarantee that if you get a jackpot win, that will be one piece of paper you can’t wait to take home and save forever.

8. Christmas Paint Brush

Once again, we found the ultimate souvenir and saved it for last, but this time, it isn’t super expensive! You can easily find a Christmas Paint Brush for under 100,000 neopoints. This souvenir is reserved for the pets who positively did not want to go home, the pets who suggest Terror Mountain every time you ask where they’d like to visit, the pets who enjoy winter just so much better than summer. This paint brush will change their coat into gorgeous Christmas themed colors, and they will thank you for it every day!

And that wraps up the list for Terror Mountain! Sure, there are many more foods for you to try or petpets to choose from, but these are just what we feel are the best of the best – feel free to explore other options on your own! If Terror Mountain isn’t where your travel plans take you this year, then keep an eye out for the next edition of The Best Souvenirs in Neopia!

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