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Favorite Obscure Plushies

by venom_creep


Hello! As a huge fan of plushies one of my goals has been to collect as many as possible. But, with so many in Neopia there are bound to be a few that get left behind or ignored. Throughout my searches, I have found a number of plushies that either don't get a lot of love or are constantly overlooked. In this article I will focus on some plushies that I've have found!

Angry Royal Girl Zafara Plushie

Now don't let her frightening demeanor fool you! She may look angry but she is said to bring good luck to any plushie owner. With her cute tattered clothes, wavy princess hat and goofy like teeth. I just want to pick her up and bring her home to her new castle!

Un-Valentines Skeith Plushie

This adorable plushie you can't help but feel sorry for. With a shattered heart scattered all over the ground and red eyes shining with giant tears, I just can't help but want to squeeze them tight and give them a good home.

Displeased Slorg Plushie

I knew from the moment I saw this I had to go out and buy one. Definitely one of the funniest plushies on the list is this little slorg. Half closed eyes. A slightly disgruntled expression. The shade of purple and broken seams. Ironically for being so displeased it never fails to put a smile on my face!

Borovan Time Elephante Plushie

There are many plushies who love the taste of Borovan, and admittedly I would put them all on my list but the Elephante has the cutest way of drinking it. I love their colors, the way they sit and just how delighted they are to be enjoying this tasty treat! It almost makes me want to try Borovan myself...almost.

Insane Evil Fuzzle

The poor (ahem) great drawing of this fuzzle is very endearing, giving a one dimensional look to them. With their razor sharp teeth and crooked glasses -- If these little fuzzles wants to take over the world. I say we let them! The only downside is they are very rare and expensive but definitely worth the cost.

Chocolate Ogrin Plushie

Without a doubt my favorite plushie on the list! This delectable-looking plushie is what really inspired me to write this article in the first place. With their little chocolate whip cream tails and ears and adorable smile! But, no matter how yummy they look, I would never dream of eating these little ones. There one of my favorite gifts to give and relatively inexpensive.

Dung Meepit Plushie

One of the only dung plushies in existence and it's hard to see why. They may looks smelly but this Meepit is just so delightful to look at. I'm very surprised at what little love they receive, as they go for pretty cheap. I hope we see dung plushies get a lot more love in the future.

Grey Wocky Plushie

Okay I ONLY have one word for this: "Awwwwwww". It looks so scared as if it's not sure it can trust you. The way they lay down with their drooping tail, all it really needs is a little snuggle - GO OUT AND BUY ONE IMMEDIATELY.

Patchwork Dribblet Plushie

The goofiest one I've come across is this little Dribblet! They are just so silly with there two googly button eyes and the way it's tongue is sticking out as if all it wants is some food. It really captures how my stomach feels whenever food is around. Pick it up today!

Headless Von Roo Plushie

Now hear me out! I know many people "win" these plushies on the Wheel of Misfortune, but 99% of them are either left discarded or forever abandoned in many SDBs. This is a shame as they are actually very interesting and cute to look at in their own unique way. I think more people should display these proudly in there gallery or at the very least give them a second chance before quickly discarding them. I think all plushies deserve a little cuddle, even this one!

Blue Lupe Chia Plushie

It's a plushie wearing a cute costume, what's not to love? I love how the two front paws are in the costume itself and I often wonder how this poor Lupe would manage to walk around in this costume. it's so good that you can actually dress up your real Lupe in a Chia costume which is what I of course did to mine. The best part is there are many different colors you can choose from and there all wonderful. Definitely worthy of any plushie gallery.

Pomanna Plushie

Every time I look at this plushie I break out laughing. It has the most derpiest expression there is. There's just so much going on here. The caved in mouth. How one eye is shut and the other is staring blankly in front with its thick eyelashes. The raggedy pointy tail grey hair. Unfortunately there's a reason these are overlooked as there very rare, going for around 2mil. But it's most certainly worth it for any serious plushie owners.

Cubefish Plushie

True to it's name, it has a very unique shape that makes it stand out from the rest. It looks slightly sadder then a real cubefish but it's shape is what really charms me about them. I only wish they really made these as I would go out and buy one right now!

Double Headed Uni Plushie

And last but not least is the Double Headed Uni! One wonders what happened to these uni's. Was it an experiment gone wrong? Where's the rest of the other half? In any case I feel the description is totally inaccurate here - "Oh dear, who on earth would want to play with this?" well I would! You basically get two plushies for the price of one. Now that's a steal.

Well in conclusion I hoped that I've shed some light on some rather obscure plushies and that more people go out and buy them and give them the homes that they really deserve. Thank you for reading!

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