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An In-Depth Analysis of the Altador Cup Prize Shops

by xilimirg


It’s time for the Altador Cup! Time to brush off that old equipment and start practicing. Whether it’s Yooyuball, Make Some Noise, Shootout Showdown, or Slushie Slinger, there’s something for just about everyone (and don’t forget the Staff Tournament, too!). I’m sure you already know all about the Altador Cup, but if you don’t, be sure to check out the Rules and FAQ page for a rundown on this year’s event! This article will look at each Altador Cup and will showcase my opinion of the best and most fun prize from each year’s prize shop. I will take several things into account –rarity, uniqueness, and usefulness, just to name a few. Hopefully reading through this article will give you a motivation to hit the stadium and get playing!

Altador Cup I

Okay, so this one was tough. As you may recall, this prize shop included things such as Yooyuball Player Sling and Yooyuball Keeper's Chest Guard, which are pretty cool commemorative items to use in the Battledome. The Halloween Paint Brush is a great add to celebrate the Haunted Woods squeaking out a victory over Darigan Citadel, and of course, who wouldn’t want an original Altador Colosseum Stamp for their stamp album. But the winner here is the Yooyu! I mean, how could I not pick it? Even though the Yooyu may not be the most expensive item on this list, it is definitely the most unique and is a great way to showcase the first Altador Cup!

Altador Cup II

Darigan Citadel gets redemption! Darigan Citadel came in first this year, and just like the previous year, there is a paint brush in the Prize Shop to celebrate. Additionally, a Darigan Yooyu makes an appearance, but don’t worry, I’m not going to select two Yooyus in a row for best prize. This year, the best prize goes to the Slushie Slinger Drinking Cap! The Slushie Slinger Drinking Cap is one of two wearables this year, and the first time wearables appeared in in the prize shop.

Altador Cup III

This year, the prize shop broke from the traditional paint brush and stamps. Slushies, books, plushies, and a snazzy Fire Yooyu are all available in this prize shop, but what I find most interesting (or even controversial) is that Krell Vitor, the marvelous defender from the Haunted Woods got his own toy in the prize shop even though Roo Island won the Altador Cup. For this reason, I’m choosing it as the top prize for Altador Cup III

Altador Cup IV

Out of all of the prize shops, this one was the most difficult for me, but probably not for the reason you think. None of the prizes really stuck out to me, except one: Jelly Chia Goalie Plushie. It’s interesting, you know, because it’s almost like the staff are trying to...come clean about a secret, something like, I don’t know the existence of a world that everyone knows is not real...

Altador Cup V

Lost Desert wins this year, which brought some fun items into the prize shop. Slushies took break for this year and team snow globes were the general team prize, as well as some books, toys, wearables, and gifts. Even though Lost Desert won this year, the most point-heavy prize in the shop is the Pirate Paint Brush. But this year, I’m choosing my first album item, the Altador Cup V Commemorative Stamp

Altador Cup VI

Virtupets snuck in for the first place win, with Krawk Island and Kreludor coming in second and third respectively. This was the first podium showing for Virtupets, and what a way to do it! While the Altador Cup Aftermath Background and Altador Cup Wig are awesome wearables from this shop and the staff at the shop brought in some merchandise like Altador Cup Mugs. While the Altador Cup VI Commemorative Stamp may have yielded you the best investment back if you were able to nab one from the shop, but for this year I’m choosing King Altador Yooyuball Statue. Being a huge fan of everything-Altador, King Altador is like an idol to me. This item would go great in any Altador or King Altador related gallery!

Altador Cup VII

This is another fun prize shop with great variety of wearables, Altador Cup Pillows by team, and of course the Altador Cup VII Commemorative Stamp. One awesome prize is the Altador Cup Throwing Star, a 13-icon Battledome weapon. While the price has increased over the years due to this being an exclusive item to this year’s prize shop, this is a great item to have in any beginner’s set; however, there is one item that I personally feel is the most unique and best in this year’s lot: 8-bit Power-Up Potion. This potion can ony be consume once, and will convert your Neopet into 8-bit!

Altador Cup VIII

Tyrannia’s first visit to the top of the podium brought items like Altador Cup Team Yooyu Plushie, wearables like Icy Altador Cup Shoulder Bandage, and Zo Junior Action Figure (Zo, from Haunted Woods was the MVP). The prize shop even included the very unique Eventide Paint Brush, an awesome color that you can see more of at the Rainbow Pool. This year though, I’m choosing the Stone Foam Finger as the most unique item. With a Tyrannian win at Altador Cup VIII, this just felt right.

Altador Cup IX

Tyrannia had another good showing this year, but unfortunately just missed the podium. Haunted Woods, Virtupets, and Moltara make up this year’s podium respectively. Team Altador Cup Shields and some leftover hype gear from Tyrannia’s reign from Altador Cup VIII make up this year’s prize shop, with the addition to the Altador Cup IX Commemorative Stamp and the Altador Cup Display Cabinet Background. While the background is one of my favorites, one of the most unique prizes that I have ever come up with and this year’s winner: Infectious Smile of the Shootout Showdown Goalie. This wearable is unique and fun, and a great addition to any closet.

Altador Cup X

We are nearing the end of this article, and I hope you have discovered or grown nostalgic over some of the great prizes that have made appearances in the prize shop. While this prize shop included rare items such as the Plushie Paint Brush and even though King Altador’s face is permanently placed on a kite, this year I am selecting the Altador Cup X Collectible Gold Coin that can be added to your Coins Part Deux Revenge of Coin album.

Altador Cup XI

The most recent prize shop (that is now closed) boasts some pretty cool team Altador Cup Armours and water themed prized such as the Water Paint Brush and Water Yooyu. But this year’s prize shop includes an item that makes the Battledome accessible to new players and may even provide an upgrade to some more experienced battlers that are on more of a limited budget. The Yooyu Knuckle Duster is this year’s best prize, and may be one of the best ever. While these may not be the best long-term investments to make great profits, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Prizes like these bring players from different levels together, which is why it is one of my favorite prizes ever.

That’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed this list and it brought you some excitement and curiosity for this year’s Altador Cup. Enjoy one of the best events of the Summer, and may the best team win!

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