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An Interview with the Island Mystic

by __lyra152__


I walked up to the little hut on the coast of Mystery Island. It was time to interview my next Neopian. As I entered the hut the mystical Kyrii looked up at me and said:

Welcome to my little hut. Ahh, I guess you came here to have your fortune told, eh? Well... here it is...

You will be assaulted by several flying Chias.

“Ummm, thanks?” I replied. “Actually, my name is Lisha. I sent you a Neomail a few days ago asking if it would be all right if I interviewed you for an article for the Neopian Times. Well,” I said pulling a printed piece of paper out of my notebook, “you replied Your direction in life will alter in a strange way. I was not exactly sure what that meant so I decided that it meant yes and came.” I smiled hopefully.

“Ah yes, very good. I did want you to come. I have always wanted to get into the Neopian Times, and you are the first Neopian to make the attempt to come to visit me. Please, follow me.”

I followed the Kyrii behind a beaded curtain into a sitting room. Light streamed in on three sides from the windows that took up the majority of each wall. So I guess it was more aptly termed a sunroom. “Please,” he said gesturing to a floor mat, “have a seat. I will be right with you, I just need to close up the hut so that no one will disturb us.”

The Island Mystic came back shortly and seated himself on a mat similar to mine. “Before we get started,” he said, “a fortune just popped into my head that I think applies to you. You will rapidly realise that you forgot to play NeoQuest II.”

“Oh my gosh, you are right! I got so excited when I received your Neomail that I forgot to finish my game! And I was already in Faerieland too! I guess I will have to do that when I get back!”

“Happy to be of help,” the Island Mystic responded. “Now what kinds of questions did you have for me?”

“First off, I think that a lot of Neopians would love to know just where you get all of your fortunes from. I mean, some of them are kind of weird like You will quickly realise that you must burp repeatedly and Your ability to hop will cease without your noticing. I mean, what do those mean? Like most of us do not hop to begin with so why would you mention it?”

“Well, for the most part, when Neopians come to my hut, a fortune just pops into my head. Many times they do not make much sense, even to me, but I am sure that they have some meaning to either the Neopian or to one of their pets. The one I just gave you was true, was it not? Also, some may have a deeper meaning than just the literal translation. ”

“That is true. Maybe Neopians will just have to look into their fortunes a little more closely to see how they apply to their lives. Maybe I should start doing that. For the one you gave me upon entering, I should keep an eye on my labrat today. It is currently a Chia, so hopefully if I keep it happy it will not attack me today.” I laughed nervously.

The Island Mystic nodded. “You will have to do that. Although your Chia does look quite harmless in that Cybunny suit.”

I laughed. “Okay, the next question that has been bugging me is what is your real name? The Island Mystic has to be a nickname because of your profession does it not?”

The Island Mystic looked a bit sheepish. “It is true that Island Mystic is not my real name, although I prefer it to my actual name. My real name is Garfield.” He shuddered. “I never did like that name so as soon as I started up my little hut here I changed my name. Neopians are much more likely to come to the Island Mystic’s hut instead of Garfield’s Hut. Do you not agree?”

“I must say that I do. However, I do not think that Garfield is such a bad name. It actually has a nice sound to it.

“You really think so?” The Island Mystic’s eyes shone.

“Yes, I do. I have one last question for you. As I am sure you know, there is an avatar available from you if any Neopian receives a fortune with the word Kyrii or kyries in it. Why is that?”

“Well, since I am a Kyrii it only seemed fitting that in order to get my avatar that the fortune they received had something to do with me. Of course, this does mean that I constantly have Neopians coming to my door in order to obtain the avatar, but I kind of like it. Before the avatar came out I barely had any visitors because many Neopians believed that I was an eccentric Kyrii. But now they come in droves just for a chance to get an avatar. I really do enjoy the company.”

“Well, Garfield, thank you so much for taking the time to see me and answer a few of my questions. The information that you gave me will make an excellent article for the Neopian Times.

“You are very welcome, Lisha. One more fortune before you go. You will have unexpected luck in the Uni Meadows.”

“Why, thank you very much. I will have to stop by there sometime today then.” Until next time, this is __lyra152__ signing out!

Please note, that the content addressed in all of my articles are my own ideas. I honestly do not know if this is the Island Mystic’s real name, or any of the other information is true or not.

**Thank you so much to everyone who helped out with Island Mystic fortunes!

Comments are always appreciated!

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